Bethany Brown

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    Bethany Brown is easily triggered, even by the smallest inconvenience. She comes from the United Kingdom, born and raised in Cornwall. She has jet black hair and has a nasty obvious scar across her lips, she has had this seen a teenager. If you find her she is most likely with Ace McFarlane. She sticks to his side no matter what, helping him catch bad guys.

    Early Life 

    She comes from a pretty harsh background for the most part. She does not know who her father is, he divorced her mother a few months after she was born. Her mother meets a new man and makes an ultimatum between Bethany and her new lover. Her mother picks him over her. And he eventually ran her out of the home, Bethany was fed up and ended up being forced to leave and live on the dirty streets of Cornwall. She had to learn how to survive on her own. Bethany managed to do all this up until she met a rich man and had a strong relationship with him, but she ended up stealing all his riches and escaped to the United States of America. She managed to get away as far as she's concern however there's rumors she has a warrant out for her arrest in the United Kingdom for the robbery.

    In the States, she set herself a goal, to start afresh and a new life. Bethany bumped into Ace McFarlane at some point in her new journey, she had a distate for him at first for the longest time, but she needed someone and he helped her out a lot. The bother of them started to adore each other and have never kept a part since. To this day they are still together catching bad guys for a living.

    She has had a lot of jobs that involve dealing with nasty assholes because she can relate to them, she can have relatable conversations with them. The most interesting hunt she's ever had was hunting Rat Face and his silly gang. They were heavily wanted and caused trouble every day, every night, every minute of the day. The Grey Riders gathered and tracked them down to the middle of Heartlands near a moonshine shack. We had a long conversation with them, we tried so hard to get them to come out peacefully but that never happened, but unlucky for Rat Face and his gang they all got shot down and taken to the Sheriff's Office.

    Present Life 

    Bethany, Ace and the Grey Riders are currently taking extended contracts abroad and are constantly on the move. However they always come to visit New Alexandria. They always have unfinished business in New Alexandria, crooks to catch and all. Her whole life now is about tracking, gathering information and observing quietly. She does enjoy slinking around unnoticed.


    • Grey Riders


    Catch the bastard before he gets away!
    Shh.. I'm trying to listen.


    • Lover of snakes; all of em!
    • Favourite colour is purple and black
    • Turkoman is her go to; always recommends them to folk
    • Die hard Grey Rider


    Bethany Brown











    12 stone




    UK, Cornwall



    Marital Status:

    Taken by Ace McFarlane




    Bounty Hunter



    Faction Affiliations: