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    The office of the Governor was created after the U.S. Congress passed the request for New Alexandria's Statehood in a majority vote and President Henry Coleson signed the joint resolution. The office is now democratically elected every four months requiring a candidate to achieve a vote of over 50 percent to hold the office.


    A timeline of events surrounding each cabinet's histories.

    December 1898
    - US Congress passes an Act incorporating Lemoyne, New Hanover, West Elizabeth, New Austin, and Ambarino into one State.
    - A naming convention is held, and New Alexandria becomes the State Name
    - The President and Congress appoint a Governor Pro Tempore, Frank Devine and is tasked with developing the State Government.
    - Marshal Department is established with Emmett Stone as first State Marshal and Johosephet Gattington.

    January 1899
    - Constitution, General Laws, and Criminal Code drafted and presented to Congress, and furthermore the people of the State.

    February 1899
    - Constitution, General Laws, and Criminal Code are ratified.
    - First Trial and Public Execution held in Valentine, NA v. Edward Zoski
    - First Medical trip to Armadillo in response to the Cholera Epidemic, resulting in an ambush but successful delivery of relief.

    March 1899
    - Judicial procedures and Judiciary established with the appointment of Chief Justice James Tully , Justice Matthias Winston and Justice Henry Denton. With Courts established the People of New Alexandria are guaranteed their right to Due Process, and many trials being scheduled and settled.
    - First New Alexandria and Wapiti Treaty, establishing and recognizing the Wapiti Lands and Reservation. Signed by Chief Tecumseh and Governor Francis Devine.
    - Sheriff Departments are established, with Sheriff @James Major and Sheriff Gattington being appointed
    - First meeting between the Comanche and State; an ambush on the Governor during election campaign, leading to Chief Red Dog declaring war against the Government.

    April 1899
    - First Gubernatorial Election between incumbent Francis Devine and notable challengers Cain McKenna and George Foreman. Incumbent Francis Devine is elected with no runoff required.
    - Second Medical Relief trip to Armadillo, leading to Governor Francis Devine being kidnapped en route to the rendevous by The Krays. The medical trip was successful by the heroism of those involved.

    May 1899
    - Elections for State Representatives are held and the New Alexandria's First Legislative Body is established; @Addison Flanagan , @Clint Masterton , @Elylida Beaumonte
    - New Alexandria First State Fair is held in Blackwater with games and entertainment.

    June 1899
    - First publicly addressed secessionist movement against outlaw group 'Syndicate', whom declared New Austin and Armadillo as their own leading to deadly exchanges, with other secessionist movements to follow.
    - New Alexandria and Wapiti Treaty become a tense issue, as the Chief is found and convicted of heinous acts against civilians in Rhodes.
    - Establishment of the Attorney General's Office and Alexander Jefferson is appointed.

    July 1899
    - July Fourth Celebration of Independence day at Emerald Ranch with fireworks, horse racing, archery, New Alexandria's Got Talent, and more.
    - New Alexandria and Wapiti Treaty is once again re-affirmed as Chief Deerhorn replaces Chief Tecumseh via an internal council decision. Chief Deerhorn leads the Wapiti and encourage peaceful cooperation between the Reservation and the State, and the sentiment is shared.

    August 1899
    - Second State-wide Government Elections;
    -- Representative election results; Ramona Ryder , Ada "Dove" Lockwood (Henry Clerk - resigned) @Adelaide Joyce
    -- Gubernatorial between Winifred Lockheart and Addison Flanagan

    Addison Flanagan is Declared winner, and is inaugurated as Governor.


    • Department of Justice (DOJ)

    • New Alexandria State Legislature

    • New Alexandria Sheriff's Dept. & Marshal's Office (NASD & NAMO)




    Secretary of State:

    Isabelle Tremblay

    Attorney General:


    Surgeon General:

    Metea Shaw

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