Harriet Montgomery

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  • Harriet Montgomery


    A very tall lithe specimen of lady, she usually can be seem attempting to stand and walk gracefully about the place when she isn't overcome with one of her more clumsier moments. Dark chocolate eyes mixed with swirls of caramel are framed with thinly plucked fair eyebrows set against pale skin full of freckles, looking as though it may blemish and turn red underneath the sunlight. Two beauty spots decorate her face in amongst the freckles, her face is somewhat long and slender with a pointed chin and petite nose. She likes to apply various different shades of lip tint to try and hide the fact her lips are somewhat thin and adorns her ever changing hairstyles with flowers and ribbons.

    Taking great pains to make sure she always looks smart, clean and presentable, she bathes regularly in sweet flowery smelling concoctions made by her mother or bought from fancy shops. Overall the woman with long ginger hair ( despite the fact she's in denial and calls it strawberry blonde ) presents a highly fashionable and well groomed visage to the world she inhabits, still getting used to life outside of London and high society English cities, the lady in bustling silks usually sticks out like a sore thumb.

    Early Life 

    Harriet was born minutes after her twin brother Chester to her mother Ada Montgomery and her father Theodore, the arrival of her birth had been most unexpected due to them just expecting Chester but it was a welcome one all the same as her mother had been longing for a daughter in amongst all her sons. At the time of her birth, her family had just started to raise up through the social ranks of English society into a place of comfortability and wealth, thus she was treated to everything that money could buy for a young girl growing up, being very lucky and fortunate to want for nothing at all. She has always been the apple of her parents eye ever since and earning the tongue in cheek nickname from some of her brothers of "Daddy's little princess".

    While her father worked in a separate branch of the family business alongside her brothers, she grew up helping Ada in the family bakery. Spending many hours kneading the bread and learning exactly how to bake various different types for the sale with her mother, the two grew very close, a closeness which still remains to this date. She would sometimes be curious to go outside and see what her brothers and father were doing but at the same time didn't wish to leave her mother with all the chores of both the bakery business and household to do all by herself, so she became her mother's little shadow.

    Being the only girl in the plethora of children, she wished greatly every Christmas for mother to give her a sister but alas only more sons so she resigned herself to the fact eventually. While she interacted with her other brothers, her favourite was always her twin Chester who despite the constant teasing and trickery the two gave each other, they were also as thick as thieves. Sharing secrets with each other and covering up messes should one of them get into trouble.

    When they weren't in London, the family would take trips to the parents roots of Yorkshire to visit family that still remained up there, including their cousin Clifford. He was a lot older than all of the children so he acted like a universal big brother, being a farmers son through and through he tried his best to teach them all the ways of the farming life but it fell slightly on deaf ears to some. Being a very down to earth man, Harriet has always valued Clifford's advice and sometimes even gone to him to ask him questions over that of her other brothers.

    Upon becoming of age, her mother and father packed up her things and sent her off to one of London's finest finishing school for upper class ladies and there she resided for the majority of her teenage years, only recently returning back to the family after such a long time. So she left her family a young girl and has now returned a hopefully refined lady which has been quite a shock to her brothers.

    Present Life 

    Upon her father deciding to relocate the family to America for ~various~ reasons, she and her mother decided to try and re-open their family bakery once they had settled. Thus far it's still very much a work in progress but one Harriet is quite passionate about. Taking to do all sorts of manual labour jobs which is quite a new experience for her entirely, hoping to find America safer than the dangerous streets of London, she was sadly mistaken.

    Having been battered, bruised and shot her fair amount of times already in such a short stay, the stubbornly stiff upper lipped woman is determined to still carve out her path in the new country she's been landed in. Alas it has made her much more warry of strangers and slightly tarnished her puppy dog like friendliness. On her travels she has made a small group of female friends which she now all views as part of the family, taking them wherever she goes on adventures like the sisters she never had. One such family friend, an acquaintance of her twins is a man named Baastian Smid or "Bas" for short. She met him for the first time just before the family was to go on a exploration up into the snowy cliffs, one broken down carriage and several escaped horses later they had bonded quite well especially over the fact she was using Bas as a human snow plough to walk in his footsteps so she didn't get engulfed by snow.

    Several family outings later and with Chester's helpful intervention due to them both being somewhat shy about it, they ended up courting. So now Harriet runs around with Lilly, Abigail, Ruth and her mother trying to get the bakery up and running while the men of the family try to keep them safe from kidnappings.


    The Montgomery family


    "But it's fashion! Sometimes we must be impractical for the sakes of fashion" - "Beauty is pain...Sometimes, especially corsets."


    She can fluently play the flute, fortepiano, harp and harpsichord
    Her favourite colours are blue and pink

    Harriet Montgomery



    Stubbornly resilient






    6'1 feet




    21st of the 3rd 1878





    Marital Status:

    Unmarried, Courting Bastiaan Smid


    Ada Montgomery ( Mother )
    Theodore Montgomery ( Father )
    Chester Montgomery ( Stinky Twin Brother )
    Oswald Montgomery ( Brother )
    Percy Montgomery ( Brother )
    Ollie Montgomery ( Brother )
    Eddie Montgomery ( Brother )
    Clifford Moughton ( Best Cousin ever )


    Washer lady and bread baker



    Faction Affiliations: