Embla Shaw

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    Embla Shaw's natural hair color is red, however she uses different clothes, hairstyles and haircolors to disguise herself to hunt people. She often uses clothes that are practical and easily blends into the enviormnet. No matter how different her clothes or hair may be she cannot - and will not - hide the visible burn scars she got on her upper body.

    She also have trouble refraining from using snake prints or anything related to snakes. Especially when it comes to hats

    Early Life 

    Embla does not remember her childhood at all. The only thing she remember is the emptyness she felt and how she never found anything that sparked joy. Things did however change when she and her parents were in a fire that cost them their life and Embla ended up with damaged nerves, several skin graft surgeries and her scars. By all means she should not have survived that fire - but she did and it sparked something inside her. The pain she suffered made her feel as if she was reborn; she finally felt alive. Her damaged nerves however made it hard for her to feel any touch and the pain was just a memory.

    In an attempt to find that spark again she started to inflict pain onto others. It gave her a purpose in life and she once again felt that spark, as if she was sent from the mighty Gods to remind the people of their own mortality.

    Embla have been incarcerated a few times because of her newfound purpose, which is something she hates with her whole being and want to avoid at every cost. Even if she hates it, she does accept the consequences of her actions and she would never deny the gift she consider she gave her victims by putting them through that type of pain.

    Present Life 

    Embla escaped to New Alexandria from Mexico because of a warrant and Bounty Hunters closing in on her. She arrived in Tumbleweed and stayed there for some time, laying low and mining away and trying to figure out what she was to do next. After some time she started to explore outside of New Austen and started looking for work to do in the telegrams. She found a telegram where someone needed help finding a person and bringing them to a secluded place. Embla accepted the job but never got to finish it.

    Instead she started a business of selling minerals and ores. Every day she travels to Riggs Station to advertise her business and tries to find a steady income. However, that first job sparked her love for hunting people and she's constantly looking and stalking people who might need a reminder of what it feels to be alive.




    • Embla have a weird fascination with snakes and fire. Whenever she kills a snake she milks the venom from it and keep the venom in a vial to use on victims. Since she never wants the people she torture to end up dying, she also carries antivenoms with her that she steals from the medical office in St. Denis. She also tends to steal syringes from there.
    • Embla have certain rules as to who she might go after, however if someone were to hire her to hunt someone down she wouldn't mind ignoring those rules for the right price.
    • The people that she inflict pain upon is not random, she chooses her victims very carefully as her process of torturing is rather holy to her. She chooses her victims based on whether she thinks they need to be reminded of their own mortality, or of the beauty pain and suffering gives. However she justifies it though, what she really want is to see that spark in their eyes that is fighting to stay alive. She also brands her victims with a branding iron in the form of a snake. The branding is for her victims to always have something that reminds them of the gift Embla gave them.

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