Rose Montgomery

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  • 𝓡𝓸𝓼𝓮 𝓜𝓸𝓷𝓽𝓰𝓸𝓶𝓮𝓻𝔂


    Theme Song

    Standing at 5 foot 7, Rose is slender yet has curves in all the right places. Her dark hair is lovely in contrast to her pale skin and piercing blue eyes. Although she can clean up nicely, she loves how progressive that New Alexandria is and prefers pants to skirts or dresses. Her voice has a sweet southern twang, she swears and drinks like a sailor, but once she sings you will understand why people get captivated by Red Rose....

    Early Life 

    Rose was born in South Carolina. Rose had always dreamed of a more lavish life. She used to get in trouble for sneaking into the few mansions around her as a girl by dressing up as a boy. The glamor and lavish parties always excited her even from a young age. Though thankfully her beauty and wit stopped the mansion owners from pursuing anything from local deputies. She never stole, she just loved to...explore.

    Outside of her defiance, Rose had a very simple childhood and quickly fell for another local farm boy named James Robinson. You could easily say that the two were childhood sweethearts, and when James left to pursue gold mining with big dreams and promises, poor Rose's heart was broken. What Rose didn't know, is that James did "strike gold" but not from mining. James came back to South Carolina a few years later and told Rose of the good news. Rose had been waiting for him the entire time, and she was excited to hear of a lavish lifestyle coming her way. The two decided to open an inn together and got married within the year. It wasn't a mansion, but it made Rose feel accomplished to have something for herself and to have the life she wanted with her lover.

    Rose quickly learned that her husband was a filthy outlaw criminal and his posse was doing heists and robberies, while by day they "fronted" as owning one of the best inns in South Carolina. Everything seemed fine, until Rose learned that her husband was cheating on her. She followed him one night and caught James with a recently widowed friend of hers named Delilah. Shortly after this, Rose used her knowledge of tea making to extract revenge. A few nights later James was found dead in his sleep. A few months passed and Rose sold the inn they owned together quickly. Decided to head to the one place James always talked about, but would never take her to. Saint Denis. The highwaymen that James had worked with agreed to escort Rose. Decided they may settle in Saint Denis themselves to pursue being outlaws so it was the perfect fit. As they started their journey the boys taught Rose the key tips for survival. And it was strange, for as they traveled together... one by one... the highwaymen died. Was it the cold? Or was it revenge? Some of Roses' best secrets lie in her head, and even in her tea....

    Within just a few weeks of being in Lemoyne she met her now ex husband Charles Montgomery. It didn't take long for the two to fall in love and they were married in December, only a few short months after James death and selling her inn to come here. At first Charles was just the outlaw and Rose did her best to maintain a pristine image away from criminal activities. It didn't take long for the citizens of New Alexandria to notice and when Sasha Stroganov heard her vocal talents, he contracted her to the Molotov Ravens. Although now she books herself independently as her relationship with the Molotov's has fallen off. As time went on, Charles corruption quickly swept up Rose and they turned to crime. At first petty in nature, but then Rose decided to make a name for herself and went on a killing spree across New Alexandria. She managed to escape the noose due to a rather good plea deal. After this arrest Rose and Charles left the state, became farmers and raised their two children Nathan and Aria Montgomery.

    Present Life 

    Now Rose travels to and from different states. As a single woman. Charles abandoned her one night and Rose hasn't seen him since. The children grew up and live lives of their own, but Rose does come back to New Alexandria from time to time. She focuses mostly on traveling performance arts but the corruption that Charles caused her may still run deep in her veins.


    Former Performer with the Molotov Ravens
    Former Member of the Dapper Flats
    Prospect of The Jackdaws


    "There are about a dozen roses in the state. I'm the best one"


    • Rose Killed her ex-husband James Robinson, as well as those accompanying her to New Alexandria.
    • Rose is scared of the dark, so at night she rides with a lantern
    • Rose has a bad temper that most won't see unless she is provoked or someone she loves is in danger or is hurt.
    • The LeMat Pistol that Rose carries was her first husbands. You'd do best to avoid taking it from her.
    • Rose was the last non-Freeman to see George Bennett alive

    𝓡𝓸𝓼𝓮 𝓜𝓸𝓷𝓽𝓰𝓸𝓶𝓮𝓻𝔂









    5' 7"


    130 lbs


    June 25th, 1857


    South Carolina


    White - Polish/Irish decent

    Marital Status:



    Aria Montgomery - Daughter
    Nathan Montgomery - Son
    John Brady - Father
    Margaret Brady - Mother


    Performer, Tea Maker, Farmer, Beloved Outlaw


    Red Rose

    Faction Affiliations:

    Former Performer with the Molotov Ravens
    Former Member of the Dapper Flats
    Former Member of The Jackdaws
    Former Member of the Montgomery's
    Former wife of Charles Montgomery