Rule Clarifications from Staff Messages and Player Reports

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Oct 11, 2019
1. Voting area is a green zone during elections.

To clarify for people, the no-crime rule only applies to the block where the voting is taking place. Its a fairly obvious square area.

2. Alienation of newly whitelisted players
A friendly reminder that calling new members of the community "newbloods", "fresh off the boat" etc is not acceptable. In character they may have lived in New Alexandria for 20 years. Time in community should have no bearing in character.

3. Money Meta
Reminder! Sending money between your characters is not allowed. If you are found doing this you may be issued warning points or a ban. Transferring resources around your characters is not appropriate, as is transferring information from character-to-character, etc.

4. Do not use text commands to speak!
Since this has come up as a frequent issue again - do not use /me, /mu, or /OOC to speak while incapacitated. There is currently a suggestion addressing the use of voice while incapacitated. Using /me to speak (at all, but especially while incapacitated) will end in a ban.

Only approved mutes may use /me to speak period.

5. /OOC AND /MU usage
/OOC is for CONSENT PURPOSES ONLY. It is NOT used for ingame support or other OOC conversations. Take your OOC chatter to DMS. Misuse of OOC command may be met with warning points.

The /Mu command REQUIRES Staff permission to use. This command is specifically meant to give a voice to those who are medically unable to speak IRL (aka someone who is mute). If you are found to be using this command without approval, you will receive harsh punishment.

/Me command is for visible actions, it is not to be used for talking,

Please make sure that you read over the new document that outlines the proper use of the /me and /OOC commands.

These commands should be used properly at all times. No matter who you are around at the time.

6. Prison is not a hangout
Just a reminder - Although only a few NPC guards can be seen on Sisika island, remember it is a prison island and would realistically have an overwhelming amount of guards to deal with. Going to the island to hang out, break someone out, or just tour the island could be seen as abuse of mechanics if not RP'd out properly.

Also remember a guard would more than likely telegram LEO, informing them of anything that happens on the island that they would need to know about. Going there to hangout is failRP.

7. Cannot force hostage to clear out bank account
To be clear, you cannot force somebody to go to the bank and take money out of their account during a robbery. It's Fail RP and powergaming (for various reasons, all of which you can inquire about in #support if you are curious). If you have had this happen to you please submit a player report or open a #support ticket.

8. Using Guarma boat as an exploit
Using the Guarma boats to fast-travel between Blackwater and St Denis is exploiting and if you are found to be misusing this appropriate action will be taken. Guarma is meant to offer a new place for people to RP and would take days to get to. It is not there to be used as fast travel.

9. Peeing on people is not okay
It has been decided by staff that players are not allowed to pee on each other. It is a degrading act that has no place within WWRP. It doesn't matter whether it is done via Peeing emote, /ME, or any other methods. There is no RP value that comes from peeing on someone.

This includes but is not limited to:
- Peeing on someone who is incapacitated.
- Peeing on someone who is carrying your incapacitated body.
- You are NOT allowed to pee on someone else, even if you have consent.
- This restriction also includes peeing on NPCs/Yokals

Peeing on someone else in any way, shape, or form is unacceptable on this server. ANYONE caught doing this will be receiving punishment that could range up to a ban, depending on the severity.

10. Push-to-talk required
While playing on this server, you are required to have your TeamSpeak set to push-to-talk.

- Your mic cannot be disabled while in game. (muted is fine, so long as you aren't muting it to avoid roleplay)
- Your speakers cannot be muted/disabled while in game.

There are only a few times where people are allowed to be on voice activation or continuous transmission. Which is for those who are performing musical numbers, such as with guitar, singing, harmonica, etc...

After you are done performing, you must switch back to Push-to-talk.

11. Meta Clarification
You may not watch the stream of somebody playing on Wild West RP while you yourself are also in-game.
This also means you CANNOT be in a Discord or other call with other players while in the Servers. Doing so will result in severe punishment.

12.No RDMing Locals
Going to be very clear here regarding needlessly killing/purposefully aggro'ing NPCs. Valentine should not be piled with bodies. Folks know how to not aggro NPCs. If we find people who are doing this blatant Fail RP, you will be dealt with SEVERELY. This is your only warning regarding this. Thanks to all who are respectful with NPCs in RP!

13. This is not RDO
We will always expect the same level of high quality roleplay we've always demanded. If we find that you are simply not taking roleplay serious or are acting as if you were on Red Dead Online, you may be punished. At the end of the day our high-quality roleplay is what sets us apart, and we are intent on keeping it that way.

14. Don't send inappropriate telegrams
The Telegram operator is sending telegrams on your behalf - and so you need to be considerate of this when sending telegrams especially to the general public. The Operator is not going to be posting inappropriate/etc telegrams to the board. They're neutral on most things, so as long as it's kept above board it's fine. If we find you are sending inappropriate telegrams you will be spoken to about it. Thanks!

15. Don't abuse boats
Per the most recent change to boats for sledding:
Spawning sleds / boats inside of towns or using the spawning function unrealistically / trolling is FailRP. Use the boats on the water or for sledding! Please do not get this sort of thing removed for everyone!! This is a privilege and not a right!

16. No tolerance policy for racism
Racist RP is not allowed on the server AT ALL. This goes for EVERYONE on the server. Doesn't matter if you are Native, LEO, Civ, Crim, Government, etc.. Speaking of people negatively, disliking someone, or attacking someone based off of skin color/race is NOT ACCEPTABLE!! If your RP revolves around this sort of thing then you are required to cease with ALL racist RP.

Just because something is historically realistic doesn't mean that it is acceptable to bring into RP on this server. If you are playing a character that is a historically marginalized type of character. It should be done with tact and respect with thought put into ways to best play the character without being racist. ZERO TOLERANCE means zero tolerance. If you see another player breaking the rule or have a question on it then open a #support ticket.

We do NOT tolerate racist RP. If you see something, say something. Being racist because others are being racist is not an excuse.

17. Sensitive / unnecessary RP
While we never expected it would become a subject, it seems a reminder needs to be put out there letting you all know that we need to watch the type of subject matter we're RP'ing.

While we would expect it would be common sense when subjects like TortureRP and Beastiality are frowned on, we never expected that subjects like InfanticideRP or SuicideRP was something that needed to be discussed. We realize that both can create stories which you may want to pursue, but WWRP is not the place for it.

You can not know how those subjects may affect others that you are playing alongside or people watching your streams. If anyone is currently progressing a story with either of those subjects we urge you to put it to an immediate end.

18. Supernatural RP
As there has been some concern regarding Vampire / Supernatural RP, I want to issue a clarification on something we've been clear on before. There is no Supernatural RP at Wild West RP - You may be able to believe that you're something, but you're actually not. Believing in witches/etc is fine in roleplay, but it may be seen as a disorder within roleplay. Its stories, not reality.

19. Materialistic RP
Since people have figured out that torches are an item in the server and have began expositions to show people where to obtain them, consider this:

Does it make sense for your character to have a torch? Why would they make such a trek to obtain a torch rather than buying an oil lantern? Does it really make sense for your character rather than just being the cool thing that's in the server right now?

I think people are being lost in the materialistic impulses of wanting to jump on the bandwagon of what's cool, and forgetting that they should be doing things that make sense for their characters. Nobody should be leading large treks to buy torches. It doesn't make sense. Do it for roleplay, don't do it for itemplay.

20. Rule of 6
The rule of six applies whether it is a gang, multiple gangs, group of friends or people coming together with the same purpose. Public events are exempt and allowed to have more than 6 people.

Groups should avoid traveling in numbers larger than 6. If you are wishing to travel somewhere then break the group up and travel at different times.

Definition of the word Posse
1. A posse of people is a group of people with the same job or purpose.
Such as a posse of reporters.
2. In former times, a posse was a group of men who were brought together by the local law officer to help him chase and capture a criminal.

A person is considered part of the group of 6 whether they are directly in the situation, acting as a distraction or lookout, giving orders / commands, speaking on behalf of the group, grabbing money from the runner at a robbery. If you become involved in anyway shape or form, you are part of the situation

This rule also applies if you are actively trying to make a show of force and intimidate others.

Rule Clarifications from Reports

1. Sexism and sexist remarks
Comments such as: "Well you're a woman, so it's fine, right?", Are unacceptable to make on the server. Furthermore, proceeding to repeat the basis of the aforementioned phrase, completely disregarding the obvious fact that the person is not approving, nor consenting to that form of Role play, makes it 'Forcing Unwanted RP/Fail-RP.'

As for the subject matter, being of sexist nature , this is very serious. We do not condone, nor approve of Harassment, Sexism, or any of such behavior here at Wild West RP.

2. Inappropriate RP / ERP with locals
It is not appropriate for any member of the community to procure a local for the purposes of sexually orientated RP.

Let me be very clear in this. At no point should a member of this community hogtie a local with the intent of sexual RP for any reason. We will continue to be very strict on this matter.

3. Private discord server noticeboards
You cannot use a private Discord server for an in-character noticeboard service. There is a public noticeboard that may be used (Forums and WWRP Discord).

4. Event Postings & Post Office noticeboards
When posting or reading the event board or notice board channels, you must be standing in the post office at the physical notice board. Any postings must be a single poster with clear and concise information on it. Do not spam the notice board. Posters only, you are not allowed to put text in the channels. Straight text is what general telegrams are for.

5. Double tapping downed people is powergaming
Role Play is not defined as being the victor in every situation, and given that you have already been a part of numerous
player reports in the last few days, we feel you are not grasping the concept of what Quality roleplay is. Double tap may be a viable concept in zombie movies, but it is a clear example of power gaming and someone that must win every interaction they are a part of, which only contributes to toxicity and diversity in a healthy roleplay community.

6. Breaking out of ropes
We have made it clear through various staff messages, posts, and discussions that wiggling free from ropes while being directly watched by somebody would be considered Fail RP. You may wiggle free when you are not being watched, but in this instance you are obviously in clear view, not 2 feet away. The mechanic of breaking out of hogties allows you to do it very quickly, whereas it would not be so simple in reality.

7. StreamSniping
As stated previously, you should not be in a stream of another player while in game. It doesn't matter if you feel you can separate the information and that you aren't stream sniping, you shouldn't be in the stream.

8. Transferring money during a robbery
In regards to Money transfers during a robbery. If you are demanding money, Players who are physically doing the robbing should always be the one that the money is transfered to.

9. Duels
When dueling, no matter what it is over, both participants should at the very least be willing to RP very serious injuries that were sustained, if you are not permaing your character. You must either rest your character for a bit or perma. Not doing so is FailRP.

10. Torture RP
For this scenario, I want to be abundantly clear to all. Maim and Torture RP require consent to be played out. You can never know what someone is comfortable with when it comes to the darker subjects of RP, and consent is required to proceed with this kind of RP to make sure everyone on the server is enjoying themselves. I understand being caught up in the scene, but in the future even if you are unable to get OOC consent, give them the option to react to the threat of there being potential for it, if they do not react or seem disinterested in the response, its likely they are uncomfortable with the action, so it is best not to proceed with it.

A simple way to get consent is to use the /OOC command to ask that they are okay with proceeding. That or message through TeamSpeak or discord.

11. NPC Hostage
Should taking NPCs hostage be against the rules? No, because there are contextual roleplay stories where an NPC hostage can make for a good roleplay scenario. Does that mean you should use the clerks in the store? Probably not, but there's ways around that in roleplay.

On the flip side of this coin, can law enforcement be reported for NVL of a hostage if they breach with an NPC hostage? Well, no. As long as LEO take reasonable steps to determine a hostages authenticity (as they should anyways) they can take actions they deem necessary in that situation. Like I said, there's ways to handle something like this in roleplay without completely blocking people's ability to kidnap an NPC.

Like I stated originally, the spirit or intent of the rule is to prevent people from using their friends as hostages. It does not pertain to NPCs as it is right now. If you feel that this should be changed I would welcome you to put up a suggestion post to see how the rest of the community feels about it, but it's my personal opinion that it eliminates roleplay avenues with locals that could otherwise produce good roleplay.

12. Respawning
You CANNOT respawn when there are players are near you, you need to wait for them to leave entirely or bring you to a doctors office.

13. Racist RP
It's important to remember that racism (which there are varying degrees of) of all forms is not acceptable; and while this may seem innocent it can be perceived in a different light. This would be the same of people unwilling or untrusting of natives just because of their skin color - which is also unacceptable.

14. Watching stream before logging in
Moving forward, we would suggest to avoid folk's streams within 15 minutes to logging on to avoid any potential meta-gaming accusations.

*Special thanks to Ramona Ryder for helping put this together.
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