Solveig Valen

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  • Description 

    A young woman at the age of 25, you'd think she'd lost the ability to speak. She is average height, with black hair tucked into a braided bun. She is commonly seen with dark tinted glasses and a red bandana over her face, showing her allegiance with the man she rides under. As her bandana is lowered it reveals a long multitude of scars across her face. When her glasses are removed, her eyes are shown a light golden brown. She has a soft voice when she does speak, covered by a sort of Norwegian accent. She is consumed by self-doubt, and looks to loyalty to cover it. She is prone to carrying anything she finds, anything you need she'll have. She carries a notebook full of maps and locations of camps, ranging all the states they've travelled, and locations they've hit.




    Early Life 

    "Sol" is a average height woman who is from Charlottesville, Virgina. She is 26. She came from a wealthy family with no siblings, under the parents Michael Valen and Darleen Valen. They were kind parents and encouraged Solveig to follow what she wished. Solveig found great admiration in fashion and hair styling. She was found to be extremely intelligent, and attended various schools in Virginia. She never found much interest in her genius, but has found to use it in her current life. When she was 20, she engaged a patrol man from her town named Anthony Kape. She was with him for 5 months, during the time he was particularly odd. He enjoyed spending his nights with other women, and encouraging his police friends to go drinking with him. During one particular night, Anthony had not returned by 2 AM. Solveig had traveled to fetch him from the saloon as she was worried for him. She was met with 4 of his friends in an alleyway. They advanced slightly on her in which she denied, and out of anger the men attacked her. One of the men carried a blade which brutalized the left side of her face. When she attempted to tell Anthony why she was injured he denied everything they had done and left her on the streets after a lasting fight. She was approached near an hour after sitting on the sides of the road by two men, sitting above average height. Solveig figured it would be another incident as before with the police, but instead the men offered her a hand.

    Present Life 

    The men who had rescued her from the streets took her in. She stayed protected under their horns until she could fight for her own, she joined them in guns and arms and has since taken up riding alongside them. She has extreme loyalty to her gang, which accompanied by little to no morals leads to dark decisions. She does as told, without little thought or hesitation.
    She is a woman who prefers quiet and silence, but is always prepared for the ringing of gunfire.
    She has now been riding along the Devil Boys for onto 6 years now, making herself one of the longest and most experienced riders.


    Devil Reese and his Devil Boys


    "I'm just fucking with you."


    Heavily depends on security and safety
    Prefers to follow than lead
    // Art credit to Instbigtrav //

    Solveig Valen













    October 31, 1874


    Charlottesville, Virginia



    Marital Status:



    Darleen Valen [ Mother ]
    Michael Valen [ Father ]


    Follower of The Devil Himself


    "Gift of the Sun"

    Faction Affiliations: