Megan Ross

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  • Description 

    Meg is a short, slim woman with a fiery attitude. She has golden blonde hair, which is usually tied back in a side braid. Her eyes are a light ocean blue color, which reflect off her fair skin and dark eye makeup. Megan is usually wearing black and gold/yellow clothing to represent her standing with the Freemans. When she is with her family or out on 'business' she is usually wearing a gold & black mask. To look at Meg her scars are unnoticeable, but she has many old gun shot wounds scattered around her small body.

    Early Life 

    Meg grew up in the West, in the Armadillo area of New Austin. Her mother passed when she was very young, and does not have a single memory of her. She grew up under the wing of her father, who owned a horse ranch. Life on the ranch was not always as honest as it seemed, and Meg was raised with a gun in her hand and a quick eye for trouble. Unfortunately when the outbreak of Cholera hit Armadillo, her father got sick and passed. With her home and father gone, Meg went looking for work and met a man named Chase Ward, who was quick to notice she was different then most. He hired her as security for his saloon in Black Water. Shortly after, Megan met a man named Denzel Freeman, and quickly grew close with him. Meg was soon brought into a family, known as the Freemans.

    Present Life 

    After a long time of running with the Freemans, Meg became one of the keys to their foundation. She earned her place among the men of the group quickly as the only woman, solidifying herself as being the solid voice of advice and the gun to never hesitate to have their backs. Megan recruited a close friend of hers, Mikhail Kutuzov, that she met in security into the family a few months later. During a robbery in Black Water, Meg was also responsible to taking Walter Gaines hostage, and reforming him into a well respected family member of the Freemans. Currently, with the loss of Denzel and Chase, her fiancé Billy Graves has taken head of the family as Meg rides proudly beside him.




    "Stay free"
    "Comply or die"
    "For fuck sake"
    "I will shoot you" (Usually toward Mikhail)


    - Megs favorite color is gold & loves belt buckles
    - She pistol whipped Denzel the first time she met him
    - Finds it truly funny when someone falls off their horse, except when its herself
    - Will often go out riding alone just to sing
    - Earned the name "Rose" because Denzel couldn't remember "Ross"

    Megan Ross











    110 lbs







    Marital Status:

    Engaged to Billy Graves


    All deceased



    Rose, Thorny Rose, Meg

    Faction Affiliations: