Blaine Wright

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  • Blaine Wright


    Early Life 

    Blaine was born in Washington State to Matthew and Hazel Wright. Blaine is the oldest child with two younger siblings Bailey and Harper. Born on 18th day of September 1872.

    Blaine was always different from the other females in her family and friendship group, she always wanted to do what the men were doing. Watching them and one day asking to join in and finally being accepted until her mother pulled her away. Blaine was always closer to her father, who was missing his left leg after serving in the American Civil War. Blaine wanted to be like her father, do something which is bigger than her.

    At eighteen (18) Blaine decided to continue on her father’s legacy after all she was meant to be born a man. She joined the United States Army under false pretense that she was a male. She was recruited into the 6th Cavalry Regiment in the year 1889. Upon joining she was sent off to fight into the Ghost Dance War in South Dakota landing in Rapid City. Under the Command of Captain Kerr they were transporting a wagon train through the White River when they came under fire from Sioux warriors. Blaine continued to defend her troop watching as her close friends got shot down. Blaine heard the horse beat on top of the buff seeing the other Troops under Major Tupper coming to save their asses. Blaine was shaking greatly, waiting to die until the advancement of horses coming down taking out several (9) Sioux warriors. Blaine’s troop continued to the Northern Great Plains and secured that area until the end of the war.

    When settled in between wars 1890, Blaine met Rebecca Robinson who was in the medical corps. While Blaine was meeting with friends and getting checked up on her physical shape, she and Rebecca started to get closer, to where they started to date. Fourteen (14) months into their relationship Blaine asked Rebecca to marry her to which she said yes. Blaine and Rebecca kept their relationship secret to the majority of the world bar a few close friends who were extremely supportive. On the date of their wedding November 2nd, 1892, they both tied the knot. They both agreed to keep their own last names to keep up appearances however wore each other’s rings with pride. In June of 1898, Rebecca was moved into the Eighth Army Corps to go and fight in the Spanish-American War. On the 14th of August 1898 at the Battle of Manila Rebecca was pronounced dead after sustaining multiple gunshots wounds, Blaine was not informed of the death of Rebecca until 25th November 1898.

    The next engagement Blaine was a part of was the Spanish-American War of 1898 did some training at Chickamauga Park. Blaine was sent down to Florida with the Rough Riders awaiting transportation to Cuba. Blaine’s Troop was involved in the Battle of San Juan Hill, where they took heavy fire from the Spanish. Blaine, laying in the thicket of vines and bushes along with the rest of her Troop, became petrified when the fire kept going over them. Heading up to the top of the hill to draw fire from their counterparts. The Spanish kept shooting toward the line, firing Grapeshot to maximize casualties. Gatling Guns covered Blaine and her Troop while they managed to take the heights, holding it until the 4th of July when the Spanish and America initiated a truce for the exchange of prisoners.

    Blaine and her Troop continued to fight smaller battles across Cuba against the Spanish however near the end her Troop was in charge of guarding Spanish prisoners.

    Present Life 

    On March 4th, 1900 Blaine left the United States Army and moved back to Washington State however learned that her family had moved on. Blaine wanted to try a fresh start and moved to New Alexandria and applied to the New Alexandria Sheriff Department. She went through her entire recruit phase and on 3rd August 1900 she was promoted to a full Deputy.


    New Alexandria Sheriff Department
    United States Army - 6th Cavalry Regiment



    Her horse is called "Merritt" named after Wesley Merritt who was a Major General within the Calvary Unit for the United States Army. He was also the first American Military Governor of the Philippines.

    Blaine Arden Wright













    September 18th, 1872


    Washington State


    American English

    Marital Status:



    Matthew Wright (Father) (Deceased)
    Hazel Wright (Mother) (Deceased)
    Bailey Wright (Sister) (Alive)
    Harper Brown (Sister) (Alive)
    Alfie Brown (Brother-in-Law) (Alive)
    Rebecca Robinson (Wife) (Deceased)





    Faction Affiliations:

    New Alexandria Sheriff Department
    United States Army - 6th Cavalry Regiment