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Oct 11, 2019
Hello Wild West Community,

Something we have seen as of late is enthusiasm when it comes to scenes. We always get excited when our development gets appreciated and love to see the enriched role play that scenes do provide our world. We want scenes to add to the immersion, not be the focal point of every area that you enter.

Something that we do want to address is some do's and don't that should be clarified for scenes and usage.

  • Signage - properly label a sign as such and place it in an area that is not obstructive to the flow of movement and can easily be read.
  • Addresses/homesteads - you may give buildings names, however, place it in an area that is not obstructive to the flow of movement and can easily be read.
  • Locks - You may lock a door while you are actively in an area/participating in a scene that requires a locked door but should be temporary as appropriate or removed once RP is over.
  • Environmental queues - You may leave details about what someone may see or hear.
  • Clues - You may leave details about what someone may find in the general area, and what they may see and feel.
  • Set your Scene duration for a reasonable time. We highly Recommend Reset to Reset or 6 Hours Max, however, this is a recommendation.
  • Think about things that may be left behind if you were to clear the Scene. However, Proper RP for the clearing would apply.
    • Maybe this leads to a new scene for you to leave.
  • Keep them simple, scenes should add to the RP, not replace the RP.
  • Formatting should be taken into consideration. Tighten the backgrounds around the text and do not make the text excessively large.
  • Use /mes in combination of scenes if you are placing or removing objects into the world.
  • Put up signs that have both a non-english statement, with the english translation included.

  • Signage that is not properly labelled and makes a statement.
  • Land/building claims that prevent or obstruct characters from entering at all times
  • Scenes that tell people how they must react or feel
  • Scenes that would classify as Meta.
    • This would include stating on beds who is sleeping in them.
  • Clearing Scenes without proper RP behind clearing them (i.e. if it's an item that is being shown, you may need to clean it up).
  • Put bodies in scenes just to put bodies in scenes. Murders should have just as much clues in scenes as an NPC/Player would. Avoid terms like local, what gender is the body? How were they killed? How long ago? Murders should mainly be player focused and not scene focused.
  • Neon background colors, scenes should emulate a color scheme of the item or thing being described or the current background it's being placed upon.
  • Do not put up non-english signs.
Some Good examples that may help you further:

An old grey cat sits on the table glaring at you. It doesn't seem to want to be touched. He looks very grumpy. It may paw as you pass.

Wagon ruts lead south along the grass toward the road. They appear to come from the barn.

The floorboards creak under your feet as you enter. A scraping noise can be heard in a nearby room. (In next room: ) A branch from outside claws at the glass window. The noise might be abrasive to your ears.

We hope this clarifies a little bit when you are placing scenes.

We have also made this How-to when it comes to scenes and the scene commands.

Thank you,
Wild West RP Staff Team.
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