Enola Rain

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  • Maruisa (Formerly Enola Rain)


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    Early Life 

    Enola was born somewhere in New Alexandria within a native tribe of the Comanche, but was taken away from her family before she could really understand, what was going on. Too young to really do anything, she was taken on a boat to far away England, where she lived almost her entire life as some sort of pet to a rich and well known household. Since slavery was frowned upon and actually forbidden, they claimed Enola and dozens of other children as their adopted children from oversea, although everyone knew that wasn't really the case. Authorities though were not doing much, since the Crawford family had quite a name and status among the people. No one dared to mess with them, not even the law, if not absolutely necessary.

    The life there was everything else than pleasant. There wasn't really much of a childhood to experience, just a lot of work and part taking in some of Mrs. Crawford's crazy experiments. Not just a few of her experiments were highly lethal or very painful, to which Enola herself also was a victim of. Several marks of these experiments can still be found on her body and of course also in her soul.

    The day she managed to escape, was actually not that long ago. Being dragged along on another trip to New Alexandria, Enola managed to escape from the boat in the harbour of Saint Denis. She doesn't speak about how she managed to get away or much in general when it comes to her past life.

    Present Life 

    The moment Enola started her new life was the moment she escaped the boat in Saint Denis and managed to stay hidden till it left the harbour again. After that, she mostly roamed around, trying to learn and understand how the life in freedom actually worked. It took her quite some time to adjust to the new situation and dare to speak to people instead of hiding and watching them from afar. At the beginning, she was very timid and shy and often scared that she could do something wrong.

    Over time though, she started to find some people who meant no harm to her and actually were interested in helping her to find a place in this world.

    To be continued...


    Enola was a follower of a Comanche tribe "War Horse People", but left due to several disagreements with where the tribe was heading. Now she's considered to be tribeless, yet still a Comanche woman.


    Under construction...


    • The original colour of her eyes was brown. Several "treatments" changed their colour to green over time
    • She has two longer scars on her back, which look like she once had wings
    • Her voice is hoarse all the time, cause her vocal cords got damaged a long time ago. Because of this, she also can't really scream or talk too loudly
    • The scar across her face was caused when she was still a child. She wears it with pride

    Maruisa (Rain Wolf)







    Around 25 years


    5 ft 0.24 in


    105 lbs




    Somewhere in New Alexandria


    Native American

    Marital Status:

    Married to Blood Wolf







    Faction Affiliations: