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  • Tahani





    Tahani is a young girl in her middle twenties with very light skin, hair and eyes. She was born this way, since she's an albino. Albinism wasn't known during these time periods though, so a lot of people see it as something unnatural and have called her a witch several times. The young woman learned to live with it though, needing to be cautious about too much sunlight though and the fact that she can't really see that good in dim light or during the night.

    Tahani is also a huntress and makes most of her money from it. Her usual choice of prey are cougars and wolves, other animals are only hunted if she's in need of their meat or pelt, especially herbivores.


    Early Life 




    Tahani doesn't know much about her past and can't remember a whole lot about her origin. The first few years she lived with her mother, that far she can remember, though she's not quite sure what actually happened for her ending up alone on the streets. She only met her father once, who was apparently a member of a Kiowa tribe in Oklahoma her mother fell in love with, but was not allowed to stay with.

    But all the memories of her parents are very blurry and vague, while she though remembers clearly her life as a street kid, where she also got to meet Valery, who became her little sister. For several years they were living from city to city, moving from one place to another and keeping themselves alive with a bunch of other kids by stealing, betraying and doing all sorts of shady things for certain individuals to get a few dollars.

    Only during Tahan's teenage years, she started to focus more on her skills with the bow and learned slowly but surely how to hunt with it and defend herself from animals and human alike. The older she got, the more she was capable of supporting the other street kids, hunting for them and earing money so they wouldn't starve.


    Present Life 




    It is unknown how Tahani actually came to New Alexandria or why she decided to leave Oklahoma and come to these parts. She continued her profession though and made her money mostly by hunting, though her prey has slightly changed. Mainly now she was earning money by hunting after wolves and cougars in places where they were quite a problem for the inhabitants. Annesburg was especially glad to have a huntress that took care of the cougars around, which often got lost in the small mining town.

    During that time, she used to live on a boat in Van Horn, also bringing meat to the people that lived there to help them get back on her feet. Van Horn wasn't really known as the brightest place or for having the most nice people around, but for Tahani it seemed to be perfect. They were mainly leaving her be and she could focus on whatever she wanted to, while still having a roof over her head for the night.

    Things though took a dramatic turn, when Tahani witnessed a murder in Van Horn. While she herself had nothing to do with it, she still decided to help out the victim and bring her to Saint Denis, in hopes that she might could be saved. In the end though, that whole situation only lead her down to a dark basement of sorrows. Because of what she saw, she was summoned in court to give her testimony in plain sight of the ones that commited the crime. While one got executed just a few days later, the other one was only sent to prison for a certain amount of time. But when that was over, he of course didn't forget who actually brought him to jail.

    Several months of pain, hummiliation and torture were waiting for Tahani as soon as she was found by that man, who wanted to take revenge on her for bringing him to jail.

    Patiently Tahani was waiting. Waiting for her chance to escape, since several times the deputies proofed to be unable to really help her out or even realize that something about her being with this guy was odd. Her trust in the system and lawmen itself was shattered to pieces, so she took action herself and freed herself from the grasp of her captor.

    After that, Tahani has a lot of issues to build up trust with people again.

    It took several weeks or maybe even months, till she finally opened up to someone again. And that relationship is still currently developing...






    Tahani doesn't really have an affiliation with any group or gang, though she has her very own circle of close friends which are almost family to her. Wallace and Duncan, which are both like brothers to her, Rae which is something like a sister and best friend alike or Nate, who is at this point the person she trusts the most.





    "You can be a president, marshal or anything else... I don't give a fuck about any titels. Trust and respect needs to be earned by everyone the same way."

    "Treat me like shit and I will treat you like shit. Simple as that."





    • Tahan is born an albino
    • Her skin is very delicate and sensitive to the sun
    • Her eye-sight during dawn or night is lower than a normal human being
    • She seems to be afraid of uncontrolled fire
    • She believes that some silver foxes inhabit the soul of her sister
    • She's a half Kiowa native and knows some of the language and traditions
    • Very skilled with bow and arrow

    Her horses / companions:


    Mayhem is a 6 year old Arabian mare with a black coat and long black mane and tail. Although an Arabian doesn't really fit the type of horses Tahani usually has for her profession, both of them have formed a deep friendship and bond with each other. Originally, Tahani didn't plan to keep the young mare, but after spending some time with the horse and actually seeing how well behaved and brave she was, she just couldn't separate from her anymore.

    Mayhem herself is rather calm for an Arabian, although she of course still needs her daily routine and work to get rid of all that Arabian energy.



    The first horse Tahani ever really bonded with. Altivo is a 8 year old Mustang stallion with a white-chestnut coat, white mane and black tail. He's by Tahani's side for quite a long time now and is very loyal to her and the people she usually hangs around with. While generally having some problems with men, Altivo doesn't like them riding on him, except a few exceptions.

    Altivo though can be a little stubborn at times when he has a bad mood, though that never really caused any problems for Tahani. They both respect each others boundaries and limits, which makes them an excellent team. Altivo is also Tahani's main hunting horse, since he got already a lot of experiences with wild predators.









    Around 25




    105 lbs




    Small village in Oklahoma


    Half native American (Kiowa) / Other part unknown

    Marital Status:

    In a relationship with Nathanael Freeman


    Valery (Sister - passed away)




    Jumping Cloud ( Given by Rae)

    Faction Affiliations: