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    Frequently Asked Questions
    (and Keybinds/Commands)

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What is Wild West RP?
    Wild West RP is a roleplay server based on Red Dead Redemption 2 which uses a program called RedM to play. While the roleplay server is based on the Red Dead Redemption map and timeline, we exist in our own universe beyond the Red Dead Redemption storyline.

    What is RedM?
    RedM is a mod for Red Dead Redemption that allows us to create our own custom server to RP in and modify it to our liking. Where do I get RedM? You can download it from https://redm.gg/

    If I buy the game from Rockstar/Epic/Steam will it work with RedM?
    Yes, any legal copy of the game purchased through Steam and Rockstar will work just fine. We only require steam to be open in the background for authentication purposes. Epic Games copies are experiencing issues as of 2/11/2021. Red Dead Online Standalone works as well.

    Is it connected to Read Dead Online?
    It is not connected to Red Dead Online. Our server will be its own thing using the Red Dead Redemption 2 assets. We will use our own mechanics as well as our own Voice chat to RP on the server.

    What accounts have to be linked to the Forums?
    You must link your Discord, Steam and TeamSpeak accounts to the Forums. These accounts are required to be linked as they are used for whitelisting.

    How do I link my Steam & Discord accounts?
    In order to get whitelisted, you must link your Steam & Discord accounts to our Forums. You can link your Steam & Discord accounts here: https://wildwestrp.com/account/connected-accounts/

    How do I get my TS Tags?
    You go here and link your TS to your forums account https://wildwestrp.com/account/teamspeak. Our bot will then automatically give you tags when you join the TS Server. You also need our voice plugin https://wildwestrp.com/threads/changing-voip-plugin-to-saltychat-important.1053/. When you are ready to play, join the Server Waiting Room.

    How do I get TS to stop telling me when people connect and disconnect from the channel?
    Go into your Teamspeak Settings ---> Notifications ---> Soundpack ---> Sounds Deactivated, then disconnect from the server.
    Do not x out using the top left, actually go to File---> Disconnect.

    I still don't understand
    Watch this video:

    I can hear random players voices in game / random players hear my voice in game
    Make sure you have installed the required TS3 Plugin. Then disable the in-game voice chat like so - https://i.imgur.com/Jfd2nhj.jpg

    How do I clear my cache?

    Where should I start?
    We know that coming into an established world can be daunting, luckily we have some resources for you to read over to better know what New Alexandria is like, and what world you are getting into here: https://wildwestrp.com/threads/roleplay-guide-for-new-and-experienced-roleplayers.474/

    Do I have to use my Voice?
    Yes, we are a Voice Roleplay Server. However, we do have some exceptions, if you are Mute IRL we are includsive to your needs. We have a Mute Guide here: https://wildwestrp.com/threads/guide-mute-roleplay.1732/ . We also allow for a special whitelist to play a mute character that uses written word as their communication, however we strictly limit the number of characters allowed to do this and there is also an application that must be submitted. Please open a #support ticket in the WWRP Discord for assitance with this.

    Can I Chat OOC on the server?
    Absolutely not. You are to remain incharacter at all times. Our /ooc command is exclusive to a few situations. Please see this guide for reference: https://wildwestrp.com/threads/proper-use-of-me-and-ooc-commands.12769/

    What do those icons and numbers on the lower right of my UI mean?
    The first is your voice range at that point in time, the second is your server ID number and the third is the amount of money your character has in their inventory.

    Server Information:

    Connection Information:
    To connect, we recommend you open RedM, press F8, and enter
    connect <SERVER IP BELOW>
    Server IP
    Server 1 wwrp.gg:30120
    Server 2 wwrp.gg:30140
    Server 3 wwrp.gg:30160
    Server 4 wwrp.gg:30180
    Server 5 wwrp.gg:30190
    Event wwrp.gg:30100
    Prison wwrp.gg:911

    Teamspeak 3 IP:

    Server Schedule:
    (Note: Times shown are in EST)
    Server 1 2:00am-8:00am 8:00am-2:00pm 2:00pm-8:00pm 8:00pm-2:00am
    Server 2 2:05am-6:05am 11:05am-2:05pm 2:05pm-8:05pm 8:05pm-2:05am
    Server 3     2:10pm-8:10pm 8:10pm-2:10am
    Server 4     AS REQUIRED 8:12pm-2:12am

    In-Game Keybinds:

    B  = Inventory
    G  = Radial Emote Menu
    H  = Call Your Horse (Hold for 3-5 seconds)
    I  = Clothing Menu
    J  = Call Your Pet
    T  = Textbox / Enter Commands
    U  = Hands Up Animation
    X  = Point
    Z  = Toggle Voice Distance (3m / 8m / 15m / 32m)
    ALT  = Use Door Key
    F4  = Stow weapons in Inventory
    PAGE UP  = Player List

    In-Game Commands:

    /brushhorse  = Cleans horse (must be on horse)
    /cancelemote or /c  = Cancels current animation (Same function as the "Stop" in the G wheel)
    /callcoach  = Spawns coach/wagon
    /clearchat  = Clears text box in middle of screen (that comes up when using T)
    /clearpro  = Case sensitive. For use when an interaction menu gets stuck on your screen making it impossible to free yourself from it. Sometimes will require entry into F8 and type the command without the slash.
    /closeradial  = For when your emote wheel gets stuck on your screen and becomes frozen. Sometimes will require entry into F8 and type the command without the slash.
    /creator  = Resets character appearance and takes you back to creator menu (clothing is not affected) 
    /delcampfire  = Puts out campfire
    /delchair  = Put your chair away
    /deltent  = Put your tent away
    /dropboat  = Drops your purchased boat in the water in front of you
    /fixhorse  = Use if your horse becomes stuck and unresponsive
    /givecash  = Opens a menu to transfer cash to a nearby player
    /horsegender <male/female> = Sets the gender of your horse (Client side only)
    /loadskin  = Reload your saved base model and clothing
    /me  = Emote input e.g. /me takes a drink of water
    /pvp  = Become friendly or unfriendly (unfriendly cannot ride other players horses)
    /roll  <# sides> <# rolls> e.g. /roll 6 2 (6-Sided dice rolled 2 times)
    /savecoords  = Saves your coordinates if you need to unexpectedly relog (coords normally save every 5 mins)
    /stablehorse  = Store your horse at a horse shop or stable 
    /wash  = Wash yourself (Does not clean clothes - Use it when roleplaying cleaning)
    /wipe  = Wipe dust/dirt off your character
    /write  = Used for writing something down to show another player

    You can find a full list of the emote commands here.