Amelia Grimm

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  • Amelia Grimm
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    Blonde hair tucked behind her ears, moving with each gust of wind. Blue eyes the color of the sea. A smile on her face and calm expression. Her badge shining in the sunlight.

    Early Life 

    Amelia Grimm was born on the second of August inside a cozy homestead in a peach tree basket, where out the window grew a peach tree orchard. Born last in the family, Amelia was the baby, while her brother Wilhelm (or Will for short) was a couple years older than her. Her father and mother, Karl and Jane worked endlessly, tending to the crops each year. One day, a man was found hiding in the orchard who had escaped from the law. He had fallen asleep next to one of the trees, his gun resting in his hand. Her pa was going tree to tree picking ripe peaches when he stumbled upon this man. Tripping over the man's legs and waking him up, the men struggled for a minute both startled and seeing each other a threat. Her pa had managed to take out his knife in the struggle and it was knife vs. gun. Unfortunately, a gun had its advantages, and the trigger was pulled, shooting her pa in the chest. The man ran off, but not before her older brother Will saw him escape. As Will shared the description of the man to deputies, the sheriff informed him that was a very wanted man, from one of the most wanted gangs in Georgia. It didn't get easier when a sickness came upon the town, and Jane became sick and did not recover. That left Will in charge and Amelia, helping her brother tend the orchard, with their friendly neighbors coming by to help at times. As they both grew up, Will decided to become a deputy himself and lived at the homestead until he received news that this gang was still around and seen west quite a travel away. He hugged Amelia goodbye, promising to send her a letter wherever he could send one and set out to track the gang down, hoping to finally get some justice. A month passed, two months passed and no letter came. Finally, Amelia became concerned and decided to pack up her belongings and head out west to search for her brother. It was here that she came upon the great and wild state of New Alexandria.

    Present Life 

    Having arrived in New Alexandria, Amelia believed this was a good spot to settle down in hopes of having a better chance of finding or hearing from her brother. She needed a job though, and after giving it a thought decided to follow her brother's footsteps and apply to be a deputy. It wasn't just because her brother was a deputy however, but that she wanted to help protect and support those who lived around her, especially from the criminals who harmed those who were innocent. Today, she knows each face in the department and calls many her friends. She loves her job and can often be found teaching new recruits, or patting Rhodes' famous dog Roy, or perhaps picking some ripe raspberries that grow around the state. She still checks her letters each day though, hoping to hear from her brother.




    "I can handle grimm situations"
    "Well, that was grimm."














    August 2


    Hartwell, Georgia


    American German

    Marital Status:

    Married to Matt Grimm


    Karl Grimm [deceased]
    Jane Grimm [deceased]

    Wilhelm Grimm - Alive?


    NASD Undersheriff