Jesse Clanton

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  • Jesse Clanton


    Early Life 

    Jesse Clanton was born and raised by his parents Leland and Belle with his little brother Theodore in a small village by the name of Beckett's Grove in the Grizzlies West. He spent a majority of his time learning with his pa Leland how to hunt and survive off the land on his own. His mother was a house wife who cared for Jesse and his 4 year old brother like nothing else in the world. The small town bustled with prosperity from hunts that went on quite often in the surrounding area, with Elk and Bear being mighty prevalent up in those parts, and Jesse and his family lived quite comfortably because of it. On Jesse's 16th birthday, his pa bought him his first rifle to go hunting by himself. Jesse's first hunt resulted in nothing until they decided to head home, which is when him and his pa spotted a massive boar sitting on the hillside. Jesse raised his gun to fire, but missed, and charged his father with great speed and power as he protects his son.

    His father was badly injured, and was guided home by Jesse. Jesse and his mother took care of the father the best they could, but Leland succumbed to his wounds a week after the incident. Jesse continued to live in Beckett's Grove for the next 3 years, taking over for his father as the lead hunter of the village, and main supplier of meat and resources for his people. When Jesse was 20, he was with his mother and brother at home, attempting to teach his brother to read. There came an extremely loud scream from outside, and Jesse and his family sprinted out to see what the commotion was. A member of the community was coming back into town followed by a shirtless individual wearing a wolf's head as a hat. She screamed for help and pleaded with her pursuer, and was shortly cut down with a fire axe on the outskirts of the village. In a few short moments, screams and war cries echoed beyond the forest surround the village, as more than 6 dozen crazed wolf head wearing psychopaths charged into the village, cutting down anyone in their path. Jesse's mother pleaded with him to take Theodore and leave as quick as they could, but Jesse couldn't. He argued and cried and pleaded, and when it was too late they were found in their house hiding.

    Jesse and his mother and brother were dragged into the middle of the village by their heads, and lined up near a campfire. The invaders were presumably discussing amongst themselves on what to do with the last few remaining members of the village. Jesse's mother screams out in tears to them to let her boys go, as that's all she has left. The enemies erupt in laughter as they mimic Jesse's mother and his brother's crying. Jesse in a furious rage stands up and quickly charges the assumed leader of the group, and gets a good few hits in before being cut on his back and dragged off. The killers decide to take Jesse's mother and brother as enough, and leave Jesse to die alone in the snow, bleeding and half-conscious. He managed to stumble upon a small mine that he'd heard about near his home, and was lucky enough to find help inside. The miners took Jesse to a decently sized town nearby named Valentine, and the doctor cleaned and stitched up his wound the best he could. Jesse lay in bed for a week recovering from his wounds, and awoke to leave without anyone knowing it.

    Jesse for a long while after the scarring event thought it best to become a sort of lawman, to find the people who did this to him and his family and enact justice. For a long time he was denied at every turn because of his frail figure, and extreme personality, filled with passion for one singular goal instead of a big picture. As years passed Jesse lost hope that this dream could become a reality, and eventually drifted away from everything that kept with him since childhood; Hunting, the law, trusting people. Jesse traveled around the states of Ambarino and New Hanover for a long time, searching for anything that could possibly lead him to finding any type of closure to his past, whether good news or bad. Now 29, Jesse returns to Valentine in search of answers, possible acquaintances, and a way to get back on his feet after inclosing himself from society for so long.

    Present Life 



    "It's just a hay stack on the race track."
    "Oh you mean my dingle-dangle?"
    "Scream if that's you Jacob!"
    "Whoever's in charge up there is out to get me with this god damn rain."
    "My good friend Liberty Biberty."


    •Won 1st place in the Season 2 New Alexandria Horse Racing Association Tournament, his first experience racing for sport.
    •Has a tendency for extremely bad jokes, and awful placement and timing of them.
    •Hunted for survival and income all his life, but never for greed or to the extent of endangerment.
    •Cares much more about loved ones, friends and family than himself at most times.













    October 24th, 1869


    Grizzlies West, New Alexandria



    Marital Status:

    Dating Naomi Black


    Leland Clanton (Father - Deceased)
    Belle Clanton (Mother - Unknown)
    Theodore Clanton (Brother - Unknown)




    "Sexy Voice"

    Faction Affiliations:

    Tipsy Cow Trading Post
    Mountain Medical