Malene Rasmussen

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  • Malene "Mel" Rasmussen


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    Early Life 

    Born in Denmark with her twin sister Rebecca, Daughters of Hugo Rasmussen & Susanne Rasmussen.
    Had a normal life at the farm owned by their father. When she was 11 her parents passed away due to a train crash.
    Rebecca & Malene tried their best to stay alive and keep the family farm But sadly was not able to.

    After a year on the streets of Copenhagen, The two sisters snuck onto a large boat and ended up in New Alexandria. When they got there,
    both of the sisters took to what they knew best, stealing.

    Not more than a week or so after their arrival, The two sisters found themself at Hill Haven Ranch.
    A Ranch owned by Gemima Rose & Leopold Marcus. A place for children with no other places
    to go. Malene soon found her place on the Ranch, helping with the cows, learning how to hunt, and take care of the younger kids

    Rebecca had a harder time fitting in though, Leading to her running away to continue her life of crime. Malene & Rebecca didn't see
    one another after she left, Sadly that day would be the last time Malene saw her beloved twin alive.

    A month or two after Rebecca had run away, Malene was spotted by a deputy and taken to the sheriff's office, She was questioned about
    how she was feeling, after offering her some candy and a little chat, Malene asked them what was going on. This was the moment her life
    would change, forever.

    Rebecca had been murdered, The deputies at the time did not wish to tell Malene how. Nor did the teacher from Hill Haven Ranch want her
    to see the body. Malene knew something bad had happened, something more than just a gunshot to the head.

    Malene had always made comments about becoming a deputy, even a sheriff at times. But after the death of her sister,
    Malene took it more seriously. Doing her best to learn, listening in on the deputies talking, following Leopold Marcus whenever she could.
    Anything to become ready for the white hat. Anything to find out what truly happened to her sister & Find the bastard who killed her.

    Present Life 

    Malene has been through a lot in her life, Kidnapping, Torture, Shoot outs. Even being stepped. Yet it has not stopped her,
    She is happy for the friends she has made along the way, Sad for those who have passed or left. But she will never give up.
    At this time, Malene is a well-known Deputy of the East. Liked by quite a few of the Civilians, even some of the Criminals.
    She is still doing her best to help when she can, even while fighting with her own inner demons. She will always keep a smile.




    "everyone deserves forgiveness and a second chance. Perhaps one day you will allow yourself that"


    - Scared of Trains.
    - Never shows her true feelings.
    - Fears of being left behind.

    Malene Rasmussen













    18 - 01 - 1882





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    Deputy of the East



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