Ellen Chase

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  • Ellen Hope Dossett-Cooper


    Ellen is living proof that you can take the child out of the Valentine mud, but you can't take the Valentine mud out of the child. Currently, Dr. Chase is the owner of Chase Medical Practice. She has gone through a lot to get where she is - and she is still moving forward to find the best future she can.

    Early Life 

    Ellen was born in the spring of 1883 to Hope and Roy Chase. The family was poor and Mr. Chase was not ready to support a child. Ellen's childhood was troubled from the start. Roy liked to drink and caused some significant harm to both his wife and daughter from the day she was born. On Ellen's 6th birthday when Roy put a scar that Ellen would carry for the rest of her life on her face - Roy Chase left without a word. The repeated trauma left Ellen with absolutely no memories before her 8th birthday and permanent memory issues for the rest of her life. Although things seemed to be getting better after Roy's departure- it didn't stay that way for long. Around the time Ellen turned 10- her mother came down with a slow wasting sickness that meant Ellen had to learn to care for a terminally ill woman at a young age. She spent the next 6 years caring for her mother and finding odd ways to continue putting food on the table. This life was hard. She was forced to grow up quickly- becoming the support for her mother who slowly deteriorated. She would sell the things around the house until they lived with the bare minimum in the already small one-room house. Her only respite was getting to know the Ex-Pinkerton Griffin Flaherty who lived on a farm a few miles away. While neighbors told her that he was recovering from a bad illness himself - he was always kind to Ellen. Making sure she had enough to eat and giving her books he found so she could become educated and learn to read. Eventually, he moved on though and Ellen was alone to take care of her mother again. In the summer of 1899, Hope Chase finally passed away after 6 long years of illness. Ellen had nothing left except the name of her father - not even memories to warn her from her mission - set off to his last guessed location - New Alexandria. She sold the home and all the remaining items left in it so she could bury her mother - and set off walking west. After a long and arduous journey, she arrived in Valentine, New Hanover. Unsure of what might come next, overcome by a mixture of grief, guilt, and relief at her previous burdens - Ellen started her new life.

    Present Life 

    (Under Construction)

    After arriving in New Alexandria, Ellen found herself swept up by many helpful inviduals, who looked after her and showed her the ropes of hunting, working, and defending herself. Notably among these are Jamison Carter, Iris Ellwood, Al Winchester, and The Molotovs. For a time Ellen considered herself part of the Molotov family, even being adopted by Kojak and Lana. However, after differences proved to be too great - Ellen sought emancipation from Kojak and Lana.

    Shortly before the hurricane that struck New Alexandria - Ellen found out a surprising piece of information from her father. Somewhere along the way, she lost the date of her birth, and she found that was was actually born in 1892.


    Mountain Medical Manager


    "Ellen, what are you doing?" Ellen: "My Best."
    "It's fine, don't worry about it."


    -Ellen keeps a journal of her life and experiences - it can be found here.

    -Ellen's Favorite color is Pink - she very rarely is seen without some form of pink clothing on.

    -She commonly wears a grey plaid hat that she has taken from Sylvester's wardrobe. She becomes very urgently upset if someone takes it from her or if she were to lose it.

    -Ellen's Perlino Andalusian is named Griffin Flaherty - this is a reference to the character from the Jordan L. Hawk series "Whyborne and Griffin"

    -Ellen's Strawberry Roan Ardenne is named Talliefer, her Rose Grey Arabian is named Clem - this is a reference to the KJ Charles series "Sins of the Cities"

    -Ellen's Silver Turkoman is named Darcy - this is a reference to the Jane Austin novel "Pride and Prejudice"

    -Her birth name- Ellen Hope Chase is a play on the phrase "Chasing Hope".

    -She is definitely, totally, not as a joke at all married to Rose Miller - her favorite wife.

    Ellen Hope Dossett-Cooper













    April 8, 1882


    Lawerence, Kansas



    Marital Status:

    Married to Sylvester Cooper


    Hope Chase (Birth Mother. Deceased)
    Roy Chase (Birth-Father, Alive)
    Zedekiah Dossett (Found Family - Father)
    Brandy Dossett (Found Family - Mother)
    Callum Conroy (Found Family - Brother)


    Manager & Medical Doctor with Mountain Medical


    El, Sprout

    Faction Affiliations: