Antonio Delgato

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  • Description 

    Antonio Delgato is a 27 year old man who looks like he's about 38 at the very least. The man always looks like he is angry at something, even though that is never really the case. Delgato's life goal is to keep the people around him safe and happy, even if it's at the expense of himself. This results in him getting injured far more than he should and results in some saying that he has some sort of 'Hero Complex'. This is actually true, though Delgato doesn't know it about himself. Delgato is brunt and simple. There are a lot of things he doesn't understand and he will tell you if he doesn't. He doesn't like being a Detective and instead of investigate a case, he would much rather address the problem face to face and if needed, gun to gun.

    Early Life 

    Back then, Delgato was raised in the middle of a forest by himself. With his brothers. And his sister. And also, his parents. There, his father, Alexander 'Finch' Delgato taught his kids how to hunt and fend for themselves while entertaining them with literal every day fist fights and stories of how he was a bounty hunter and what he did in his day to day life. These stories filled the mind of Delgato, causing him to ask his father for his gun to go and practice quickdrawing behind the house. After years of practice, Delgato eventually got old enough to go out on his own into the world and try to live up to the standards his father met in his early life.

    Present Life 

    Now, Delgato is an 'accomplished' Undersheriff of New Alexandria. Many people know him and most seem to respect him, and Delgato gives them the same in return. Delgato will always use his words to deescalate a conversation, but if it comes to it, will not be afraid to draw to bring in people who have broken the law or risk the safety of himself or those around him


    - The New Alexandria Sheriff's Department
    - The Flanagan's
    - The Banks Family


    "Is that a sex thing?"
    "Wanna duel...?"
    "Relax, RELAX!"
    "You want to fight?"


    - Will fight anyone at almost any time
    - Has been known to fair fight criminals out of stores
    - Will lead the East Side of the NASD through thick and thin until the day he dies
    - Has hips that do NOT lie

    Antonio Delgato









    Above Average


    It's Muscle, not Fat


    October 16th, 1873


    Somewhere in Canadian Forests


    Canadian / Italian / French

    Marital Status:

    Courting Coraline Burton


    Piper Delgato (Sister, Alive)
    Soleil Delgato (Brother, Alive)
    Guiliano Delgato (Brother, Alive)
    Alexander 'Finch' Delgato (Father, Alive)
    Angelique Delgato (Mother, Alive)


    Undersheriff of the NASD


    "Delgato" / "Delquacko" / "Crab Pockets"

    Faction Affiliations: