Evalisse Jamison

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    Early Life 

    Evalisse was born to Daniella Jamison and Carl Patterson somewhere outside of Blackwater (though Evie and her mother have connections to Tennessee, New Hampshire and Ohio). Her parents had a strained relationship and never married, and her father have various affairs with other women. In the meantime, as a former school teacher, Daniella or Dani for short, did her best to raise and teach her daughter. Evie was taught how to read, write, housework, and how to care for horses. Her father didn't spend much time with her and often degraded the women but Dani often threatened to leave Carl which would tame him for periods at a time. As she got older, her mother developed an interest in medicine and Evie started learning along with her. As a man who thought women were only good for certain things, Carl threatened the women if they didn't quit. Being the strong minded woman, Dani chose not to listen and threatened to leave him with her money. He quieted down for the moment.

    He was not happy by the situation until he got an offer on his teenage daughter in which he accepted. While Evie's mother was out, he returned home and told his daughter she was to be married. She expressed fear and unhappiness only to be told that women shouldn't have a say in anything. When she threatened to tell her mother, her father forced her out of the house and locked her in the barn. When asked where she was by her mother, her father said she had gone to the store and coaxed Dani out of the house only to bring Evie's arranged fiancé to the barn. When she tried to turn him down, he smacked her around and forced her in a situation she didn't want to be in and once he was done, she remained in the hay crying only to be found by her mother who heard her crying. She explained everything to her mother, which enraged her mother, but before anything was done, Dani took her daughter to get treated before taking her home and sending her to her room.

    That night, Dani argued with Carl about the ordeal and when he struck her and it be came a fight, she pulled out his revolver and shot him in the head. Evie rushed from the bedroom but only made it to the hall and was told by her mother to return to her room and no matter what anyone says, her father 'shot himself' but Evie knew the truth. Deputies did come and because Dani had wore gloves and put the gun in Carl's hand, it was filed as a suicide. Shortly after, Dani moved out of that house and took her daughter with her. She traveled often as a traveling nurse and teacher and took Evie with her on these trips.

    Evie spent many months refusing to exit her house (or carriage/hotel when they were traveling) or meet strangers but slowly she came out more and started socializing a little more with her mother's help and lived a relatively normal life traveling around. She finally settled in Blackwater with her mother once Dani showed signed of heart problems and once her mother died, she returned to New Alexandria.

    Present Life 

    Since arriving to New Alexandria, Evie has done small time store robberies that involved holding up the clerks but she often leaves apology letters and ends up getting forgiven by these clerks even if they don't know who she actually is, as she covers her face sometimes. She does not believe in robbing civilians or stealing from others and has never taking anything from anyone else unless it was given to her as a gift.

    While holding up one store clerk, Jesse Booth walked in and at gun point, she questioned him before finally lowering her gun and befriending him. He taught her about better ways of making money with farming and moonshining. He also taught her how to properly use a lasso, more about hunting, and he taught her hand to hand combat.

    She has basic medical and hunting knowledge. She is attempting to learn law in but in in forms of LEO but rather lawyering.

    After Jesse Booth was banned from the state and their relationship ended because of it, Evalisse disappeared and hasn't been seen. His current whereabouts are unknown although she leaves signs she is still alive.


    • Jesse Booth
    • Mark Allen
    • Finley McCoy
    • TBA



    • Evie's favorite color is navy blue
    • She knows basic medicine and stitching
    • She used to have a fear of socializing because of her past but overcame it for the most part

    Evalisse Jamison









    65 inches (5'5 approx)


    110lb approx


    January 15th, 1878


    New Alexandria, outside of Blackwater (but lived in multiple places)



    Marital Status:



    Daniella Jamison (mother) (deceased)




    Evie, Eve

    Faction Affiliations: