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    Frequently Asked Questions
    (and Keybinds/Commands)

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What is Wild West RP?
    Wild West RP is a roleplay server based on Red Dead Redemption 2 which uses a program called RedM to play. While the roleplay server is based on the Red Dead Redemption map and timeline, we exist in our own universe beyond the Red Dead Redemption storyline.

    What is RedM?
    RedM is a mod for Red Dead Redemption that allows us to create our own custom server to RP in and modify it to our liking. Where do I get RedM? You can download it from https://redm.gg/

    If I buy the game from Rockstar/Epic/Steam will it work with RedM?
    Yes, any legal copy of the game purchased through Steam, Rockstar and Epic Games will work just fine. We only require steam to be open in the background for authentication purposes. Red Dead Online standalone works with RedM as well but that may change in the future.

    Is it connected to Read Dead Online?
    It is not connected to Red Dead Online. Our server will be its own thing using the Red Dead Redemption 2 assets. We will use our own mechanics as well as our own Voice chat to RP on the server.

    What accounts have to be linked to the Forums?
    You must link your Discord, Steam and
    TeamSpeak accounts to the Forums. These accounts are required to be linked as they are used for whitelisting.

    How do I link my Steam & Discord accounts?
    In order to get whitelisted, you must link your Steam & Discord accounts to our Forums. You can link your Steam & Discord accounts here: https://wildwestrp.com/account/connected-accounts/

    Why does my Teamspeak say "Insufficient client permissions (Failed on i_channel_needed_join_power)" when I try to join the server?
    You do not have whitelisted tags yet for the TeamSpeak! You have to assign them yourself. You go here and link your TS to your forums account
    https://wildwestrp.com/account/teamspeak. Our bot will then automatically give you tags when you join the TS Server. You whitelist yourself for the tags.

    If you are having trouble we have a guide here: https://wildwestrp.com/threads/teamspeak-and-steam-integration.256/ You also need our voice plugin https://wildwestrp.com/threads/changing-voip-plugin-to-saltychat-important.1053/. When you are ready to play, join the Server Waiting Room.

    How do I get TeamSpeak to stop telling me when people connect and disconnect from the channel?
    Go into your Teamspeak Settings ---> Notifications ---> Soundpack ---> Sounds Deactivated, then disconnect from the server.
    Do not x out using the top left, actually go to File---> Disconnect.

    I still don't understand
    Watch this video:

    What SaltyChat Version do we use and where do I get it?
    You need to use either version 3.1.1 or 3.1.2 for our server. To use 3.1.2, you will need to use Teamspeak version 3.6.0.

    64-bit Teamspeak 3.6.0: https://files.teamspeak-services.com/releases/client/3.6.0/TeamSpeak3-Client-win64-3.6.0.exe
    SaltyChat 3.1.2: https://gaming.v10networks.com/saltychat/download/3.1.2

    If you would like to remain on version 3.5.6 of TeamSpeak you can use the links below:
    64-bit Teamspeak 3.5.6: https://files.teamspeak-services.com/releases/client/3.5.6/TeamSpeak3-Client-win64-3.5.6.exe
    32-bit Teamspeak 3.5.6: https://files.teamspeak-services.com/releases/client/3.5.6/TeamSpeak3-Client-win32-3.5.6.exe
    SaltyChat 3.1.1: https://gaming.v10networks.com/saltychat/download/3.1.1

    What do my settings need to be on TeamSpeak?
    You are required to have your TeamSpeak set to push-to-talk while on-server.

    - Your mic cannot be disabled while in game, but muting is acceptable unless using it to avoid roleplay.
    - Your speakers cannot be muted/disabled while in game.
    Voice activation or continuous transmission is only permitted for in-character performances like singing or playing an instrument. You must switch back to push-to-talk after performing.

    I can hear random players voices in game / random players hear my voice in game
    Make sure you have installed the required TS3 Plugin. Then disable the in-game voice chat like so - https://i.imgur.com/Jfd2nhj.jpg

    How do I clear my cache?


    Where should I start?
    We know that coming into an established world can be daunting, luckily we have some resources for you to read over to better know what New Alexandria is like, and what world you are getting into here: https://wildwestrp.com/threads/roleplay-guide-for-new-and-experienced-roleplayers.474/

    Do I have to use my Voice?
    Yes, we are a Voice Roleplay Server. However, we do have some exceptions, if you are Mute IRL we are inclusive to your needs. We have a Mute Guide here: https://wildwestrp.com/threads/guide-mute-roleplay.1732/ . We also allow for a special whitelist to play a mute character that uses written word as their communication, however we strictly limit the number of characters allowed to do this and there is also an application that must be submitted. Please open a #support ticket in the WWRP Discord for assistance with this.

    Can I Chat OOC on the server?
    Absolutely not. You are to remain in character at all times. Our /ooc command is exclusive to a few situations. Please see this guide for reference: https://wildwestrp.com/threads/proper-use-of-me-and-ooc-commands.12769/

    What do those icons and numbers on the lower right of my UI mean?
    The first is your voice range at that point in time, the second is your server ID number and the third is the amount of money your character has in their inventory.

    Server Information:

    Connection Information:
    To connect, you must open RedM, press F8, and enter connect SERVER IP LISTED BELOW
    Main Server: wwrp.gg
    Alternate Main server connect: new.wwrp.gg

    So for example, to connect to the main server you would press F8 and type connect wwrp.gg

    if you wanted the event server, you would type connect event.wwrp.gg

    Event Server:
    Alternate event server connect: wwrp.gg:30140

    Teamspeak 3 IP:

    Server Schedule:
    (Note: Times shown are in EST)

    Main Server2:00am-2:00pm2:00pm-2:00am

    WWRP 2.0 FAQ

    Make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom!

    Basic Commands:

    /csn/csnView your CSN (Character serial number). Needed for compensation requests and name change requests.
    /scene/scene [insert text here]Set a scene to help describe the surroundings. You can find more info on the proper use of scenes here.
    /creator/creatorGo into the character creator to edit your character's appearance. (We suggest doing this in a secluded place, as people will still be able to interact with you if you're in creator.)
    /loadskin/loadskinReload your character's appearance. (Helpful in fixing appearance glitches and clothing issues.)
    /e/e [emote name]Use emote.
    /efav/efav [slot #, emote name]Favorite an emote.
    /e c/e cCancel an emote.
    /me/me [text message]Character interactions.
    /ooc/ooc [text message]Out of character message. Use for consent purposes only. See more information about the use of /ooc here.
    /pvp/pvpToggle PVP
    /rd/rdToggle ragdoll.
    /ow/owToggle pained ragdoll.
    /die/dieIncapacitate your character.
    /roll/rollRoll a dice. Needs to set /roll # of dice and # of sides ex. /roll 1 20 to roll 1 20 sided dice
    /cash/cashCheck your cash.
    /givecash/givecash [Player ID] [Amount to give]Give cash to another player.
    /wipe/wipeClean off your character.
    /washface/washfaceWash that schmud off yo face (and body)
    /write/write [insert text here]Used to write something down to show another player.
    /clearchat/clearchatClear all previous text typed in the textbox.
    /job/jobCheck your current job.
    /hud/hudToggle in-game HUD.
    /resetui/resetuiReset UIs
    /pobox/poboxCheck your PO Box #
    /brushhorse/brushhorseBrush your horse (does not require the horse brush item.)
    /feedhorse/feedhorseFeed your horse.
    /feedhay, /feedcarrot, /feedsugarcube, /feedcandycane, /feedapple/feed[respective food]Feed your horse the specific food.
    /walkspeed/walkspeed [15-100]Set walkspeed percentage from 15-100%. 100 is default.
    /jumptohorsetoggle/jumptohorsetoggleToggle the horse you are riding between jumpable-to and not-jumpable-to. (This includes local horses.)
    /setdrunkeffect/setdrunkeffect 1.0Sets the Effect strength of Drunk Effects, for those who might get motion sick!
    /boats/boatsOpen your boat rental menu for spawning your rented boats.
    /returnboat/returnboatReturns nearby boats to the rental owners inventory for future recall during the same reset. (Allows you to pick up your sleds!)
    /drafts/draftsOpen your draft rental menu for spawning your rented draft vehicles (Wagons, Coaches, Carts, etc.).
    /returndraft/returndraftReturns nearby draft rentals to the rental owners inventory for future recall during the same reset.
    /gamehud/gamehudHides game huds like blackjack - including notifications during the game
    /prompts/promptsHides all game prompts - disables them as well, so you will need to re-enable prompts to use various mechanics
    /horsedrink/horsedrinkTriggers nearby horse to drink from a natural water source or a trough
    /hidenotifications/hidenotificationsHides notifications (OOC still shown)
    /shownotifications/shownotificationsShows notifications
    /dropanchor/dropanchorDrops the anchor for the current or nearest boat
    /liftanchor/liftanchorLifts the anchor for the current or nearest boat
    /lantern/lanternRemoves horse lantern, but keeps the harness
    /togglexhair/togglexhairToggle crosshairs on/off

    Clothing Commands:

    /shirtToggle shirt.
    /bootsToggle boots.
    /pantsToggle pants.
    /vestToggle vest.
    /bandanaRaise/lower bandana.
    /bandanabegoneToggle bandana.
    /coatToggle coat.
    /hatToggle hat.
    /glovesToggle gloves.
    /collarOpen/close collar.
    /eyewearToggle eyewear.
    /spatsToggle spats.
    /spursToggle spurs.
    /beltToggle belt.
    /beltbuckleToggle belt buckle.
    /offhandToggle offhand.
    /gauntletsToggle gauntlets.
    /skirtToggle skirt.
    /accessoriesToggle accessories.
    /ponchoToggle poncho.
    /necktieToggle necktie.
    /gunbeltToggle gunbelt.
    /suspendersToggle suspenders.
    /sleevesRoll your sleeves up.

    Helpful Keybinds:

    TOpen the textbox/Enter commands.
    ZVoice range cycles between: 3.5, 8, 15, 32. Key to cycle is Z by default. Default value is 8.
    HWhistle for your horse...(or whistle in general!)
    X > H > HPut your hands up... (this is a robbery!)
    PageUpSee player # IDs.
    BAccess your bag. (Player inventory.)
    Tab (press and hold)Access your radial menu.
    Press and hold to see your 1-5 hotkeys.
    6Put your weapon in your offhand.
    1-5Use items on your toolbelt.
    ALT (press and hold)Access your horse inventory when at your horse.
    Lock/Unlock a door (with its respective key.)
    X > XPoint
    Q (press when near an object)Crouch behind cover.
    Aim + XSwap which shoulder you aim on
    BackspaceCancels current action (Mining, logging, opening a money sack, robbing a store).

    Spoilers below with more useful info!
    • Top left to bottom right:
      • 1. Player Culling
        • When glowing red, this icon indicates when there are more than 32 people in one area. With overpopulation of players in an area comes "Player Culling". Player culling will cause issues with other players seeing and hearing each other. We recommend avoiding and area when this icon glows red.
      • 2. Hunger (Eat somthin'.)
      • 3. Thirst (Get you some drank.)
      • 4. Temperature (currently does nothing.)
      • 5. Voice range (Shouting (voice range maximum/32) will bypass muffling effects when in buildings.)
      • 6. Health (Can be regained through various health items in game.)
      • 7. Stamina (Can be regained by refreshing yourself with a cool drink.)
      • 8. Dead eye (Currently does nothing.)
    UI copy.png

    • Every real hour is 12 hours in game. Therefore every two real hours, a full in game day passes. About three in game days pass each reset.
    • If someone refers to last night or this morning, consider they may be referencing the in game time passing. So if it's morning in game and they say last night, it might have been about an hour since the events occurred. If they say yesterday, it could be around two hours ago. This is up to the individual player, but some wish to maintain immersion within the passing in game time, so it's just something to consider.
    • To buy things from the store clerk:
      • Walk up to your friendly store clerk and press and hold E when given the prompt to enter the store menu.
      • Adjust the number in the center of the screen to correspond to how much of an item you want to buy.
      • LEFT CLICK the item and drag it over to your inventory on the left side.
        • (Right clicking will make you purchase all of said item, depending on how much money you have.)

    • Useful for holding water for long trips!
    • If you have a canteen in your inventory that can be filled, an option will appear when you approach water sources (ie., rivers, lakes, ponds, barrels containing visible water, water pumps, etc.) from the emote menu (press X).
      • In other words, once you are near water, press X to open the emote menu. There will be a keybound option to "Fill Canteen" (X > J).
      • Press X > C to finish filling the canteen and exit the animation.

    • Each type of crafting/cooking has benches that serve different purposes:
      • Campfires are for simple cooked meats and can be bought/found around the map.
      • Cooking Pots are designed for complex food and non-alcoholic drinks and can be bought/found around the map. (Campfires are not needed for the cooking pot as it comes with its own.)
      • Distilleries are required for Alcohol and can be located around the map.
      • Mixing Tables required for Cocktails and can be located around the map.
    • Cooking and Crafting is designed to drive roleplay between players to teach each other recipes or discover things themselves, it is necessary to bear in mind:
      • You will mix and match different items together to craft different things. Recipes are currently FOIC (Find out in character). Do not share these OOC.
      • DO NOT put stacks of items into the crafting field, each slot in the crafting benches is designed for ONE ITEM. You may lose items if you do not follow this.
      • You can find some cooking recipes here in a book released by the staff team to get you started.
      • All craftable items are listed in this thread for easy reference.
    Loading ammo:

    • To load ammo into your firearm/bow:
      • Make sure you have purchased the correct type of ammo.
      • Click and drag the ammo box to the weapon and press the "Load Ammo" button that appears in the center of the screen.

    • To hunt, simply grab a bow and arrow or firearm and some bullets. Find an animal and shoot it down. When skinning, you must have a knife.
    • Approach the animal, press and hold E when you get the prompt to skin. The skin can then be stored on your horse by walking up to it and pressing R when getting the prompt in the lower right.
    • To sell things to the butcher, simply drag the item from your inventory over to the butcher's selling inventory. Adjust the amount you'd like to sell by altering the number in the center of the two inventory screens when in the sell menu. Click and drag the item to the corresponding item image on the right. You've sold it!
    Stables and Horses:

    • Horse drinking while mounted is experimental and only works if there's another player in the area.
    • Go to any stable you can find around the state and take a gander at their horses.
    • Not all stables sell horses, and those that do often have a different variety!
      • When you purchase a horse, make sure to set it as your primary so that you may bond with it.
        • There is no way to check the bonding level with your horse. This is by design.
        • As you bond with your horse, you may find that they respond easier, spook less, and can perform various stunts while riding them.
      • If you get an error message that it's unable to be spawned, give it about five minutes and try again. If the issue persists, try relogging. If you still have issues after that, open a support ticket in our Discord.
    Pet Colors:

    Attached items reflect weapons, equipment, and cosmetic items that your character has on their person. What is attached to your character depends on the physical placement of items within your inventory as well as having used an item or weapon recently. If you wish for your character to not have weapons or equipment visible, it should be stored either on your horse or other physical storage, not on your person. Sometimes it may make sense to put an item in a form of storage that you are carrying with you to conceal the item. If you are carrying around so many weapons that they are not all visible, please take this into account for roleplay, you should not be able to grab a rifle if it is stowed somewhere and not readily accessible. Proper use of /me's adds greatly to roleplay with respect to your characters actions. As well, if you do not have an offhand holster or gunbelt and are drawing a weapon from a hidden location, it is best to roleplay this instead of just equipping a revolver from seemingly nowhere.

    Attachment Slots

    • Right hand: Equipped items.
    • Left hand: Items held in a carry state.
    • Gunbelt: Revolvers/pistols or shortened weapons
    • Gunbelt: Knife
    • Offhand Holster: Revolvers/pistols or shortened weapons
    • Belt: Lasso
    • Belt: Lantern
    • Belt: Throwable items (Currently not displayed)
    • Belt: Binoculars (Currently not displayed)
    • Back, Left Shoulder: Longarm or Bow
    • Back, Crossbody: Longarm or Bow
    Cosmetic Attachment Slots
    • Hair
    • Mouth
    • Other: Cosmetic items and slots are being added all the time.

    Priority of Attachments:
    • Each of the above slots (weapon and cosmetic) will be filled with the items in your inventory prioritized by highest row, left to right.
    • If you have 3 longarms in your hotbar, it will attach the first 2 in the back-left and back-crossbody slots, but if you use the 3rd, it will replace one of the equipped longarms.
      • You should not realistically have access to so many weapons, please roleplay taking time to adjust your loadout.
    • If you have a cigarette and a toothpick in your inventory (both items in the cosmetic mouth attachment slot), the item which is higher in your inventory will be the one that is visible.
    • If an item is removed, that slot will be filled by the highest priority item in your inventory that can be attached in that slot.
    • If an item is placed into a storage container (paper bag/box) then the item will not be visible. Please consider realism when placing objects into containers.
      • It makes sense to put a toothpick or cigarette in your cigarette case, it doesn't make sense to put a longarm in a paper bag or small wooden box.
    • Red Dead only allows you to have one of each weapon attached at any given time, but WWRP system allows multiple of the same weapon.
      • If you have two double action revolvers in slots 1 and 2, it will only show one of these weapons in your holster.
      • If you use a second weapon of that same model, it will look as if you pulled out the one that was visible.
      • Consider using a variety of weapons so that you are not carrying 5 of the same weapon.
    • If you have two knives in your inventory you will only have access to one at a time. You will need to equip your hunting knife in order to skin an animal.

    Holding a weapon at your side:
    • By using the 6 key, you may be able to hold a weapon at your side.
      • Currently longarms that are equipped on your left shoulder (not crossbody) and bows can do this.
      • Once the weapon is in your offhand, you may use one handed weapons.
      • Some actions, such as reloading a revolver, may unequip your offhand weapon.
    • Pressing the 6 key while holding a weapon in your offhand will holster your weapon.
      • If you have two weapons held, it will first holster your primary held weapon.
    • You may reequip the weapon into a ready state by pressing the hotbar key that is associated with that weapon. (Same as equipping the weapon)

    Why are my hotbar keys not working?

    Many people have modified or rebound their weapon equip keys for online play. Unless you know how the keybinds will change WWRP's keys please use the default keybindings.

    KeybindKeyWWRP Keybind
    Equip Left Sidearm1Hotbar 1
    Equip Dual Wield Sidearms2Hotbar 2
    Equip Right Sidearm3Hotbar 3
    Equip Unarmed4Hotbar 4
    Equip Melee Longarm5Hotbar 5
    Equip Back Longarm6Hold Weapon at your side
    Equip Thrown Weapon7*Currently Disabled
    Equip Shoulder Longarm8*Currently Disabled

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