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  • Mary-Grace "Goosie" Taylor


    Goosie is a short and scrawny underweight young lady with dark black eyebrows and no hair on her head. Her face is gaunt and covered in faded scars, including her lips. The most distinct one she has is a deep scar going from cheek to jaw. She has blue/green eyes, however there's a healing hole in the corner of her eye from her lobotomy. Her wrists and neck are covered in deep scars from attempting to escape her straitjacket. She has a childlike personality and mentality due to her electric shock therapy. She's also extremely curious and has been known to ask deputies and doctors bizarre questions.

    Early Life 

    Mary-Grace Taylor, born in the 1880s to Joseph and Martha Taylor. She had three siblings, all of which were older than her, but she loved them dearly nonetheless. Growing up she enjoyed playing the piano, climbing and generally playing rough with her brothers instead of helping her mother clean up after dinner with her sisters. Her mother found it shameful that such a beautiful young girl like her would rather climb trees and wrestle in the mud than act like a proper young lady, and her father himself was very disproving of her boyish behaviour and would go out of his way to let her know it. Although Mary-Grace desperately sought her parents approval and wanted to feel loved by them in all aspects, she refused to change that about herself. She loved feeling free, and running around outside, climbing and roughousing with her brothers, it made her feel that freedom. It wasn't like Mary-Grace was a badly behaved kid - she was polite, kind and well behaved. She did her chores, she did her homework and turned it in on time, she played nice with the others. It was merely something her parents didn't approve of, and that At the age of 11, Mary-Grace's good behaviour took a sharp turn. She began acting out in school, starting fights and generally misbehaving. These issues eventually started happening at home, so she was taken to the doctors. They kept saying there was nothing wrong - it was just puberty. During one particular outburst, Mary-Grace attacked her mother, pushing her down the stairs. That was enough of a sign to her father that Mary-Grace needed to go.

    They institutionalised her, and as a result she received countless amounts of shock therapy - enough for her to have her hair fall out and not return. The shock therapy also resulted in stress induced amnesia and the inability to speak properly. During this time, Mary-Grace was called Goose by a nurse - a common pet name in the UK. Mary-Grace assumed this was her name, and from then on she went by Goose, which soon turned into Goosie.

    At the age of 13, she was released. Confused and not knowing anything other than the institution, she was homeless. The older homeless people took her in, making sure she was safe. During that time, illness was rife in the underground community, as was the lack of food. Conditions got so severe, over time the dying would give their permission for their body to be consumed so the others could survive. Mary-Grace, now going by Goosie, took up stealing so she could find an alternative source of food, but she soon discovered that there really wasn't enough food for everyone. She alternated between human meat and the occasional burnt bread that was tossed out, but often she wasn't fast enough to catch it and it'd be stolen by another unfortunate soul.

    One fateful day whilst exploring, Goosie saw a merchants ship in the harbour. Seeing that as a great chance to find some goods she could sell for money, she snuck onto the ship. However, by the time she left the underbelly, she realised something awful. The dock was nowhere in site.

    Without realising it, the ship had taken off and was now deep into sea, the land too far out for her to reach it. With no other choice, Goosie went back into her hiding spot and waited it out. She assumed they wouldn't be going too far, but unfortunately she was wrong. She survived the trip on scraps and whatever liquids she could find until the ship eventually reached New Alexandria's Blackwater.

    She jumped off the ship as fast as she could and ran until she no longer saw water. She wasn't sure if she had been caught, but she didn't want to stop and check.

    Unfortunately, she was later caught and locked up in Sisika for theft after stealing from a bakery when she thought no one was watching. During that time, she met a lovely lady named Sissy, who took good care of her.

    When their time was up, which conveniently ended on the same day, the two of them walked aimlessly for several days, before eventually arriving in Valentine. They found an empty abandoned burnt down cabin with its basement intact. It was there that they decided to call home.

    Over the serval months of living there, Goosie had a less than pleasant experience. Her naive and trusting nature had resulted in her getting assaulted and taken advantage of. With Sissy's help, they began to fight back against the men. Sissy took control most of the time, killing those who would be rude or hurt them. She would then store them in the basement and cook them so they could have food. This worked great until one day Goosie woke up and Sissy was gone. She could also vaguely remember her past.

    Present Life 

    Goosie's tried to continue the way of life Sissy wanted, waiting for her return. During this period she's also taught herself how to read and write, as well as inadvertently giving herself extensive speech therapy. Luckily, it wasn't all bad. Also, with guidance of others she had taken up hunting animals instead, which she found rather upsetting.

    Over the next few years of being in New Alexandria, she continued to have bad experiences. She spent a lot of time in Sisika for her cannibalism and murder basement, as well as some time awaiting the trial for the murder of her bully and the unborn child, but she was acquitted.

    This resulted in her getting a successful lobotomy, but that wasn't enough for the people of N.A.

    The most recent event was her getting kidnapped and tortured for her past cannibalism, despite her explaining it was for survival. She was electrocuted on her head, had her nails and teeth removed, her wig burnt from her head. She was left for dead outside of Valentine's post office with a note beside her saying 'You're welcome.'.

    This lead to Goosie leaving the state and going to visit her friend in Canada, giving her some time to recover. She's since returned, but she's keeping herself away from society, fearing for her life and safety.




    Sissy doesn't exist. She's a hallucination.
    The lobotomy was most likely not succesful as he didn't actually remove anything.

    Mary-Grace "Goosie" Taylor







    Unknown (17-18)




    84 lbs


    Unknown (1880s)


    Ipswich, England



    Marital Status:



    William Oakwood (Father Figure)
    Joseph Taylor (Biological Father)
    Martha Taylor (Biological Mother)
    Cynthia Taylor (Sister)
    Hannah Taylor (Sister)
    David Taylor (Brother)
    Harry Taylor (Brother)




    Goosie Taylor, Beaver

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