Alice Jinks

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  • Alice Jinks


    Professional bookkeeper and "mathamagician", Alice strives to earn her way using her mental faculties, but often ends up having to do menial labour and get her hands dirty. Alice is grey-haired, though she dyes it red frequently.

    Early Life 

    Alice "Algie" Jinks grows up in Milk Lane, Birmingham (UK) as part of a "slogger" gang in the heart of industrial Britain. She earns her place amongst her friends as a mean brawler, compulsive gambler and patient schemer. Unlike her fellow gang members, Algie is adverse to intuitive action and often acts as a wallflower before committing to action on rival street gangs. Ms. Jinks served as a petty thief and provided her share by infiltrating the middle and upper class and assessing suitable marks for robbery -- as well as taking part in the regular fistfights on the streets themselves.

    Alice found work as a bookkeeper and accountant for a (fictional) Birmingham-based "slogger" gang named the "Queen Street Gang", or Qs. During the transitional period whilst the Milk Lane gang is absorbed, Alice earns the trust and gains seniority in the role of treasurer; helping to run various gambling endeavours.

    Algie's lack of intuitive immediacy leads to her capture by an Irish gang, who enact an ambush when she and a small group of her friends return from a coin toss game. The ransom of these members causes a bitter gang war, though their release is never to occur. Her escape results in the death of her comrades and stowing aboard a ship she believes to be headed to England, Alice finds herself headed to America on a long and arduous journey filled with disease and discomfort.

    Emaciated and without a social net, an isolated Algie takes to odd jobs intermixed with pickpocketing in New York and begins a gradual move to the West, on the scent of greater riches and terrified of her Irish captors who seemed to affect her mentally despite their absence. Believing herself to only be of detriment to the people of the West Midlands, Algie moves to find a new home in New Alexandria, but is listless and without any real skill to apply there.

    Present Life 

    Alice can be found gambling (where available) and ingratiating herself with the dark underbelly of gambling society. Alice is also involved in the many industrial jobs that were ever present in her upbringing, the thick black smoke of industry ingrained in her blood.

    She finds friends wherever she can, trying desperately to ply her trade in a land where business is stifled by the presence of so many self-sufficient folk who can do everything and yet lack enough capital or economic activity to require a bookkeeper. She languishes in the hell of New Alexandria, trying to find a new niche that might allow her to enjoy her true passion.


    Queen Street Gang, people of Rhodes/New Austin, the "Leftovers", various.


    • "A cougar attacked you?! How old was she?"​
    • "Fastest draw in the West... Midlands."​
    • "J-I-N-K-S, I don't mess with that black magic stuff"​
    • "Alice Jinks! Professional bookie and mathamagician, at your service."​


    • Actually speaks in a Black Country accent, which differs from the Birmingham "Yam-Yam" accent very slightly.​
    • Deeply in the closet about her attraction to women, despite being easily flustered by them.​
    • Repeatedly states her wish to return to Birmingham, knowing full well she never could.​
    • Had her childhood sentence of 2 years solitary, 5 years hard labour commuted as a child, she was a patsy for a large-scale arson.​
    • Being treated for melancholia; ingesting nightly Cimicifuga tinctures.​

    Alice Jinks



    🫀 Alive, 💘 "It's complicated"


    ♀️ Female


    24, often quotes "33", adding her commuted sentence (the two years error is due to not knowing her true birthday).


    Mother, deceased 🪦. Father, deceased 🪦. Sister "Dorothy", unknown, presumed dead.


    Bookkeeper, Accountant, Gambler, Mathamagician, Socialite, Distiller.


    Algie, Rabbit

    Faction Affiliations:

    💙 Cerulean Club