Violet DuBeauford

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  • Description 

    Violet has a somewhat posh English accent, which is slowly becoming less and less proper the more time she spends in New Alexandria. She has a slim build, and stands at 5 ft 8 inches tall. Her appearance is striking to say the least, with blue-grey eyes and fiery red hair tied back into a neat plait that stands out against her porcelain skin. She can be feisty and playful, and likes to poke fun at other people.

    Early Life 

    Violet DuBeauford is the only child of the noble DuBeauford family. Her mother, Camille, is French and her father, Anton, is English and the family live in a large estate within London. After she finished her secondary education, Violet felt immense pressure to live up to her family's expectations of her studying medicine and becoming a successful doctor - but this could not be further from what she wanted. What violet did want was to get away from it all: the aristocracy, the grandeur, and especially the forced smiles through gritted teeth from being stuck in a world that didn't match how she felt inside. So she did. Violet left a carefully written farewell letter on her mother's nightstand, and with that - she was gone. The sudden physical solitude was bittersweet, she quickly came to understand that the loneliness she was feeling was nothing new and that this was her time to become her own person. The Old Frontier - it was the only place that called to her. Violet boarded a steamboat and never looked back.

    Present Life 

    In terms of personality, Violet has a politeness that has been instilled in her growing up as a part of a noble family, but she won't allow people to walk all over her - she didn't leave everything she had behind just to be treated like dirt. If you want to be truly respected, you will have to earn her respect - but generally, she is friendly to all. Violet can be rather impulsive and has a hunger for power but this has been suppressed in her mind, though it feels that the wild west is the perfect place to let her hair down and to have her polished exterior be slowly chipped away. Coming to a new country, Violet is nervous and she acts quite reserved with people she doesn't know. It may take a while for her to come out of her shell and trust different individuals. She is very fashionable (thanks to her mother), and once she is comfortable with her surroundings, Violet does enjoy being the center of attention.

    Violet is incredibly interested in learning about marksmanship and being good with a weapon, as she has never been allowed to touch a gun - not even her father's hunting rifle and knows it is quite common in the Old Frontier to be experienced with one. Violet is insecure about other people's perceptions of her weakness, and does not want to appear powerless or frail. Due to this, she is interested in seeking out experience that will help her to improve her capability in weapons and to gain some sort of power in this new world she has just entered - however there is a risk in the fact that Violet is very impressionable, and whether or not she stays on the path of good-doing is dependent on who she comes into contact with.




    Violet DuBeauford









    5 ft 8 inches




    October 3rd 1880


    Mayfair, London, England



    Marital Status:



    Anton DuBeauford (Father)
    Camille DuBeauford (Mother)




    Vi, V, Violent

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