Tommy True

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  • Tommy "Thunderfingers" True


    Tommy True is a family man from Texas who is braving the frontier of New Alexandria to forge a better life for his newborn daughter. Recent harsh realities have hardened him, teaching dark lessons, but his commitment to his moral code has kept him moving forward.

    Young, blonde haired, blue eyed man with a light build and a gentle disposition. He is usually described as very handsome. He can typically be found with suspenders and a hat, no shirt. A "B" for Bloodhounds is carved into his right arm. He has several bullet wounds and scars across his torso, arms, and legs. Wolfish bite marks on his legs. Further, he's missing his left ring finger. A scar created by a cougar's claw wraps around from the back of his left shoulder to his front left chest. He is lean with a trim, athletic form. ((The physical description may be remarked upon IC with full consent, as these could be clearly noticed by your character))

    Early Life 

    Known to have grown up in central Texas in and around Austin, and speaks often about growing up working at his step-father's lumber mill. His and his brother's birth father is out of the picture, as their mother won't speak of him, but Tommy correctly suspects that his parents were once outlaws. His mother, a spitfire spirit, maintains that she was never a gunslinging outlaw, but Tommy has a fair idea of the truth. Regardless, she retired the lifestyle long ago and his birth father remains missing. Tommy was known to be a philanderer, earning himself the nickname of "Thunderfingers" among the local girls, but when Tommy married Heather Mae at the age of 17 he vowed to remain ever faithful. Over time their marriage began to decline as Heather Mae's self-interests took center stage.

    Present Life 

    Tommy arrived to the state of New Alexandria in late April of 1899 looking for his estranged pregnant wife, who was thought to have run off with a rich man who lived in a mansion down in Saint Denis. Upon learning that his wife remained in Texas and had lied about coming to New Alexandria to conceal her infidelity, Tommy divorced Heather Mae and became the sole parent of newborn daughter Emerald. Tommy eventually met the man (Casady Walker) who was consorting with his wife and made peace with him. Tommy, his mother, and a wet nurse lived in the "Big Green House" at Emerald Ranch for several months before Tommy stepped down as co-owner of Tipsy Cow Trading Post on 1/28/1900 to pursue his new business "TRUE JERKY", which brought him to Pronghorn Ranch in Big Valley to do some work around the place in exchange for beef from the cattle there.

    In March, 1900 Tommy allied fully with the Wapiti Nation and Tribeless natives against the hostile Comanche and Apache, and rode with five others to rescue Willow Whitecrow from Fort Mercer. During the exchange, Chief Shadow Bear was struck down, and Tommy bore him to Coyote's Crossing upon his horse, Dolores. Briefly after, Dolores was killed by a Comanche/Apache scouting party and Tommy buried her on the highest hill south of Emerald Ranch. Upon returning to Pronghorn, Tommy reunited with old friend Chief Bones of the Arikoan tribe and vowed to help protect and nurture the land and livestock of Pronghorn Ranch in the Arikoan traditions.

    In late August of 1900, Tommy True, his mother Helen, and his daughter Emerald left the state to pursue life elsewhere, and returned at the dawn of the new year of 1901 to take up residence at Pronghorn Ranch once more. On January 16th, Helen died from sickness and was buried by her son in Arikoan lands.

    Though it isn't common knowledge, Chief Bones offered Tommy newblood status amongst the tribe in mid 1900 for his actions of preserving and defending Arikoan territory. Though Tommy gave it deep thought, he ultimately did not act on this offer until January 1901 when he overcame his first trial, coinciding directly with his mother's death. Without his mother to help raise Emerald (still a small child), Tommy asked the Arikoan if they could help raise and teach her, to which they accepted.

    The journey continues....


    Former part owner of "Tipsy Cow Trading Post"; current owner of "TRUE JERKY"; Friend and Ally of the Wapiti Nation & the Arikoan; caretaker of Pronghorn Ranch



    Tommy has made friends with several infamous people, such as Gimsu Kray, Thomas Kray, Krueger, Adrian White, and other members of The Krays; he once taught Gimsu's son, Ares, how to shoot a gun; he once rode with the now deceased Comanche chief Red Dog in search of a lost tribe member; formed a friendship with Tecumseh, former chief of the Wapiti Nation and the Shawnee; and others. He also has strong ties to Chief Bones of the Arikoan from back in April/May of 1899 who was once called Bass. He also had the trust of Chief Two Swords of the Warhorse People, an infamous figure within the state. More recently, he has learned wisdom and shared smoke and fire with a living ghost/spirit who was once a Wapiti chief and elder....

    Tommy has been kidnapped 10 times, tortured 5 times, and used as a hostage 3.

    Tommy True









    5'11 ish


    165 ish lbs


    June 30, 1880


    Austin, Texas



    Marital Status:



    Helen True (Mother, Deceased), Arlo Austin True (Father), Boris Greensman (Step-Father), Tyler Gander True (Older Brother), Emerald "Emmie" Phoeni.x True (Daughter), Heather Mae True (Ex-Wife)


    Former ranch hand, salesman, lumberjack; Proprietor of TRUE JERKY.



    Faction Affiliations:

    Ally of the Wapiti Nation, Warsong People, and Arikoan Tribe