Moya Wa Mangau

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    Dark brown hair, dark skin, brown eyes. Usually wearing brown colors, a skull mask on her face. Usually hangs around only with her bow. She is a serious lady, not speaking much but will stand up on her opinion.

    Early Life 

    In the North East side of Canada there is a native tribe called the Cree. They have split to a few tribes. one of them under the name, James Bay. Mangau was born to a family of a fisherman and a tribe woman. Her father was a serious and tough man while her mother was mostly silent and keeping to herself. She is an only child, after her birth, her mother could not become pregnant again, or carry the baby for too long. Her father has blamed Mangau for it, he has treated her as a burden, and even as a boy because they could not bring one to keep the family's honor.


    He has forced her to learn the ways of fishing, when she was not interested in it. Mangau has found more interest in the land animals, rabbits, and deers, moose, elks and more. Therefore when she has reached the age of 8 years old the elders have decided to name her Running Rabbit, for her quickness with the animals, and her love for chasing the small animals.


    As Running Rabbit grew up, her status of a hunter became honored by the tribe, she has helped many times in cold winters to find even the fewest around, or found a source of food. But a war has fell upon the tribe, when the disagreement of shipments between tribes, the trades of fur that were offered were declined the two tribes have went to war. In Running Rabbit's eyes she wanted to show her father that he should respect her for who she is, a man or a woman, so she joined them for the war.


    No one has won the war, there were many losses, everyone knew they did their best, but Running Rabbit's father has not gained this honor of hers, in his mind she has cursed the battle as much as she cursed her mother.

    Present Life 

    Many years later, a normal day of hunt was for Running Rabbit and her tribe, just that they have stumbled upon a man who was wounded. They have taken him and took care of him for many months, he has grew to be part of the family and was looked at like a father figure to Running Rabbit. But the man was of another tribe and he had to return to his home.

    A while later, Running Rabbit has decided to follow him to his home and meet his people. She has traveled to New Alexandria and met with the Wapiti. It was strange for Running Rabbit at first, be among different people, natives but not her blood and not her culture. As time passed she has learned about them, has became one of them after passing the trials and even rewarded a new name Moya Wa Mangau, Spirit of a Cheetah.

    In this time she has also fallen in love with one of the Wapiti people. Their rival relationship seems to be harmless, and seems balanced.

    Mangau has taken him back home and spent a few days, hoping for her parents approval of the man she learned to love. But the hatred has been thrown not only on her but on him, ever since it has bothered her, her father blaming her not following the Cree way, after they came back it still ringed in her ears. So she left, leaving her new family behind and hoping the spirits will guide her and teach her the balance.


    Wapiti Nation



    ♠ The skull mask was given to her by Pelo Ea Tau from the tribe after her was broken from a kick of her horse in Saint Denis.
    ♠ Her horse's name is Hachi, which means stream in Cree language, she likes playing in the water.

    Moya Wa Mangau













    March 16, 1875




    Cree Tribe, Wapiti Tribe

    Marital Status:

    Married to Pelo Ea Tau


    Father - Etlelooaat
    Mother - Sokanon





    Faction Affiliations: