Addison Flanagan

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  • Description 

    A slim woman of average height in her early 30's, her Irish accent diluted somewhat by half her life spent in the States. Red ringlets of hair frame her fair-skinned face dappled with freckles across her cheeks and nose. Her nose somewhat large has a deep scar across it and sits slightly crooked from being broken many times. While she has started to develop worry-lines on her brow of late, a lopsided smile is never far from her features.

    Early Life 

    When Addison was still an infant her mother died leaving her to be raised by her father Daniel. Daniel was a small time crook and con artist who often used his daughter in his schemes. When Addison was 12 her father moved them to America, where they settled for many years in Chicago, IL. In her 20's Addison moved off to New Alexandria after a falling out with her father.

    Present Life 

    After a few years of hardship Addison found a great deal of success in New Alexandria. She opened a gambling parlor called the Perch and it's popularity and income allowed her to expand into other business opportunities. Soon she was running several small operations in Saint Denis most notably card games, boxing, & horse and buggy racing. Eventually Flanagan's business absorbed The New Alexandria Association of Gaming (NAAG), a very old business in the state started by Domino Douglas, and they kept the name. Currently Commissioner of the Flampet League, and owner of Paradigm Pictures.

    In May 1899 Addison entered the political realm where she served as New Alexandria's first elected State Representative under former Governor Francis R. Devine, where she authored several bills that later became law, most Notably The Clean Slate Act, and The Emma Foster Act.
    After her term as a State Rep Flanagan ran for Governor in August 1899, and won in a tight race against Winnifred Lockheart (54% to 46%). The significant accomplishments in her first term were the dramatic lowering of prices for tobacco products, balancing the State budget, overcoming the Valentine Outbreak, opening peaceable talks with the Comanche Nation, and the Window Rock Treaty made with the Wapiti Nation.

    Flanagan made her second bid for Governor in November of 1899 and won a second term against opponents Dr. Varun Torino & Dismas Kindar II (78%,15%,7%).


    While no longer the owner, Addison still has many friends in NAAG.
    She worked closely with (former) Representatives Ramona Ryder & Adelaide Joyce, in their second terms they had formed a good working relationship.
    The members of her Gubernatorial Cabinet were:
    Dr. Jaena Shaw, Surgeon General
    Mr. Halbert Deriot, Secretary of State, 1st Term
    Miss Celeste Ward, Secretary of State, 2nd Term
    The Honorable Henry Denton, Attorney General 1st Term
    Richard Hart, Attorney General, 2nd Term
    Flanagan also keeps friendly relations with several private security companies she employs to attend her and her events.


    "It is natural to fight hard before an election, but it is paramount we come together as a people afterwards. I ask you all to remember in the days ahead - that which unites us as citizens, is far greater than that which divides us in political leanings."
    -Addison Flanagan, Gubernatorial acceptance speech August 1899

    Addi: "Did you see that very very very tall woman at the Bastille?"
    Jaena: "Yeah, what about her?"
    Addi: "She was very tall.."
    -Addison Flanagan, after one too many at the Bastille, St Denis


    -Addison owns a rare, ill tempered, missouri fox trotter. His name is Midas after his gold coat but is affectionately referred to as Daemon due to his exceptionally bad temperament. It is the only Horse Addison has ever owned.
    -Favorite past times are canoeing and duck hunting.
    -Flanagan is often homesick for the old country and because of this she tends to collect Irish people to her circle.
    -Will sing old folk songs after 3 drinks.













    April 24th


    Ballyhooly, Ireland



    Marital Status:



    Daniel Flanagan, Father, Location unknown


    Former Governor of the State of New Alexandria, 2 Terms.



    Faction Affiliations:

    Government (formerly)