Elena Barns

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  • Description 

    Elena Barns, a sarcastic quick witted twenty five year old fresh off the boat from England. Elena has a twin older brother, Darius Barns, a drunk and gambler who's quickly racked up the copious debt with local loan sharks who belong to a gang. The Barns siblings moved and migrated for work when the family’s business turned into an inferno from local gangs who targeted the business for extortion, killing her mother and father in the process.

    Early Life 

    Elena Barns grew up in the western most of England - living under the warm home of the Barns family. Brian and Lucy Barns, the father and mother, watched over them as closely when they were growing up, giving them the best life they could: food, education, warmth and most importantly, love. Brian and Lucy were hard working folks and set Elena to work in the local Police Department.

    She would clean, make drinks and care for the wounded officers that would most likely take beatings from local gangs. In return the department taught her all that she knew, with her education being advanced as well as picking up tricks of the trade. Growing up in a rough neighbourhood taught Elena many things, good and bad, and showed her the true colours of what people can show and how it can seriously affect those subjected to crime. Those of victims, witnesses and criminals themselves.

    Being around bad people for most of her adult life has taught her to never back down from a problem, but should have the wits and knowledge when it comes to diffusing a situation. On an October night she was awoken to a blaze creeping up the stairs of her home and sprung into action - waking up her drunken stiff brother but not being able to locate her Mother and Father amongst the thick smoke of the blaze. She lost her parents that that and swore to protect those who couldn't defend themselves.

    Present Life 

    She and her brother Darius packed what was left of their belongings and got straight on a boat to New Alexandria, seeking employment and a new life to lead in the land of opportunity and freedom. While her brother Darius ran straight to the nearest saloon, Elena decided to do what she has always done - explored. She ended up in the town of Valentine and met with a man who would have shown her around and have got herself romantically involved in. She eventually signed up for the local sheriffs department and started her journey to becoming a Deputy. A life long dream of hers.



    "Jheeezus Christ"


    Elena Barns









    5ft 8inch






    London, England



    Marital Status:



    Alive - Brother: Darius Barns
    Deceased - Father and Mother: Brian - Lucy


    Recruit Deputy


    Barns // Elen

    Faction Affiliations:

    New Alexandria Sheriffs Office