Clarification on changing hair and beards unrealistically

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Nellie Oak

The mimic
Jan 27, 2020
Hello everyone,

We would like to remind everyone that it is frowned upon to change hair and beards in an unrealistic fashion. Cutting hair and beards is allowed as it fits into the realm of something that could happen realistically. Going from short to long without RPing out the time that it would take to grow it out or constantly changing hair colors to put on a disguise is considered FailRP/Powergaming. Wigs were not as common back then with the wide variety that we have today. Bald caps were also likely highly toxic back then and would take a large amount of time apply. Changing hair unrealistically is very much a 'win' mentality and doesn't have a place within WWRP. Please keep this in mind going forward as we all wish to keep this a place that is fun to RP for everyone.

If you have any questions about this, we welcome you to submit a #support ticket.
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Mato Hanska

Wild West Legend
Permanently Banned
Jul 13, 2020
I change Mato's hair by switching it between long or tied back into a ponytail (the later of which I do if he's going to be doing any kind of formal work, like his various security jobs).

Melody Colt

Bounty Hunter
Silver Supporter
Jul 24, 2020
If people are going to change their hair color realistically, some methods back then would be to use henna (for red hair), sulfuric acid (for blonde), and charcoal (black hair). It's messy and not as permanent as dyes these days, so make sure to RP that out too :^)
Love putting charcoal in hair and rubbing charcoal on other characters when my character brushes against them or shakes her head and sends charcoal onto people >: D

Alice Jinks

Aug 19, 2022
Helsinki, Finland
As a grey-haired character (and someone who looked into this a tiny bit) -- I found Wikipedia linked this book from 1661(!). It has a few different hair dye recipes. I regularly "lose" the colour and allow it to grow messy/long and tangled if I go away for a long period of time.

To make your Hair red.
Take one handfull of Nut-tree leaves, distill them in a glass Retort, and with that only wet your hoary[sic] hairs fitfteen daies,and they will be red : This colour will last one moneth. But wet not your face with that water, for it will grow black.​