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Mar 13, 2020
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Howdy all,
We wanted to do a bit of a reminder regarding a few rules and general expectations that we have at WWRP, this is not to shame or blame anyone who has done any of the following but rather to educate everyone so that we all can enjoy our time here as much as we can.

IC Communication

Telegrams over the last few months there has been an influx of telegrams being used in unrealistic ways, to explain further Telegrams are not like simply sending a message in modern times. Telegrams would require your character to speak or hand a note to the person who operates the telegram machine, this person would then have to go and "translate" that message into Morse code and send that to every other post office for them to either put up as a general telegram or hold onto for the person it was sent to. (We encourage everyone to read this post for a more in depth explanation)

Specifically, we want to mention the recent use of fonts and special symbols on telegrams. To put it simply, there would be no way for this to be communicated in Morse code. Telegrams specifically should be left in the default font and should not include any special symbols. If you want to include those things in your correspondence, send a letter instead of a telegram as a character can draw such symbols in a letter, or create a poster for the message boards for company advertisements.

Out of game IC communications
The only way that you should be sending telegrams, letters or public notices IC should be via the in game telegrams and letter system, or the public notice board channel on the WWRP discord or the WWRP thread on the forums. (Private Discords should never be used in place of in game telegrams)

There are a few expectations to this those being in government roles IE Sheriff's, Governor, State Reps, Attorney General etc. Some departments such as LEO and DOP do also have permission to do IC notice to their whole departments.

Post Office Notice Board
The post office notice board channel on discord should only be accessed IC when your character is physically in a post office in game, if you read the posts in that channel while out of game, you must still head to a post office IC and read the notices IC to have that knowledge IC. (Ex: It would be unrealistic for one to be aware of recent postings when one is deep in a mine or out in the woods, but it would make sense if they see them once they reach a telegram station.)

Alt Guidelines
As we are sure most of you are aware, on Wild West RP you can play multiple characters. Should you choose to have alts, we do have alt character guideline that we do expect everyone to follow to avoid problems with meta, FailRP, PowerGaming and to ensure everyone is staying within reasonable bounds.

To put it plainly your characters should not be interacting directly or indirectly with each other at all, and should not be brought up in RP on your alt character, if someone brings up one of your alts to your current character, your character should just dismiss it.
They should also never have impacts on one another’s storylines, and this includes if you choose to play a character related to one of your others (which is generally discouraged as it can cause complications, particularly if both characters are alive).

You can see the full guidelines here. We encourage everyone to read them.

OOC related stuff

It's Okay To Say No
This is a remind to everyone that, OOC it is completely OK to decline any of the following things for whatever reason you want. They are Permas, executions, torture permissions, Relationship RP and unending conflict RP (once IC conflict RP starts to seem OOC driven, or causing OOC conflicts, it’s usually best for both groups to part ways). This is something that everyone on the server should be aware of and everyone should respect each others OOC decision to refuse any of the previously mentioned.
Note: This does not mean a character can opt to never to face reasonable consequences of their actions. If you need further clarification on this, feel free to open a ticket.

Please read this post for a more in depth look at this topic.

Appropriate use of the /OOC command
The /OOC command should only be used for getting OOC consent for torture or perma perms, as well as to communicate briefly that you need to contact them in dms, by either telling them to check DM's or asking them to DM you and putting your discord name. /OOC is not to be used for putting OOC comments or to communicate fully with another player OOC, it is meant to be used rarely and in small amounts. For more information on the /OOC command please look at this Post.

OOC Phrasing IC
Phrases such as "in my head", "thinking deeply about food for a moment", "flex your x muscle" etc that are meant to convey some form of OOC information in a IC way, are not what we expect from RPers here at WWRP.

While we understand why players do it, as they are trying to convey, they need to focus on something away from the keyboard for a minute or they crashed, it can be very immersion breaking to have someone say a phrases such as this to you within RP.

Try and find a more IC appropriate way of informing those around you, that you need to be AFK for a short while, a common simple one is saying "I need to go to the outhouse", “I must have bumped my head on something”, “I’ve got something I need to work on, I’ll be back”, or something along those lines and then remove your character from the area. Do not stand in the middle of an area/group afk.

If you are going to be afk for more than an brief period, then excuse your character and log off. (You should not be going afk to go to the shop, have dinner, walk the dog, etc.) If you fear they will move on while you are briefly afk or briefly offline, they can send you a telegram of where they went.

If you cannot find an IC friendly way of saying these things it is better to send the other players involved a DM informing them of the information OOC. Rather than causing confusion or immersion breaking in server.

When it comes to time zones, the server is generally run by EST, so those are the times you can use to refer people regarding schedules. Do not ask people in character if they are around after a certain “reset”. Some say after a certain storm, which is generally seen as acceptable, but also unnecessary, as you can simply ask if they will be around after 8pm, etc.

AFKing while doing in game jobs
While you are in server, even while grinding or doing other money-making tasks that seem boring, you are required to be present and respond to everyone around you while you are in server.

At no point should you be unable to be attentive and respond while you are doing a in game job or in a position where someone can easily attempt Roleplay with you. Ensure you are not listening to music that is too loud or doing anything else that make it impossible to respond to people when they interact with you.

If you find yourself distracted too much, it is best to log off the server than to disrupt the rp of others by being unavailable. It falls under FailRP not to respond to those trying to roleplay with you.

Final Notes
If anyone has concerns about anything mentioned in this post or with anything happening related to server please open a ticket and let us know, we are happy to discuss anything with players as long as it is server related, and while we may not give you the answer you want, we will always hear out what you have to say.
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