Norman Harrington

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  • Norman Harrington


    Norman is a 28 year old man, with very established morals, he isn't afraid to do what needs to be done as long as it sticks to his moral compass and keeping people safe. As such when the need arises he will do what it takes to keep his friends and family safe, as long as it is within the Law, He is known not to budge in certain negotiations, but this is only when he has the upper hand and has had enough dealing with certain criminals, wanting to bring them in to face justice. He is very kind and peaceful by nature otherwise, and does anything in his power to keep his fellow Deputies and Family safe.

    Early Life 

    As Rebecca and Marius moved over to America from Sweden, Norman was born on the ship that carried them over to Maine where they started their new life. His Mother and Father bought land and became Ranchers until Norman was old enough to travel, this led to his Parents taking on Bounty Hunting as a Side Job to make extra money. A few years previously they gave birth to Johnny, When Norman and Johnny where both older, Rebecca and Marius tried to teach them about Wilderness Survival aswell as hunting to be able to sustain themselves while they where tracking down Bounties for the Local Sheriff, Norman had a good relationship with the Local Sheriff whom taught him everything he needed to know about Law in America occationally giving him books on the subjects.

    As Norman grew older his Younger Brother left, wanting something else for himself, Norman remained with his parents, focusing further on teaching him the paths of life. Eventually his Parents died as Norman turned 18, Gunned down by a band of Outlaws that they had tracked down, Norman decided to return to the Ranch and live there. After a few years he met Jennifer Williams whom he was set to marry one day living with her on the ranch was hard but they managed and Norman picked up a few skills along the way, at somepoint the band of outlaws decided to track Norman down as he was the last person left in state and related to the bounty hunters trying to bring them in.

    They decided to make his life a further hell and tied up Jennifer to the back of a horse, dragging her across the fields, Telling Norman to get out of the state, Jennifer succumed to her injuries and died, at this moment in time, Norman wowed to not let anything similar happen to a person ever again, and with the help of the local Sheriff after gathering his things decided to move on to New Alexandria.

    Present Life 

    Moving to New Alexandria and with his Goal in mind, he contemplated how to best reach it coming to the conclusion that the New Alexandria Sheriff's Department would suit his ideals, before applying he stayed at Tipsy Cow, where he met his first few friends, he questioned how effective the department was which upon they answered in a reluctant manner, hearing the news Norman decided he would try his best to change that.

    As he became a Deputy recruit and onwards he wowed to never change his work ettic, and once he was comfortable in the role, he choose to stay natural, giving everyone he crossed the benefit of the doubt, sometimes this was not applicable as human beings tend to be horrible creatures, Norman knew this perfectly well given his past, the ones he knew he could try to save however he tried to. Always being vigilant and attentive and getting to know the people that commited said crimes, always doing so in a professional manner to figure out why they had walked down that path in life, He would support the department even when people questioned it, he would also explain the steps people could make to make it better and listen to their concerns. Norman figured it was in the best interest to always try and focus on public outreach within the Department, and always made it his mission to change the publics opinion on the Department as a whole even if this proved very tricky at times, he would always and is always trying his best, even if the road may seem hard.


    New Alexandria Sheriff's Department


    "Fair Enough"
    "Jesus Fucking Christ"


    - Keeps his Father's Schofield thats been engraved with notches on the handle and has a rosery pattern, with his Father's new Initials
    - Keeps a watch engraved with his Mother's initials, which was a gift to his Father
    - Norman's Silver Kladruber Saturn is a seafaring porch horse with the stamp of approval from Jaena Shaw
    - Awarded with a Service Medal for being a part of the Sheriff's Department for over a Year

    Norman Harrington











    198 lbs


    11th of June 1873


    America, Northern Atlantic


    Swedish, American

    Marital Status:

    Engaged to Katerina Devine


    Rebecca Harrington FKA Holm (Mother, Deceased)
    Marius Harrington FKA Holm (Father, Deceased)
    Jennifer Williams (Ex-Fiancée, Deceased)
    Johnny Harrington (Younger Brother, Alive)


    Senior Deputy, NASD


    Normie, Norm

    Faction Affiliations: