Elizabeth Weber

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  • Elizabeth Weber


    Early Life 

    Born 10th May 1876, in South-Western part of Germany, in a town located close to Frankfurt am Main. Elizabeth grew up in a Catholic family, as the fourth child of Heinrich Weber and Frieda Weber (Née Becker). Her father’s side of family have had been farming the same plot of land for the past generations, whilst her mother’s side of the family originates from a city located in Haut-Rhin of the Alsace-Lorraine region, where they were primarily either traders or shepherds.

    As a child, Elizabeth was taught to read and write by the local Catholic priest Gottfried Albrecht in the nearby Volkschule. Father Albrecht opened her eyes for the wonders of the world, and with her inquisitive side, Elizabeth began to explore the outskirts of her family’s farm. Surrounded by forests, the farm was hidden away and gave away plenty of opportunities for young Elizabeth to seek refugee when she had bad days or for those days, she followed along with her brothers’ hunting and fishing trips.

    During her early teens, her brother Johann had come down with a cold due to his frail health. She spent most of her time tending her brother and kept him company when he no longer could leave his bed. However, following a long period of ill health, Johann had died unexpectedly – the day prior, the family had hoped for recovery, as he had seemed to appear healthier.

    Having spent money on several doctors and medical experts, Heinrich Weber was beginning to spiral into melancholy, as the death of Johann was followed soon after by a period of draught and economic hardship for the family. The events led to the family’s migration to the United States, though the move was largely motivated by her father obtaining a labour contract from a man in Frankfurt. The family farm was then sold to Elizabeth’s uncle, Reinhold Weber, in order to pay for their tickets across the Atlantic.

    On the ferry bound for New York City, Elizabeth became acquaintances with another German family, whom she helped babysitting whilst taking care of her little sister Karoline. One of the sons from the other family, agreed in return to assist her in learning English, although limited to basic sentences.

    Present Life 

    Once she arrived in New Alexandria, she became a tobacco farmer and then later a photographer.



    "I'm just a farmer - but I worked in a textile factory in New York City."


    Having survived an unknown attack on a train trip, Elizabeth still has the scar of a bite on her left arm.

    During a hostage situation in St. Denis, she was badly wounded by blunt force and received a head-injury, which needed to be stitched.

    As she used to visit her uncles and aunts in the Alsace-Lorraine region, she picked up a few French phrases, though never uses them.

    Growing up, she learnt to say thank you, girl (or boy) from an Italian tailor in the neighbouring town.

    She is a member of the Catholic church in St. Denis, New Alexandria. Previously member of the Catholic community in Little Germany, Manhattan, NYC.

    Elizabeth Weber









    167 ~ cm (5'5~)


    54 kg (119 lbs)


    10th May 1876


    Near Frankfurt am Main, Hessen, Germany



    Marital Status:



    Parents: Heinrich Weber and Frieda Weber (née Becker)
    Karl Weber (1870)
    Johann Weber ✝ (1871 - 1889)
    Bernhard Weber (1873)
    Karoline Weber (1881)
    Reinhard Weber




    Ms. Weaver (Anglicised version of her surname)

    Faction Affiliations: