Perzival Kawewe

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    " You don't listen anyways, i'll be quiet. I don't really feel like fighting. "

    Violent - Carolesdaughter

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    Perzival Kawewe
    (Formerly Dagouter)


    Wanahca Kawewe


    19 Years old

    5'5 ft

    120 lbs

    29th of January 1882

    New York, America


    Marital Status:
    Unmarried, but currently dating Fletcher Beckett
    Some would think he's married to his job

    Mother: Mato Kawewe
    (Formerly Father: Wayne Dagouter , Mother: Lillianah Dagouter)

    Undersheriff and Detective in the NASD

    Perzi and Dandelion

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    Perzival is a 5'5 feet tall guy and he has a slim frame. He's easily recognisable because of his luscious and long blonde hair that reaches his back. However when his hair is wet it turns a lot darker, to the point where people ask him if he has dyed his hair. Overall he looks more feminine, with a young face and bright blue eyes. He doesn't have any facial hair; no beard or no moustache like his father. Instead he has freckles covering his whole face. There's a scar on his left cheek from a bullet wound that split open his skin, almost breaking his cheekbone in half. Luckily that healed up and now it's more of a faded scar. He's blind in his left eye, making it appear milky. His hairstyle switches between letting it hang loose and keeping everything together in a pony tail. He has another scar horizontally across his throat from a knife, something he doesn't enjoy talking about nor looking back at it. He's a stylish boy, often wearing fancy outfits. One of his well known outfits is the 'flower hat' outfit, which speaks for itself. Perzival is a sweet guy and he enjoys the company of others a lot, whether it's simply standing with them and remaining quiet, or being a goofball and causing chaos with them. He's respectful towards others, unless he has a strong opinion about them. Despite trying his best, he still lets people walk over him every now and then, but he's working on it. As a deputy he tries his best to keep his playful side separated from the more serious side he needs when he's on duty. He's optimistic and tries to see his best in others, it takes a lot for him to see someone as unredeemable, but he's definitely gotten a few examples along the way. Perzi always tries to be brave, whether it's a good kind of brave or a stubbornly kind of brave. He is afraid of spiders though, but those creatures are simply odd.

    Early Life
    Perzival was born in New York. He has spent most of his childhood alone with his mother, he never really knew his father because he left before he was born. Bridgette, his mother, passed away because of pneumonia. Everything went downhill fast with her health. There wasn't much of Perzival's family left, most of the people on his mother's side were deceased. That's how he ended up in an orphanage at the age of 12. He went to a catholic school while he stayed in the orphanage and was mostly raised by nuns. There was a young adult called North Wind in the orphanage that was some sort of caretaker, which eventually became one of Perzival's good friends, he definitely looked up to her. Years passed, sadly enough Perzival wasn't lucky and he didn't get adopted. The older he got, the less likely his chances were. Eventually he reached the age of 18, he became an adult. He had to leave the orphanage. With a little help of his caretaker's encouragement and some friends, he gathered a bit of money, bought himself a boat ticket, a horse and a bunch of necessary items before leaving to New Alexandria for a fresh start. This is where he was adopted by by Wayne Dagouter and Lillianah Dagouter, he roamed around with them and for some time he was part of the Firing Line with Antonio Delgato though he slowly distanced himself from all of this. The idea of 'Family' wasn't what he got from Wayne and Lilli. Feeling abandoned, he decided to go a different path.

    Present Life

    Perzival is a Undersheriff in the Sheriff's department. He enjoys his job quite a bit despite all the bullets he's taken from it. He often hangs around with his best friend Levi Smith. After deciding to leave the Dagouter name behind, he got adopted by Mato Kawewe who's provided him a bunch of love and a loving tribe: the People of the Trees. Perzival is a Forester of the people of the trees, a healer to be more precise. Despite stepping away from his past, some people like Lorenzo Roussan and Rue Roussan are people he still considers to be family. He's trying his best to just stay positive. Times have been tough and tougher times have yet to come, but he's not giving up yet.






    Notable belongings he keeps with him
    • A bandana around his neck or covering his face because of permanent damage done to his throat.
    • A wooden peanut necklace he made for James Buffett and himself, when put together it forms a whole peanut.
    • A blue necklace he was gifted by his boyfriend.
    • When off duty he wears his red sash that indicates his position as a forester in the tribe.

    Scar chart
    • Scar on his face: After a bank robbery done by the O'Sheas in Rhodes the deputies gave chase. Perzival was a recruit at that time. They ended up in the forest near Braithwaite Manor where a shootout happened. Unaware of Lorcan McCarthy who had snuck behind him, Perzival was hit in the face by a bullet from the side which had lodged itself in his cheek resulting in the skin being split open and a crack in his cheekbone.​
    • Scar across throat + Lower back stabs: After previously being kidnapped and held captive for multiple days by the O'Sheas Perzival had finally been released. There was a fight between his own family and the O'Sheas as the Dagouters went to the Bastille to forcefully get the O'Sheas to turn themselves in which ended up in gunfire. The O'Sheas had kidnapped Perzival, taking him to the moonshine tunnel near the docks in Saint-Denis. Deputies came to the scene and tried to negotiate, but Lorcan McCarthy ended up slitting Perzival's throat after stabbing him in his back multiple times. It took a long time to recover from it. Even in the present day Perzival still struggles with his back every now and then and especially when there's a lot of dust he has trouble with his throat.​
    • Right thigh scar: As a little kid Perzival enjoyed playing around with the other kids in the orphanage. One time they were playing tag. Perzi decided to jump over a barbed wired fence and thought it was a good idea. It wasn't. He just ended tripping and cutting his leg on it. Absolute idiot. The gunshots in his thigh are from when he went up to Colter to catch Billy Joe Barber. He got shot in his thigh, which ended up with him falling off his horse and into the snow.​
    • Left thigh scar: The Levy-Williams Gang stumbled upon Perzival when he was roaming around state. Deciding to inflict damage (just because they recognised him) they decided to stab him in his thigh. At that team he was still dealing with the injuries in his other thigh, which made it hard to walk.​