Annie Carrington

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  • Annie Carrington


    Born and raised in Stockport in the UK, Annie is a kind yet easily irritable soul, tempered by her two older brothers who, although loving, tested her patience on a regular basis. Socially, the Carrington family bordered the line between working and middle class, with enough income to support a comfortable lifestyle with the requirement of all members of family having to work to sustain their lifestyle, therefore Annie is accustomed to working for a living and getting her hands dirty.

    Early Life 

    From a young age, Annie was lucky enough to avoid the horrors of working in a factory and found a job at a stable thanks to her fathers soft spot and business connections. She worked there from 12 to 17, her mother also found the time to teach her how to sew and cut fabrics due to being a tailor herself. The family later moved to Whitby to control business operations more appropriately as her father and eldest brother regularly worked there for months on end, commuting to and from home and work.

    After the move, Annie was invited to participate in the family business to help support the company, to begin with she worked on fixing rope, cloth and equipment, supporting the anglers and the fleet, and helping to manage inventory and sell goods. She soon gained opportunities to fish alongside her counterparts. Although she spent most of her time dock-side, she spent the next 5 years working for the company, gaining valuable skills and experience.

    However, an explorer at heart, Annie was keen to see the world. She was an experienced rider and rambler having lived outside of cities, experienced in crossing countryside. She had managed to questionably ‘accumulate’ a sizable amount of personal savings thanks to her family's newfound fortune and headed for North America to kickstart her ventures in search of personal freedom, much to the anger of her family due to the strategic marriage they had arranged for her.

    Present Life 

    After securing transport, Annie had made it to New York, America. This was overwhelming for her and she soon wanted to get out of the city and head for somewhere more peaceful, she began by travelling south in search of a new home however she wasn’t entirely satisfied wherever she ended up. Eventually she reached Saint Denis, New Alexandria by train and decided to explore the surrounding area, she fell in love with the land and immediately began looking for work to help finance a home, at least before she decided to move on again..

    After a few weeks of searching and doing small jobs, Annie finally found a job at Moone's Saloon in Blackwater, she started work on the 11th of August.


    Herschel Moone - Boss


    Work in Progress


    Annie's horse is called 'Horatio' after the famous Admiral, Horatio Nelson.
    Annie dislikes guns.

    Annie Carrington











    143 lbs


    17th of March


    Stockport, Cheshire, United Kingdom



    Marital Status:



    Father: William Carrington
    Mother: Mary Carrington
    Brother: Percy Carrington
    Brother: Lloyd Carrington


    Bartender at Moone's Saloon, Blackwater


    "Miss. Carrington"

    Faction Affiliations: