Katarina Harlow

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  • Katarina Harlow


    Katarina stands at average height, with dark brown hair which she wears long and loose. She has hazel eyes, rosy cheeks, and a light complexion.

    Her voice is rich with a southern twang. She is kind-at-heart yet she likes to display a tough exterior to certain people depending whether or not they have her trust.

    Early Life 

    Katarina was born as the only girl among three brothers. Her family have lived in Rhodes for many generations – they own a corn farm that has been passed down, as well as animals (horses – specifically appaloosas, chickens, cows, and goats/sheep). Her mother, Diane, is a teacher in their hometown, as a result Kat grew up to be quite intellectually sharp and would often help teach younger children, as well as doing farm work.

    Kat would often watch her father teach her brothers how to handle firearms, she would covertly write down the tips he gave them so she could teach herself when she was alone. This is because her family disproved of her having contact with weapons, believing it was not appropriate for her to do so. This stems from her father’s past occupation as Sheriff Matthew Harlow, from the horrific crimes he saw from acting as part of the Sheriff’s office, he does not want her to be involved in that world.

    Though she is not aware of this fact, her parents met whilst her father was working a case many years ago looking for a notorious outlaw, this happened to be her mother, Diane. They began a secret romance, which resulted in him being removed from his position as Sheriff and her abandoning her criminal endeavours, living a simple farm life instead.

    Present Life 

    The members of her family fully expected Kat to stay on the farm for the rest of her life until she had gotten married – in which case she would go to live with her husband.

    Though contrary to this, Kat seeks a position in the Sheriff’s office. From the stories her father had told her and her brothers, Kat seeks to be involved in the excitement of bringing people to justice.

    She wants a role of responsibility and will help others wherever she can – though her kind-heartedness may get in the way of portraying the image of the tough deputy that she is aiming for.


    New Alexandria Sheriff's Department



    Kat’s favourite farm animals are her chickens, but she also has a cow named Lucie that she particularly likes.

    Kat’s face claim would be a young Natalie Portman.

    Katarina Harlow









    5ft 9




    3rd October 1880


    Rhodes, Lemoyne



    Marital Status:



    Matthew Harlow Jr. (Father)
    Diane Harlow (Mother)
    Liam Harlow (Brother)
    Elijah Harlow (Brother)
    Wade Harlow (Brother)


    Deputy Recruit


    Kat, Harlow

    Faction Affiliations: