Theodore Brown

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  • Description 

    Theo has bright blue eyes with fairly short cut brownish/blonde hair. He has glasses that mask a scar that goes from his forehead down his cheek. He has very little visibility in his left eye. Theo is very loving and caring, always trying to make people smile and laugh. He has a love for all animals and hopes to get a job helping those in need.

    Early Life 

    Theo never really had the chance at a childhood. At the age of 7 his mother fell ill. While his father was out working in the mines, it became his job to take care of his bedridden mother. Theo's dad was a violent drunk who would regularly come home drunk, ready to take the days anger out on someone. While for years it was Theo's mother who he took it out on, once she became sick, the beatings were turned over to Theo.

    Theo continued to take care of his mother until her death the day before his birthday when he was just shy of 11. Theo and his father moved to Virginia where his father continued mining and drinking. His father began to blame Theo for his mothers death, telling him he didn't do enough to take care of her. He would keep his distance from Theo unless it was for a beating. Theo almost died when his father brutally attacked him resulting in him losing his eye. While he can't see much out of it they were able to save it. Theo continued to raise himself and his father, making food, cleaning around the home, etc.. Things continued this way for about 4 years until one day when he had finally had enough and killed his father as he slept.

    It was then up to Theo to raise himself and those around him. Although he didn't have any siblings or any other family at all, he did have his friends. He began to be the "older brother" figure for those around him. Trying to keep them out of trouble and on the right path.

    Present Life 

    Theo now 22 decided it was time to move on. He couldn't bear to live in the house that he was once abused in by his father. He made the decision to make his way back to New Austin. He is now hoping to finally find a true family, something he never got to have growing up..



















    February 11, 1879


    Valentine, New Austin



    Marital Status:

    Anna Conrad - Fiance


    Mother - Elizabeth Brown - Deceased
    Father - William Brown - Deceased

    (Adopted) Sister - Isabella Kray - Deceased


    Gunsmith Apprentice
    Kings Cross General Practice


    Theo, Daisy, Teddy

    Faction Affiliations:

    The Firing Line