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  • Piper Langston


    Piper is the 5th child of Bron Langston and Elise Langston, though when she turned 12 years old, she was sent to boarding school due to her unruly behavior due her kleptomaniac mental disorder, which doctor at the boarding school diagnosed with her. They tried to work with her to channel it in a way that help resist the urges but was difficult to work with due to her anger being in boarding school.

    Early Life 

    Piper was the 5th child and problem child of the family. She was pretty normal part of her childhood but when she turned 7, her mental disorder Kleptomaniac started to surface through. At first she would steal small things and usually hides them. She would lie about the item she stole. Usually it's thing with little to no value. Only one she didn't steal from is her older brother Boyd, she wouldn't steal anything from him. She look up to Boyd more than any of the other older siblings. Older she got, the more difficult to get her under control. Being the youngest, she wanted to get approval from her family desperately, feeling insecure and felt was the black sheep of the family. She was sent off to boarding school at the age of 12.

    During her time in the boarding school, she was very much miserable. At first, she did try to do what she is told, was told she could send letters and receive letters to her family. Which write every week. Doctor diagnosed her with Kleptomaniac and work with her to try to resist the urges and find a healthy way of channel it away. At first it worked, but soon months went by and she didn't receive a letter from her family at all, despite that she kept writing, almost using letter as a journal. Unaware that letters received or sent are held by the head master of the boarding school. Turning 14 years old, two years into the boarding school...she known to be difficult to work with. She met a girl name Ash Moore that was there with her and became rather close to her. Ash Moore made her feel stable and feel like she is cared about and loved. Which probably helped her a lot, keeping her sane.

    When she turned 19 years old, still in boarding school...she was depressed mostly and she gotten worse with her mental disorder but she learned how to hide it. She hadn't receive one letter from her family. She started to believe that her family is dead, killed at some point in time of her being in boarding school. Ash and herself manage to escape the boarding school, forcing to steal to survive. While she resent stealing due to being the cause for her to be in boarding school in the first place, she was driven to survive and stealing was the only method. She stole clothes, food, and money. Although she never steals a gun or a weapon of any sort.

    She has remorse and guilt over stealing but urges are strong and difficult to deal with, believing that her family has perished.

    Present Life 

    She arrived in New Alexandria with Ash Moore to try to make a life out in the state. She has successfully robbed four general store and escaped custody. 4th general store she robbed, she encounter her eldest brother John Langston. Which was a shocking surprise for her and she also met Boyd on the same day. Though she was of course angry but relieved at the same time. She resents her father for sending her to boarding school. Despite any form of resentment, she would defend her family from anything.

    Flaws: Kleptomaniac mental disorder, emotional/short temper, Fear of Abandonment, fear of spiders, and fear of being in the dark alone.
    Positive: Value her family over her own, will protect her family no matter what, loyal, open minded, doesn't judge people by their appearance. Is a bit kind even for a criminal. She refuse to use any gun unless out of pure self-defense. Basically harmless and avoid seeking hurting others unless very much provoked/antagonized. Loves horses very much and probably spoil them.

    Sentimental Value: A hat that Boyd given to her before sent to boarding school. She still wears the hat.




    "Well Uhhh...you see..." trying to lie


    -She won't steal people's weapons at all, only money if she were to rob from people. Generally just sticks with robbing cash registers from general store.
    -Her favorite color is blue, she loves anything that is blue.
    -She can potentially change away from being a criminal but matter of time.
    -She looks up to Boyd the most but John would be second to look up (Or look straight at since both short. )

    Piper Langston











    110 lbs







    Marital Status:

    dating, Ash Moore - Girlfriend - Alive


    Elena Langston Alive - Sister
    Ricky Langston Alive - Brother
    Timothy Langston Deceased - Brother
    Bron Langston Alive - Father
    John Langston Alive - Brother
    Elise Langston Deceased - Mother
    Gavin Langston Deceased
    Martha Langston Deceased
    Patrick Langston Deceased


    Department of Prison Watchmen


    Pipsqueak Piper, Blue Mouse

    Faction Affiliations:

    Langston Family