Kate Lennox

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  • Mary Catherine "Kate" Lennox


    Early Life 

    She was born Mary Catherine Darcy in the early days of 1870 to Mick and Mary Darcy, the second of their eventual 13 children and eldest daughter. She grew up in a close-knit coal mining community in County Durham where her father and uncles worked for the local colliery. Mick eventually became deputy overman of the colliery. Kate had a typical working class upbringing - school, chapel, lots of outside fresh air and helping her mother with the younger children.

    At eighteen she met George Hedley, a mining engineer 10 years her senior. A year later they were married and settled into married life in the same street as her parents and siblings. One by one her sibling settled down in the same area, within three streets of their upbringing. Although they wanted children, Kate and George were not able to conceive. When she was 23, Kate finally became pregnant but their daughter was born prematurely and died at birth. The labour was long and Kate was very ill for a long time afterwards. She has never had another child. Finding it difficult to see her brothers and sisters begin to have child after child, George and Kate decided to emigrate when George received an opportunity to work as engineer at Jamesons in Annesburg. Unfortunately, within months of their arrival in the United States, George fell sick with tuberculosis and died in winter 1895.

    Stuck in a new country with no money and about to be evicted from the colliery-owned home she had shared with her late husband, Kate embarked on an ill-advised second marriage with Dan Lennox, a coal miner in Annesburg. The marriage was not a happy one. Although there was no mistreatment, they were not suited and Dan was a gambler. He was killed in a tunnel collapse down the coal mine in 1898.

    Present Life 

    Shortly after her second husband's death, Kate needed to get work to be able to support herself. As she was not keen to take on housekeeping or sewing, she answered an advertisement from the US Marshal's Service and became a marshal's deputy under US Marshal Emmett Stone. Shortly after New Alexandria became a state, she joined the New Alexandria Sheriff's Department in the eastern division under Sheriff Jehosephat Gattington as a sheriff's deputy. She now holds the rank of detective and as yet is not looking to raise any higher.

    She recently moved from lodgings in Annesburg to a nice little apartment in St Denis close to her work, which she shares with no one, not even her cat, Sheriff Cattington, who prefers to live under Rhodes Sheriff's Office to terrorize Roy on a daily basis.




    Mary Catherine "Kate" Lennox









    5ft 4in




    9th January 1870


    County Durham, England


    Naturalized American

    Marital Status:

    Widowed (twice)


    parents, 9 brothers and 3 sisters back in England


    Detective, Sheriff's Department East


    Mama Lennox

    Faction Affiliations: