Rule Clarifications from Staff Messages and Player Reports

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Oct 11, 2019

Howdy, all! On this page you'll find a collection of "clarifications," which are precedents on the rules that have gone into effect through staff messages, the verdicts of player reports, or as overall changes to the community. This list covers in-depth explanations behind some of the more specific rules in WWRP. If you have any questions or concerns regarding what's written here, please open a #support ticket on Discord.

Rule 1 - Remain In-Character

1. Do not use /me, /mu, or /OOC to speak while incapacitated. Only approved mutes may use /me to speak.

2. The /ooc command is for consent purposes only. It is not used for in-game support or other OOC conversations. Players should only be going out of character when off the server.

The /mu command requires Staff permission to use. This command is specifically for those unable to speak in real life (or are otherwise mute). If you are found to be using this command without approval, you will receive harsh punishment.
The /me command is to express your character's visible actions such as winking or reaching for something.
These commands should be used properly at all times regardless of the circumstance.
You can review further guidelines for the use of /me and /ooc here. All players are expected to abide by these guidelines. For situations where you are experiencing technical issues in-game, more often than not there is always an in-character approach to conveying this. One example of such a scenario is having sound issues, and then using a /me to "point to your character's ears."
Please open a #support ticket on Discord if you need help coming up with ways to convey issues like this without breaching the /me or /ooc command guidelines.

3. You are required to have your TeamSpeak set to push-to-talk while on-server.
- Your mic cannot be disabled while in game, but muting is acceptable unless using it to avoid roleplay.
- Your speakers cannot be muted/disabled while in game.
Voice activation or continuous transmission is only permitted for in-character performances like singing or playing an instrument. You must switch back to push-to-talk after performing.
4. You may be punished if you are not taking roleplay serious or are acting as if you were on Red Dead Online. High-quality roleplay is what sets us apart, and we are intent on keeping it that way. You can find more information on "RDO behavior" here.

Rule 2 - No Value for Life (NVL)
No clarifications have been put into effect for Rule 2.

Rule 3 - Random Deathmatch (RDM) & Vehicle Deathmatch (VDM)

1. Do not needlessly kill or purposefully aggravate NPC's. They are to be treated as characters like any other as much as possible.

Rule 4 - Rule of 4

No clarifications have been put into effect for Rule 4.

Rule 5 - Rule of 4 (Hostages)

No clarifications have been put into effect for Rule 5.

Rule 6 - Zero-tolerance policies

*Note: a topic with a "zero-tolerance policy" does not always result in a permanent ban or de-whitelist from the community, but they are typically actioned on much harsher than other violations of the rules.

1. Racist RP is not allowed in the community at all. It doesn't matter if you are a native-american, LEO, civilian, criminal, government, etc. Speaking of people negatively, disliking someone, or otherwise discriminating against someone based off of skin color/race is unacceptable.

Just because something is "historically accurate" doesn't mean that it is acceptable to bring into RP on this server. If you are playing a character that is a historically marginalized type of character, it should be done with tact and respect with thought put into ways to best play the character without being discriminatory. If you see another player breaking this rule or have a question on it then open a #support ticket.
Wild West RP has a zero-tolerance policy for racism. If you see something, say something. Being racist because others are being racist is not an excuse.
It's important to remember that racism (which there are varying degrees of) of all forms is not acceptable; and while this may seem innocent it can be perceived in a different light. This would be the same of people unwilling or untrusting of natives just because of their skin color - which is also unacceptable.

2. All players are expected to be mindful of the RP they give. "Extreme" topics like beastiality, infanticide, suicide, child killers etc. are unacceptable and not to be roleplayed in any way, shape, or form in WWRP. You don't know how such subjects might affect others on an out of character level. If you are unable to adhere to a standard of common decency, this is not the community for you.

3. Characters are required to be at least 18 years of age.

4. Comments such as "well you're a woman, so it's fine, right?" are unacceptable to make on the server. Repeating such a phrase, completely disregarding the obvious fact that the person is not approving, nor consenting to that form of roleplay is considered forcing unwanted RP.

Wild West RP has a zero-tolerance policy for sexism and other "-isms."

5. It is not appropriate for any member of the community to procure a local for the purposes of sexually orientated RP. At no point should a character hogtie a local with the intent of sexual RP for any reason.

Rule 7 - Exploitation of third party applications & communications

No clarifications have been put into effect for Rule 7.

Rule 8 - Fail RP

1. The town square surrounding the voting area in St. Denis (including the tailor and courtyard) is a “green zone” during elections. No crime may be committed here during the election period. You can find a map highlighting this green zone here.

2. Referring to new members of the community as "newbloods", "fresh off the boat," etc. is not acceptable in RP. They (as a character) may have lived in New Alexandria for 20 years. It is perfectly acceptable to be considerate with someone that is obviously “new,” such as giving them a helping hand with certain mechanics, but time in community has no bearing on RP.

3. Sending money, resources, and/or information between your own characters is not allowed. These transfers can and will result in warning points or a ban from the community.

4. Although only a few NPC guards can be seen on Sisika island, remember that it is a prison and would realistically have an overwhelming amount of guards to deal with. Going to the island to hang out, break someone out, or just tour the island is unacceptable. Guards would very likely telegram LEO, informing them of anything that happens on the island that they would need to know about.

You can find more information about Sisika and the rules surrounding it here.

5. You can not force somebody to go to the bank and withdraw money from their account during a robbery. This is a violation of multiple rules (for various reasons, all of which you can inquire about in the #support channel on Discord). If you have had this happen to you, please submit a player report or open a #support ticket.

6. Using the Guarma boats to fast-travel between Blackwater and St Denis is exploiting, and if you are found to be misusing this appropriate action will be taken. The trip to Guarma is not an instantaneous process. It is not there to be used as fast travel.

7. Urinating and defecating on another character in any way, shape, or form is unacceptable on this server. It is a degrading act that has no place within WWRP. It doesn't matter whether it is done via an emote, /me, or any other methods. There is no RP value that comes from doing this to other characters.

This includes but is not limited to:
- Your character relieving themselves on someone who is incapacitated.
- Your character relieving themselves on someone who is carrying your incapacitated body.
- You are NOT allowed to relieve yourself on someone else, even if you have consent.
- This restriction also includes relieving yourself on NPCs/locals.
- Writing in Feces on anything including objects/people/NPCs.

8. The telegram operator is sending telegrams on your behalf. You need to be considerate of this when sending telegrams. The operator is not going to be posting inappropriate telegrams to the board. They're neutral on most topics, so anything aboveboard is acceptable.

9. Spawning sleds/boats inside of towns or using the spawning function unrealistically / trolling is unacceptable. Use the boats on the water or for sledding!

10. Supernatural elements are not to be incorporated into RP. Your character may have surreal beliefs, but be aware that others will likely call them crazy, and that such beliefs will never be brought to fruition in the RP itself. Be mindful of WWRP's setting in a historical fiction.

11. The following are some examples of what may be considered "exploiting:"
  • Abusing peyote to absorb damage. (Peyote is a hallucinogenic drug for roleplay purposes only.)
  • Eating food/drinking water during a fight to regenerate stats.
  • Abusing lasso mechanics (reasonable use of the lasso / break out mechanics is expected).
  • Using the outfit changer "on the go" (you would only change your clothing in a location that makes sense to have it. For example: your horse's saddle bags, or in a hotel room).
From time to time, issues with these mechanics and features will be discovered which will be considered exploits by our staff team... When these things arise, we urge each and every member of our community to use their common sense to realize that something might not be right, or that maybe this isn't an intended use of a feature or mechanic. If you have any questions or feel something might not quite be right, that a feature or mechanic might be abused or used in inappropriate ways, you are urged bring it up in a #support ticket in Discord before testing it out on the server.
For those that choose to abuse or use something in a way not intended by our Development team: there will be swift disciplinary action taken, potentially including a permanent ban for those exploiting on our servers.

12. While something simple like kicking a downed victim out of frustration is acceptable, double-tapping incapacitated characters to ensure their death is considered powergaming. Once someone is incapacitated, you should not take further measures to "keep them dead."

13. Wiggling free from ropes while being directly watched by somebody is Fail RP. You may wiggle free when you are not being watched. The mechanic of breaking out of hogties allows you to do it very quickly, yet it wouldn't be this easy in the real world.

14. Maim and Torture RP requires consent to be played out. You can never know what someone is comfortable with when it comes to the darker subjects of RP, and consent is required to proceed ensure everyone on the server is enjoying themselves. If you are unable to get OOC consent, give them the option to react to the threat of there being potential for it. If they do not react or seem disinterested in the response, disengage from the maiming/torturing immediately.

A simple way to get consent is to use the /ooc command to ask if they are okay with proceeding, or message through TeamSpeak or discord.

15. If technology exists in 1899 but only outside of the United States, contact staff in a #support ticket to discuss this before using or importing said technology.

16. When it comes to taking money from someone in a robbery, the people participating in the robbery are the only ones that can take the money. Any third party may not be given the money, and money transfers in the bank are not permissable during said robbery.

17. Lootboxing - Be reasonable when robbing someone, try to understand how someone will feel when you do so, and rob with the enjoyment of the other's RP in mind, not what you can gain. Exorbitant item theft will be seen as lootboxing, and is liable for FailRP.

18. Spawncamping - Hanging around near spawns deliberately to rob individuals of their starting cash or items is a form of FailRP - Doing so is not permitted on WWRP.

Rule 9 - Metagame

1. You may not watch anyone streaming Wild West RP while you are also in-server. This also means you can not be in a voice chat with other players while in the servers. Doing so will result in severe punishment.

2. This post is a list of all guidelines regarding alternate characters. It contains what is/isn't acceptable when creating and playing them.

3. If you watch the stream of another player's RP while joining the server, you must close the stream at least 20 minutes before logging in and remain uninvolved with the RP you witnessed after joining to the best of your abilities.

Rule 10 - Incapacitation, Respawning, & Portraying Injuries

1. LEO: as Leo are a reactionary force, if a character is incapacitated during an arrest and they are placed into LEO custody, that custody is from the incapacitation to sentencing unless a outside force (i.e. jail break or unlawful escape) takes them away.
Licensed Bounty Hunters: as Licensed Bounty Hunters are also a reactionary force if they have to use lethal force to subdue a bounty they may turn in an incapacitated bounty to LEO. However, if a LEO cannot be found in a reasonable amount of time, that bounty must be freed.
Civilians: server rules still apply as a civilian if you purposefully incapacitate someone. You are allowed to defend yourself, however, without a player's consent you can not incapacitate to turn them in. You must confirm an outlaw's identity if you intend on incapacitating them to turn them in. You may alert Deputies that an outlaw was injured, however, you cannot hold them hostage while incapacitated nor at a doctor's office. If a LEO can not be found in a reasonable amount of time, that bounty/outlaw will be freed to carry on for another day.
You can request consent through the /ooc command.

2. When consensually dueling, both participants should at the very least be willing to RP very serious injuries that were sustained if you are not permanently killing your character. You must either rest your character for an extended period of time (coma) or permanently kill them.

3. You can not respawn when there are players are near you. You need to wait for them to leave entirely or bring you to a doctors office.

Rule 11 - Genuine Hostages
1. Taking NPC's as hostages is not against the rules, however, all players are expected to be respectful to the RP around them in choosing one. The store clerk, who is unable to resist, is by no means an ideal choice. Other players often do not honor the RP of such a hostage and it is not NVL to do so. Inversely, taking the time to genuinely capture an NPC and treat them as you would a player is always the better approach to being unable to find a Playable Character as a hostage.

Rule 12 - Toxicity

No clarifications have been put into effect for Rule 12.

Rule 13 - Management Decisions

No clarifications have been put into effect for Rule 13.

Misc. Clarifications

1. Since people have figured out that torches are an item in the server and have began expeditions to show people where to obtain them, consider this:
Does it make sense for your character to have a torch? Why would they make such a trek to obtain a torch rather than buying an oil lantern? Does it really make sense for your character rather than just being the cool thing that's in the server right now?
There is a trend of people getting lost in the materialistic impulses of wanting to jump on the bandwagon of what's cool, and forgetting that they should be doing things that make sense for their characters. Nobody should be leading large treks just to buy torches. It doesn't make sense. Do it for roleplay, don't do it for itemplay.

2. Letters via the forums (conversations) are only permitted for government use or with the approval of staff. You can open a #support ticket on Discord to request approval.

3. You can not use a private Discord server for an in-character noticeboard service. There is a public noticeboard that may be used here on the forums and WWRP Discord.

4. When posting or reading the event board or notice board channels, you must be standing in the post office at the physical notice board. Any postings must be a single image with clear and concise information on it. Do not spam the notice board. Raw text should be kept to the general telegrams in-game.

5. Players encouraging another to break the community's rules, whether in-character or out-of-character, will be held accountable all the same for the rules broken.
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