Cosmo Cotton

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  • Description 

    Much like… well… everything his appearance has changed over his time in state. Cosmo is a man of small stature and build, sporting a frail, thin frame and pale skin. In the current chapters he is near blind and sports short blonde hair messily cut and unkempt. He’s noted for having constant tremors in his hands and frequent nose bleeds due to a brain injury that is yet to heal. Dress wise, he prefers brighter colours and wears a light cardigan to combat the high temperatures of Saint Denis but sometimes wears a brown coat when travelling- refusing to wear black now.

    Early Life 

    Cosmo Cotton was born [REDACTED] to a couple in the Canterbury area of England- he remembers very little of this as at a young age he was abducted and bought more North to a community called Oak in the rural countryside. They exhibited cultish behaviors and lived away from the rest of the world; they dedicated their time to pleasing a deity manifested as the sun under the extreme superstition that if they did not the world would end. Cosmo was bought into this along with 19 brothers and 20 sisters along with two preachers who oversaw the community. It is implied that siblings were occasionally sacrificed when the week had been particularly bad. After his closest sibling was killed, in a fit of rage and naivety Cosmo set alight to the church before running from the blaze unsure if any of them survived- this is the background Cotton came to state with.

    Present Life 

    Working On It


    His affiliations and relationships change like the wind.

    Evaline Sanderson
    Wyatt Connington

    Close friends-
    Lars Stefan
    Apollo Alovich
    Jon Fjellhol
    David Black
    Lip Darmon

    Elias Springfrield
    Milton Springfield
    Marius Springfield
    Florence Blackwood
    Spencer York
    John Gallows
    Brath Macwell
    Agatha Bashgadsiugdaeiuygd
    Jacco Vinke
    Alexander Crane (Begrudgingly Family)
    Connor Wright
    Gale Harper
    Billy Chaucer

    Vander Hawk
    Ares Baldwin
    Lorenzo Garcia
    Elijah Peachy
    Molly Byrd
    Vera Foxx
    Sal Sullivan
    Molly Sullivan
    Boyd Langston
    Castillo Family
    Butcher Creek

    Hannah Meier/Brotherhood
    The remaining fish
    Firing Line
    Elinor Gray


    Was formally in a relationship with Agwe Dunsha which ended shortly after joining The Krays
    Secretly had (has?) a romantic relationship with Lars Stefan


    *High Pitch Squeaking*


    He occasionally makes posters for people but is renowned for never finishing them.
    It was never Cosmo’s intention to join The Krays, it just kinda snuck up on him and he felt It’d be too rude to say no.
    He still suffers from brain damage inflicted by Orion Cotton, rendering him incapable of seeing properly, fighting, or shooting.
    Cosmo is unable to eat meat due to it reminding him of human flesh, he sometimes struggles with the smell as well.


    Cosmo's main and now only horse is a white-faced Fox Trotter called Kayne. A gang horse that belonged to his late father. Kayne has protected Cosmo through many events. Carried him half dead across the state and lay beside him when injured. He believes the soul of Aiden occupies the horse and is the reason for its demonic temperament towards others and caring nature to himself. Kayne is the only horse he has ever truly cared about. It’s the only horse he can ride due to the amount of bonding and training with the trotter.


    Teddy 1
    A Teddy bear he bought for himself as a way to overcome his attachment issues and fear of abandonment. He carried the teddy bear everywhere strapped to his chest until he joined The Krays. At this point he handed it over to John Galows when he was injured for good luck and comfort. Eventually it was returned by John as Cosmo began the process of healing from his brain damage.


    Cosmo Kray


















    Marital Status:


    Aiden Kray
    (Adoptive Father) (Dead)
    Percy Kray
    (Adoptive Uncle) (Coma)
    Alexander Crane
    (Adoptive Brother)
    Wyatt Connington
    (Adoptive Little Brother)

    Evaline Sanderson
    (Adoptive Step-Mother)

    Orion Cotton
    (Brother) (Dead)
    Calypso Algarad
    (Brother) (Dead)




    Hu Mann, Toothpick, Richard Seeker, Ferret, Sunny, Oliver Strand, Krayfish, Sonny Barrett

    Faction Affiliations:

    The Krays (Disbanded)
    The Grimms (Disbanded)
    The Four Horsemen Saloon (Former)
    The New Alexandria Rangers (Disbanded)