Trinity Jacobs

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    Early Life 

    Trinity was born to Allison Magquire and Chayton Jacobs in a territory now known as North Dakota. Her mother Allison, an Irish immigrant, had come overseas from the old country in her youth and fell in love with Trinity’s father Chayton, a half Lakotan man. Together they created a moderately prosperous business raising horses and cattle on their farm. Chayton was an excellent horseman and taught Trinity well in the care and communication of these important creatures.
    Both parents practiced old beliefs of their people, and both allowed Trinity to develop her own beliefs based on the mixings of her parents. These esoteric beliefs have often raised a brow or two, but for Trinity, it is simply her normal way of life. As if these strange and abnormal beliefs weren’t enough to make her something of an outcast among fellow children her age, she also didn’t look much like her father. Gossip in regards to her appearance ran rampant around the town, it wasn’t uncommon to hear someone talking up a storm behind the backs of herself or her parents. These rumors were hard on her mother, but her father refused to acknowledge any hateful words about his family as truth; he was ever the loving and devoted Husband and Father.
    At the young age of 11, her mother passed away from an unknown illness; little did father and daughter know that this was the beginning of the end for their family business. To help make ends meet Trinity took up a servant’s job under the watchful eye of the well-to-do family that hired her. A job she hated. Cooking, cleaning, sewing, and other domestic work just weren’t for her, she’d rather spend her time outside or in the stables doing ‘mens’ work.
    Three short years later Trinity would lose her father when the pair went on a hunting trip. Trinity stumbled into a grizzly bear while tracking a deer, fearful of the massive creature she panicked and made an attempt to run. Her father heard the screams of desperation and quickly ran to his daughter’s aid. What followed was a bloody battle between man and beast, one that would leave Trinity both physically and emotionally scarred. Had it not been for a stranger traveling through the area both would have died following the attack. Unfortunately, days after holding on her father did succumb to his injuries.
    From that point forward Trinity’s life was one thing after the next. Though she inherited the family property and business, it had already started to decline in the years following her mother’s death. When bills couldn’t be paid the bank did seize the business, all of its assets, and the land that included the very home she grew up in.

    Present Life 

    After spending the last 4 years moving from town to town within the Dakota territories, picking up one odd job here, another there, Trinity felt it in her best interest to seek out new horizons. Her last job was to escort a band of travelers south, this was a one-way ticket that landed her in Black Water. However, by an unfortunate turn of events, she found herself horseless as some thieves found themselves in the possession of her beloved Andalusian, ‘Stranger’. Luckily she was able to locate Stranger and get him back, for the perpetrator's sake they better hope she doesn't find them.














    May 21th 1877~ (Gemini)


    Within the Dakota Territories.


    1/4 Lakota, 1/4 unknown, 1/2 Irish.

    Marital Status:



    Allison Magquire ~ Mother (Deceased)
    Chayon Jacobs ~ Father (Deceased)


    N/A ~ Has not established herself in New Alexandria yet.



    Faction Affiliations:

    N/A ~ Has not established herself in New Alexandria yet.