Elisabet Corvus

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    Elisabet Corvus isn't your typical "lady-like" figure but is a fierce woman who pushes through anything that gets in her way. She's very quiet but can be loud when needed. She towers over most with her Nordic-like stature but doesn't use it to inflict fear or any sort of intimidation. Deep down, Corvus is a loving and caring person who just had a very tough childhood. Elisabet loves her three adopted daughters Gracie Medlin, Saskia, and Julie Price aka "Kitty".

    Early Life 

    [1855 ~ 1861] Birth - Elisabet Corvus was born to Otel and Mariana Corvus in a small village just off the coast of Sweden overlooking Finland. She spent her early childhood days with her Grandmother Tyra, who taught her Norse Mythology and how to cook. Her mother Mariana, showed little Elisabet how to use a hatchet to chop small wood logs. Otel, her father, did his best to teach Elisabet how to hunt and gather but this wasn't Elisabet's strong point. Elisabet had an older brother named Mekel who left the family a year after Elisabet was born. She never had the chance to meet her older brother and rumors has it that he was involved with illegal trades between Sweden and Finland.

    [1862 ~ 1872] Leaving Home - The Fourth Awakening, has been spreading throughout the country driving out small villages. Though a peaceful group, the natives of Sweden were not taking kindly to these new religious beliefs being forced upon them. The Corvus family had to flee from their village onto a transport ship which headed west. During the trip, Otel and Mariana caught an unknown illness which later lead to their deaths once they arrived in St. Denis. Elisabet become an orphaned child for a few years trying to survive off what she could find. At the time, St. Denis was still in development and was still populated with many farms. In 1868, Corvus was adopted by a family who just settled in called The Shrutes. For the first time, Corvus felt she was finally home again. Shortly after, The Shrutes had their first child which drew their attention away from little Corvus. The next coming years, The Shrutes bore two more boys and Corvus was forced to live in the backyard shed. At this moment, Corvus felt that abandonment again and began devising plans of how to get back at her foster parents. Little did Corvus know, this family had more history than she expected.

    [1874 - 1880] A Plan to Kill - Over the next few years, Corvus was determined to get back at her foster family for what they did to her. She eventually ran away from home and lived with the alley kids for a few years. She became one of the wildest street kids St. Denis has ever seen. She led small posse's who would go around pick-pocketing the rich during city events, rob market places, and even stole books from the library. When Corvus turned twenty-one, she ran into a child who she witnessed running from her old home. After a little investigating, she found herself in the basement of The Shrute's family home. There, she witnessed the most horrific series of events that no one should ever see. It was at that moment, she knew exactly what to do and her original plans have ceased to exist.

    In the beginning of the new decade, 1880, Corvus had studied and observed The Shrute Family routine. She knew where they hid out, where they operated, where they traded, and where they even ate. Her plan was simple, interfere with their daily routine. At the night of their raid against a small orphanage in St. Denis, Corvus set herself up to intervene with the heist. Once the gang pushed their way through the orphanage, Corvus took the opportunity to take down as many members as she could with a crude little knife. While she was interfering with the Shrute's, she managed to stumble across four young girls hiding behind a small shed. There, she also met the young Herschel Arthroat who was protecting the girls. Corvus, the four girls, and Herschel all fled the bloody orphanage and hid in the swamps. Corvus has had enough of her foster families corrupt lifestyle and wanted to put an end to it all.

    When the girls were settled into Corvus' hideout near Rhodes, the girls all decided to make a pact. Margaret Bovi, Hariot Stanely, Jung-hwa Park, and Lauren Kiff have all agreed to remove their tongues in order to seal the pacts orders. Elisabet on the other hand, did not remove her own tongue as she was the one to lead the sisters. On June 17th, 1880, The Saint Denis Sisterhood was formed.

    "We cut our tongues to wear our ties. To remove ourselves from all the lies."

    - The Stowaways

    [1881] The Shrute Family Massacre - After almost a year of terrorizing the streets of St. Denis, The Stowaways have killed many of the Shrute Family Gang, including their families. Elisabet Corvus was getting impatient and wanted to strike the one man she wanted dead, William J. Shrute. She asked a favor from Jung-hwa Park to complete the task for her. Corvus told Jung-hwa the story of her childhood which inspired for this massacre.

    On August 13th 1881, Jung-hwa was assigned to infiltrate a party that the Shrute Family was throwing. She killed and murdered multiple family members including their children. During her last sweep through the mansion, she came across a room which hid a little girl, about four or five but did not harm her. Instead she left the girl to witness such a horrific scene for a young girl. Later that night, the sisterhood parted ways which their whereabouts are unknown.

    [1882 - 1884] The Birth and Death of Irene Corvus - A year has passed since the parting of the sisterhood. Elisabet married a man by the name of Matthias Shmidt, a gunsmith from Rhodes. Elisabet gave birth to a beautiful girl which she named Irene Grace. Corvus, for the firs time, felt at peace with her new life and dedicated her life to becoming a mother. Throughout Irene's first year, Corvus worked with Frank Cochrane (Charlie Cochrane's father) at the Rhodes General Store. At the time, Rhodes was just a dusty little town which did not have a bank or sheriffs office. One night, as Corvus was closing up shop, Matthias was heading over to the general store when a crazed townsfolk began shooting. Matthias ran towards the general store with his pistol out and as he ran into the general store the crazed townfolk shot through the window hitting Matthias in the chest. Corvus watched as her husband bled to death as the rest of the town ignored the two. Frank was the only one who did his best to help the couple.

    In 1883, Corvus and her best friend Allison James moved into a small camp just north of Rhodes. The two started a new life with their daughters and opened up a small trading post. While Corvus was still working with Frank, Allison ran the trading post while taking care of both Irene and her own daughter, Stacey. One unfortunate night while Corvus was working in Rhodes, a group of men who were stragglers from the Shrute Family came to pillage the town. Word had gotten out of Corvus' location and the Shrute Family was still on the hunt to take down the Sisterhood. Allison was able to grab Irene from their tent and hid her in a bush near the railroad tracks. As Allison ran back to the camp, she noticed that Corvus was carrying a child as well. Without causing any further trouble, Allison let Corvus run off with her daughter Stacey in hopes that they would both get away safely. Sadly, Corvus was shot three times in the back which Allison presumed was the death for both Corvus and her daughter Stacey. Allison fled with Irene to St. Denis and was not heard of since.

    Elisabet Corvus, even though shot three times in the back, was able to escape from the camp whilst holding a child who she thought was Irene. As she got to the big red barn outside of Rhodes, she placed the child onto a haybale and noticed that the child was not making any noise. After examining herself, she realized that the bullets went clean through. The child absorbed all three bullet wounds which killed the child instantly during her escape. As Corvus was overhelmed with the situation she could not identify the child due to her delusional state. Stacey Allison James, was murdered on February 2nd, 1883. She was buried near Sacrifice Rock under a small tree. Since this day, Corvus has been in hiding and has not been seen anywhere. Until this day, Corvus still believes that the child she held in her arms was her daughter Irene Grace Corvus.

    Present Life 


    Former Leader of The Saint Denis Sisterhood aka The Stowaways

    Current Leader of The Hagen Crew


    "We cut our tongues to wear our ties. To remove ourselves from all the lies."

    ~ Pact created for the Sisterhood where one cuts their tongue to pledge their loyalty to Corvus' rampant intentions

    "It aint the voices that scare me... It's the silence."

    ~ A story about the mysterious death of her daughter Irene which she told Gracie, Saskia, Kitty, and Theodore one night in Tumbleweed.


    Elisabet Nåde Corvus













    September 15, 1855


    Skelleftea, Sweden



    Marital Status:



    Otel Corvus (Father/Deceased)

    Mariana Lori Corvus (Mother/Deceased)

    Grandma Tyra (Grandmother/Deceased)

    Mekel Corvus (Brother/Deceased)




    White Raven

    Faction Affiliations:

    Leader of The Hagen Crew