Helena Hopwood

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  • Helena
    (Pronunciation: Helen - a)
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    Would be described to have a porcelain doll-like face with distinguishable green-brown eyes. Whilst a social butterfly, she struggles to approach large groups and finds it hard to approach large groups due to her clown-like nature. She can understand the seriousness and when she can joke however if put in a sour mood she can be very bitter and hateful. Helena tends to be more herself than to pretend to impress people but sometimes she will pretend to be someone she isn't to avoid conflicts or get out of uncomfortable situations. She enjoys making people happy and making them laugh; she can also be considered a very affectionate person with the right crowd or person. Helena may be considered quirky if she is comfortable with the right people and normally just enjoys herself in life as she realises it's too short.

    Early Life 

    Born in Greater Manchester, Great Britain - Helena used to live in a middle-class family. Her mother was a seamstress who wanted to work in a grocery store too and her father was a businessman who tailored clothes with his co-worker, Charles. Her life was pretty amazing compared to other people her age and she was very privileged enough to attend a school and make a life for herself. Sadly one day behind her father's back, Charles sold the company and took all the money without anyone's knowing. Leaving Helena's father bankrupt and in debt to people due to having no investments he had already made. This led to multiple health issues which made her become his carer at the age of twelve. Unprepared for the harsh challenges at her age, she lost all her friends and soon enough became a target for bullies. Struggling to pass with proper grades and constant assaults scarred Helena. Soon enough, whilst Helena had grown and visited her friend at the age of eighteen, her family had lied about her grandmother's passing. Multiple threat letters came through about the disappointment of her father and Helena not saying goodbye to their family. They had been informed she had passed on Friday… She really had passed on Monday. Helena's father's health soon plummeted again. And not too long did he start forgetting her and her mother, but he would wake up at stupid o'clock to go to the doctors without actually having any appointments. This put the nail on the casket with Helena's struggles; especially when the day came where her father died at the age of twenty.
    Helena hit a wall. Her life paused and yet the world kept going. She felt as if she couldn't escape. Her mother saw her struggles and encouraged her to follow her dreams. She saved enough money to start a new life in New Alexandria in hopes her dark past could be forgotten and she could move on with a better and happier self.

    Present Life 

    When arriving in New Alexandria, Helena invested what money she saved into a small fisherman's home at a reasonable price. With this, she realised she needed to get a job to continue her happy and new lifestyle but struggled where to start or look. Whilst exploring the state she met a few people who were considerate enough to help her buy a horse to avoid her continuing to walk everywhere. Attempting to open up with people, she soon began to meet people around the state and learn of them but never really got to know anyone properly enough to deem them a 'friend'. Whilst struggling with this, that soon changed when meeting Xander Steele, Harley Freeman and Clayton Carmine.
    Whilst applying to be a deputy, she sadly got denied. Instead, she immediately started looking for work elsewhere - taxidermy was a large interest as well as using the amateur skills of her guitar and singing at bars could bring in income. Whilst she was denied, Helena refused to make this a reason for stopping her from helping people; she would continue doing this in future to make sure people like Godfree, a man of misfortune and a life of harassment felt a little safer in the world.
    Whilst continuing her life, eventually, she got emotional support from a man named John Orange. John and Helena met due to Godfree; with everything going on the two complete opposites attracted, as much as Helena attempted to push it away. She was encouraged and supported through meeting John and eventually applied to be apart of a show. She performed in front of an audience, anxious, she conquered the feeling and took strives in beating the tension in her chest.




    "Sorry! I was just having a Helena moment!"
    "I like not being normal. Normal is boring."
    "Everyone likes bitches..." - Was supposed to be: "Everyone likes beaches because there are shells."


    - Needs to act on a lot of her impulses such as playing the guitar, randomly singing or making weird noises when no one is around.
    - In her first week she was already asked on 9 dates...
    - Her grandmother on her father's side always spelt her name, Eleanore.
    - She is a spiritualist. Numbers have reasoning. Tarot cards have guidance. Spirits have lost their way or are unrested souls. Superstitions are real but not one to push how things work.
    - Due to Helena's past, she is not a qualified medical professional but is knowledgeable about it. She is unable to perform critical surgeries.
    - Really hates when people mispronounce her name and somewhat irked by having to be called anything other than a nickname or her actual name.
    - Horses owned: Booker DeWitt (Dapple Thoroughbred - Bought with Xander Steele) and Robert Lutece (Norfolk Roadster)

    Reopened Healing Wounds - Helena's Journal

















    10th July 1876


    Manchester, Great Britain


    British and American Citizen

    Marital Status:

    Courting John Orange


    John Hopwood [Father - Deceased]
    Olivia Hopwood [Mother - Alive]


    Unprofessional Singer
    Unprofessional Guitarist
    Professional Hair Styler
    Professional Makeup Artist


    Green Bean

    Faction Affiliations: