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  • Raeya Calloway


    Lean figure with an athletic build, Raeya is an agile girl who is quick on her feet. Dirty blonde hair that is usually kept in a loose braid that lays on her shoulder. She has light blue eyes and pale skin. She stands about five foot two inches tall and weighs about one hundred and thirty pounds. She is often found wearing a black beanie, and darker clothing. She wears light makeup, a neutral colored lipstick and some eyeliner.

    Early Life 

    Born in Georgia, Raeya was the youngest child to her parents with an older brother named Lucio. She spent the first eight years of her life there and from what she can recall, they were good memories. She loved both of her parents, but as a child she was oblivious to everything that was happening around her. Unknowingly to her, Raeya’s father as well as her uncle and others of their family were doing gang activity. Things increased over the years, and the two Calloway brothers found themselves in trouble more often than not. Seeing this, Raeya’s mother found things to be too dangerous for her children. She thought it best to take them away from their father, but he did not agree. In the end, only Raeya ended up going to London with her mother- which is where she was from. This was when Raeya was eight years old.

    From then on, Raeya lived in London and from the get go she hated it. Not so much hating the place, but the fact that her brother and her father were not there with her. The older she got, the more rebellious she began against her mother. She was forced into fancy schools, taught how to read and write and play music. She read many books and went to fancy gatherings, but when she could slip away she would. She found herself mixed up with people who she knew were not friends her mother would approve of. So she continued to hang around them in spite of her. In spite of her taking away her brother and her father. Raeya was a selfish girl, and at the time she didn’t understand or even try to see things through her mother’s eyes. Just that she was hurting, and missing her dad.

    She would then end up so mixed in with this group of people, that she couldn’t find a way out even if she wanted it. There were relationships with young men, bad relationships that taught her the wrong side of love. It gave her the impression that she was only as good as the worth a man gave her. She learned that sometimes love was coupled with pain, and fear. That discipline was good for her and would help her learn. That a man hitting her was something she needed at such a young age. That her innocence being given was expected whether she was ready or not. That the word love didn’t really mean love at all, but to obey. Raeya placed herself in a dark place out of the spite she had for being forced to move away from her family. She was broken and shattered beyond what she used to be. London had changed her, and there was no going back from that.

    She was often found, getting into trouble with these groups of people. Arrested for you name it, she had participated in it in some way, aside from hurting someone. She had always refused to hurt someone. But as time passed, Raeya’s mother began to get sick. This gave her more time away from the people she called friends and more time at her mother’s bedside. This was at the age of seventeen, and time would be spent caring for her mother. Most of all however, the time was just spent talking. Raeya resisted at first, but the time with her mother was something she would never trade for the world. It was like her mother knew the whole time that somewhere in there, she hadn’t lost the little girl she once knew.

    The two got closer again, and Raeya was able to confess many things to her mom. She got everything off her chest as that last year of her mother’s life went by and it was needed.

    In the last four months or so that she was in London, Raeya met someone new. Someone a few years older, but different than the other men she had spent time with. He was in London for work and approached her one day, and from then on the two spent all their free time together. It was a different feeling than she had ever had with a man, and she clung to Jett because of it. The two got on well, and she found herself looking forward to seeing him. Her mother was getting worse, and he was an escape from everything bad that was happening. Her old friends still came around looking for her and she often hid from them at Jett’s place. He stayed in London for two months, but eventually work took him away from London and then he was gone just like that. Raeya’s mother died soon after Jett left, and so there was nothing but pain left in London. So she took care of loose ends, and left for a place where she was told her last remaining family was. New Alexandria.

    Present Life 

    Getting some leads from letters she found of her mother’s, Raeya left London and headed towards New Alexandria where she hoped to find the only family she had left. Her cousin Cody Calloway. She had not seen her cousin since she was eight, before she left for London so she could only hope he would remember her. It was really the only place left she had to go with anyone left- and being alone wasn’t really something Raeya wanted.

    Once she arrived in New Alexandria, Raeya ran into a man who called himself Huckleberry. She found him a little odd, but the two became friends. Ironically enough, this Huckleberry knew her cousin Cody, and was able to help her find him. The three of them became a close knit group of friends, doing everything together. They even got into trouble together, which of course ran in the family. Eventually, Lucio- Raeya’s older brother shows up. Thinking he was dead, she was surprised by the news that he had been trying to find her but also that their father was dead. Apparently there was a shootout with some deputies and their father didn’t make it.

    Reunited with her only family, and making new friends, Raeya found that while there was plenty of bad still lingering in her life… that there was also good too.

    As time passes, Raeya meets new people, making new friends and building her bond with Cody which she has missed for ten years. She meets a guy named Buck, who is a troublemaker but she sees parts of herself in him. While she finds him to be one who makes foolish decisions, he has stood by her through tough times and has helped her and even Cody a great deal. So Raeya sees him as a close friend.

    She meets a man named Perzival, and finds him to be a good friend as well. A good friend who doesn’t get into trouble, which is new for Raeya. He is kind and she finds him to be good company. The two of them have become close, and Raeya values his friendship.

    Eventually though, Raeya finds herself in the Valentine Saloon where she meets a one Drey Shadowfox. She finds him to be innocently charming, but just one of those very good men. Not the type of man she would ever find herself interested in, but her interest in him only grows. The two of them hit it off, and after a lot of back and forth they end up dating. Through this relationship with Drey, her mind is made to think of things in ways she never would have before. She sees a man who she would never in this life put herself next to, and finds love for him. Love for her is a scary thing, and that she would fall for a man like Drey only makes her life complicated.

    Being the type of person she is, living the life she has- Raeya finds that she is often risking Drey’s safety and also forcing him to accept things about her that he would never do. That she robbed stores and hung around bad people, and put her life in danger to help people who in Drey’s mind didn’t deserve her risking her life. Raeya began to think Drey would be better off without her, safer and eventually happier. She found that she only brought chaos into his life, and she couldn’t live with the possibility of ruining everything for him. So against everything she felt, her feelings and love for him, Raeya decided it was best that the two of them split.

    Feeling completely awful about everything, hating having to hurt someone in efforts to protect them and their way of life. Out of nowhere, an old friend turns up just when she needs him most. Jett Silvius was the man she spent several months seeing in London, and his work has now brought him to her again. This time he talks of staying permanently and the thought of rekindling something that was really good for her in the past gives her some hope. She is also offered a job at a pub in St. Dennis by none other than the O’shea’s. Dangerous, but exactly something she would do. She is still finding herself, her wants and her talents. Finding her purpose, but she feels as though things may be coming together- or maybe they are just being piled up to fall apart. Either way, she plans to walk into the fire.




    Raeya Calloway









    Marital Status: In a relationship with Nate Howard
    Cousin: Cody Calloway,


    Clinic Assistant at McCoy Veterinary Clinic
    Manager at The Crest


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