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    Welcome to the Wild West RP Wiki. This wiki will serve as a repository of information relevant to the Wild West RP universe. The information available in this wiki includes but is not limited to Characters, Businesses, Organizations, Gangs & Posses, and Major Events.

    Any Whitelisted member of Wild West RP may request a page on this Wiki as long as it fits within any of the designated categories. Members will be responsible for putting content on their page and keeping it up to date. If you would like a page created, please use the Ticket System in the
    #wiki-requests channel on Discord. There is a template in that Ticket System that must be used.

    Any Wiki related queries can be directed to the
    #wiki-requests Ticket System.

    All information in this Wiki is considered Out of Character unless specified by Staff at the top of specific Wiki pages.
    This designation may appear as the following:

    This Wiki page contains information that may be known to all characters within reason.

    This Wiki page contains information that may be gained by visiting a specific location and searching "records" for this information.

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