Flampet League

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    The Flampet League are the organizers and operators of all official Flampet Games in New Alexandria both league play and exhibition. The members of the Flampet Governing Board are the inventors of, and intellectual property owners of, the game of Flampet.

    Brief: Flampet consists of two teams of four starting on opposite ends of the playing field. The Attacking team attempts to move the Flamp from their side of the field to the opposite to score a point, the defending team attempts to stop them by tackling the player with the Flamp three times before they are able to score. Then the defending team takes possession of the flamp and becomes the attacking team.


    What's needed to play: Two(2) teams of four(4) players, a large rectangular playing field, and a Flamp (commonly a large animal pelt).

    The Flamp: A regulation Flamp can only be a large animal pelt. Bear (brown or black), alligator, elk, cow, or ox.

    Time: Playtime consists of ten(10) minutes, played in two halfs, five(5) minutes each. The time only runs down during play. After the first five(5) minutes has elapsed there is a "halftime" break. When the game resumes teams change sides of the field.

    Attacking Team: The attacking team starts with four(4) players & will chose one player to carry the Flamp during each "down", this player is known as a "flamper". The attacking team will move forward from their starting line (seen A on graph) attempting to move the Flamp to or past the Defending team's starting point. The Flamper moves the Flamp while the other members of the attacking team attempt to keep the Flamper from being tackled, they may tackle members of the defending team in doing so. The attacking team will have three(3) opportunities to score, when the flamp touches the ground that is one down three downs and the flamp changes team possession. After each down the defending team returns to their "start position", the Attacking team plays from where the flamp fell. The Flamper must play from the exact position the Flamp fell at - other members of the attacking team can move laterally of the flamp, or back, but not in front (Seen B on graph). If the attacking team moves the flamp to the defending teams start line they score one(1) point (This is known as a Flampet). After scoring or 3 downs the Flamp changes team possession and the attacking team becomes the defending team and vice versa.

    Defending Team: The Defending team starts with three(3) players, before play begins the defending team will chose one(1) of their four(4) players who will sit out of the game while their team is defending. The defending team's goal is to tackle the attacking Flamper, they may also tackle any member of the attacking team. After each down the defending team returns to their start line before play resumes. If the attacking team has had three(3) downs, or scores, the Flamp changes posesion and the defending team becomes the attackers and vice versa.

    Uniforms: Every team in a league game must be in uniform. Uniforms have to consist of at least a matching top (shirt, vest, or coat). If a hat is part of a team uniform, the opposing team is prohibited from picking up and wearing the hat from the other team.

    Penalties: The referees have final say in violations and penalties.
    Penalties include:
    Ejecting players for a possession, or the entire game.
    Adding or taking away "downs". If a violation has compromised the entire play.
    Granting paces forward or backward depending - The ref will count the paces themself and that will become the new "line of play".
    • Choking - if a player chokes a member of the opposite team to unconsciousness, the offender will have to sit out of the game until the victim is able to return to play; unless the offender and victim are on the same team, then just the victim is out until able to play again. If there is repeated choking from a player of team the referees may further penalize with granting paces forward or backward depending, or ejecting players from the game.
    • Standing Grapple: Grabbing and holding, or grabbing and throwing other players. The referee may penalize with granting paces forward or backward depending, or ejecting players from the game.
    • Improper Shoving: Running and simply shoving another player to the ground, as opposed to tackling them to the ground. The referee may penalize with granting paces forward or backward depending, or ejecting players from the game.
    • Fighting: When two or more players are involved in a fight on the field. The referee may penalize with granting paces forward or backward depending, or ejecting players from the game.
    Glossary of terms:
    Flamp - A large pelt that serves as the object of play
    Flamper - The player chosen to run the Flamp
    Flampet - When a team scores a point, also the name of the game
    Flampeteer - A professional Flampet player
    Down - When the Flamp hits the ground and teams reset (3 to a possession)
    Possession - The time a team has control of the Flamp
    Start or Start Position - The line each team is to start from, also serves as the goal line
    Line of Play - the line the attacking team starts from after a down



    Name: Swift Justice
    Status: Active/Recruiting
    Members: Fiona Swift, Maggie Swift, Lucas Joyce
    W/L: n/a exhibition play only

    Name: Biggus Dickus
    Status: Active
    Members: Ulysses Murray, Stanley Lewis, Declan Dedrick, Luke Caylor
    W/L: n/a exhibition play only
    Other: In the official opinion of the Flampet League and FGB, there is no rule against this team name, but we don't like it.

    Name: Avein Avengers
    Status: Inactive
    Members: Patrick (Paddy) Cox, Ramona Ryder, Adelaide Joyce, Jaena Shaw
    W/L: n/a exhibition play only
    Other: Had great uniforms.

    Flampet League (Flampet Governing Board)





    Whip Underwood & Addison Flanagan

    Date Founded:

    July 19th 1899


    Played all over the State but the Flampet Home Field is the Pond Park in Saint Denis


    Board of Directors
    Commissioner - Addison Flanagan
    Governance Director - Markus Underwood
    Development Director- Whip Underwood
    Chief Statistician - Sean McCarthy
    Event Co-ordinator - Calliope Underwood

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