Fletcher Beckett

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  • Fletcher Thomas Beckett


    The Blackwater Tailor, Fletcher, is a tall blonde man with boyish looks. Not the most masculine of men, Fletcher is reminiscent of a flamboyant Romanticist of a previous age. As per his middle-class upbringing, he ensures he dresses well and is presentable at all times, which has transitioned into anxiety surrounding his appearance and reception by people. As a result, he constantly seeks validation surrounding his appearance, which only exacerbates the problem. He is resolute on being shaven, as he views facial hair as a symbol of a lack of personal hygiene and a genuine failure to uphold a reputable appearance. Life within the Royal Navy has calloused his hands, which he covers with leather gloves. Fletcher is classically educated and is proficient in history, geography and literature. He will inevitably comment on your attire and offer his assistance in looking one's best. His social anxiety surrounding his appearance is exacerbated by the dread of someone finding out his true nature of being a deserter.

    Early Life 

    Born into a wealthy family of moderate sociopolitical status throughout the British Empire, Fletcher Thomas Beckett was born on 2 November 1879 aboard the HMS Resilience somewhere in the South Seas. His mother, a middle-class estate owner, died during his and his twin sister Olive’s birth. His father, Captain David Beckett, was an esteemed and well-regarded figurehead of the Royal Navy. David’s heartbreak at losing his wife to childbirth constantly plagued him. With his children being all that was left of his wife’s memory, David arranged for Fletcher to receive a classical education before inducting him under his command within the navy. His sister, however, was taken away from life at sea mere days after her birth and was adopted by their maternal grandparents in the Australian colonies. Resultingly, neither Fletcher nor Olive knew of the other's existence till 1900, with David wanting Fletcher to stay with him at sea and not desire a life beyond. Fletcher achieved moderate success within the navy, proving himself a competent midshipman. Rumours throughout the fleet spoke of his potential to mirror his father’s achievements. His fleet was dispatched to resupply and ‘covertly’ provide assistance to the US Navy at the Battle of Manila Bay in 1898. The bond between Fletcher and his fellow sailors grew stronger, though the same could not be said of the relationship with his father. As Fletcher grew older and served longer, his father grew increasingly distant. David was not allowed to show any form of favouritism from his position of authority and discipline, and Fletcher’s seemingly only family member transitioned into a stranger. The only communication he had with his father was in the form of lectures and his expectations for him. David wanted his son to achieve the objectives he set out and raise him to be the future strong patriarch of the Beckett family. However, under this endless pressure and with a lack of family bonds, Fletcher began to doubt both his purpose and future within the Royal Navy.

    In late 1899, the fleet was patrolling the Caribbean. Fletcher packed a small bag with clothes, money, and the only memory of his mother; a pink handkerchief. During a cold and extremely dark night, with most of the crew asleep, Fletcher deserted. A rash decision, or perhaps inevitable. Fletcher does not know exactly why he abandoned the life he only knew, his brothers-in-arms and his father, but he did. Cutting down a lifeboat into the choppy waters, he paddled and paddled until night turned into day. A passing merchant ship collected him, and its crew offered him food and water. Fletcher did not tell them of his true origins, shamed to confess his nature as a deserter. The vessel continued its sail for New Alexandria. Soon after landing at Saint Denis harbour, Fletcher shed his naval attire, shaved his beard and adorned himself with new clothes.

    Present Life 

    Fletcher found adjusting to civilian life in a strange land extremely difficult. For years, he had only known a disciplined life at sea, a life of routine and rules. He had only spent time on land at British colonies, ports, orchestras, and accompanying his father to mingle with the higher echelons of society. Not knowing what to do with himself, he stuck by his first true friend in Poppy and assisted her with both her illegalities and legalities. During this time, he and Poppy lived on ‘Fletcher Island’ off of Braithwaite Manor, where they were safe from those who wished Poppy ill will. Fletcher had accrued a reputation as an untrustworthy citizen and was regularly accused of being a horse thief due to his association with Poppy. Moreover, he and his close friends were caught enjoying the picturesque view from the Governor’s Mansion gazebo and were sentenced to 120 months in Sisika Penitentiary. He was ashamed of himself for accruing a criminal record as it went against his nature, his family's name and his morals. Resultingly, he endeavoured to earn himself a clean slate from which he could reclaim his reputable character and build upon his place as a respected citizen. He achieved clean slate status on 18 April 1900.


    For a time, he provided people with Spoopy Boat Tours of the Saint Denis swamps. Although this paid his way in the world, it did not satisfy his desire for a purpose. However, his friends who noticed he strived to dress well suggested he either took up modelling or tailoring. Fletcher was, at first, nervous about commencing down a path of tailoring. Nevertheless, he built up the confidence to do so and created his own clothing catalogue to work with. Although he prefers formalwear, his creativity means he can pull together outfits for all most social classes. He can now frequently be found at the Blackwater Tailors creating outfits or criticising people’s clothing.

    Fletcher has endeavoured to provide New Alexandria with a quality business via Fletcher’s Fashion Emporium. However, to have more of an impact on the provision of goods and services within the state, he applied for his BAR exam and became a Judicial Clerk. He was also accepted into the Committee of Business, where he proudly sat alongside friends and respected colleagues for a number of months before becoming frustrated with the minutiae of Government.

    After having his business consistently impacted by criminal gangs, Fletcher decided to train to become a deputy with the hope of protecting his hometown, family and friends from those that threaten them at the forefront of his ambitions. However, experiencing life as a lawman has impacted Fletcher. Fletcher was kidnapped by the Fish for 8 days and kept chained to a wall in a basement. He returned but was not the same. Because he was not willing to actively patrol much anymore, he was made a Detective in mid-1901 and Assistant Attorney General shortly after. In late September 1901, Fletcher retired from the Sheriff's Office and was hired as a Deputy State Marshal.


    Royal Navy
    New Alexandria Sheriff's Office
    Attorney General's Office


    "What on earth are you wearing?"


    • His first horse, Mark Dennis, was originally named Dark Menace, as it would frequently try to get Fletcher killed. Fortunately, Carolina King's unorthodox practice successfully exorcised the equine of his demons.

    • Fletcher challenged a dishonourable and unruly man to a gentlemanly duel and won.

    • To protect himself and his sister, Fletcher shot Snakeface before his gang threatened to burn down the tailors with them inside.

    • Despite being a thin man, Fletcher is quite an apt boxer, thanks to his days of scrapping and sparring in the Navy. He won the Halloween Masquerade Brawl of 1900.

    • Poppy took Fletcher's surname as a symbol of their sibling-like bond.

    "The Prince of Blackwater"



    Pondering his future






    6' / 183cm


    68kg / 150lbs


    2 November 1879


    Aboard the HMS Resilience, South Pacific Ocean


    British subject

    Marital Status:



    Poppy Beckett (sister), David Beckett (father), Catherine Beckett (mother)


    Tailor & Deputy State Marshal


    "The Prince of Blackwater."
    "Fancy Boy Fletcher"
    "Standing Sun"
    "Golden Boy"

    Faction Affiliations:

    New Alexandria's Marshal Office