Olivia White

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  • Olivia White


    A Women of average height, White hair, Red lipstick, Red belt buckle and a scar across the left side of her forehead.

    Early Life 

    Olivia grew up in southern England. Her mother and father were farmers and were content with the life they lived. She also had a brother, who loved working on the farm too. Growing up, Olivia had an urge to explore. Unlike her family, she would never be satisfied living on a farm. She always had a love/hate relationship with her family. It was no secret she was the unfavoured child out of her and her brother. She spent most of her time tending the family horse, training it, teaching herself more about horses. The bond she had with the horse was the only bond she ever knew growing up.

    Present Life 


    Arriving in the state of New Alexandria
    Olivia arrived in the state of New Alexandria as nothing more than a girl that grew up on a farm moving away to escape her past life. She made her way up to Valentine where she met Benjamin Banks. Through him, her bonds with people grew as she slowly settled into her new home. She would go on to meet her future adopted son Thomas and a man called Blake “feathers” Blackwell. She would go on to become Feathers’ fiancé but the marriage wouldn’t go ahead. They ultimately decided to part ways. Olivia met Richard Hart and Belladonna Haynes. The three of them grew a bond between them and Olivia would go on to call them her best friends. Through Richard Hart, Olivia met Adrian White, a man that would often be seen around Valentine wearing a purple coat and a red belt buckle. He was part of an outlaw group called The Krays.

    Meeting The Krays
    She eventually met the rest of The Krays, Lily Stroolinger, Krueger Stroolinger, Barrett Kray, JayJay Kray, Lars Larsen and Johnny OConnor. The Krays were based down in Armadillo with Kruger and Lily running the saloon known as Outlaws Rest. They would soon become her family even though she wasn’t yet a Kray. Olivia and Adrian grew close and she would go on to become his fiancé. They would later marry in grizzlies east. The after party of the wedding was held at Outlaws Rest where it was voted on that both Olivia and JayJay would become Krays. There, stood in the middle of Armadillo, they both took the oath and were given their buckles.

    Conflict with The Banks Family

    The fall of The Krays

    Stand off with The Faceless

    The New Austin "War"


    The Krays



    Olivia White









    (Thomas Foster/Adopted Son)

    (Aga White/Adopted Daughter)

    (George White/Son) [Deceased]

    (Janetta Movah/Mother)

    (Arthur Movah/Father)

    (Jacob Movah/Brother) [Deceased]




    The Red Devil
    Vampire b*tch

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