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Oct 11, 2019
Hi all,

Wanted to pop in and drop some information that you may not realize about our not-so-lovely prison island.

Sisika State Penitentiary, when you do lots, of crimes we send you here. Most of the time this is on a case by case basis, but for the most part, the biggest, baddest and scariest criminals end up here.

Sisika is guarded 24/7/365. It has a Warden, and several associate wardens help with said coverage. Sisika guards are much like the military in which they guard the prison with a shoot to kill mentality, as you shouldn’t be there unless you need to be there, and sneaking there is near if not completely impossible.

Visiting Sisika requires a lot of work. (OOC you should be contacting staff to gain permission) The Warden, Guards, New Alexandria Sheriff’s Department, and Department of Justice all need to know who is and isn’t supposed to be on the island, as you are criminally trespassing (also FailRPing) if you are not supposed to be there. So be prepared to give as much detail when requesting a visit.

Reasons why people may visit Sisika while not inmates:
  • Providing legal counsel or medical services to an inmate that is awaiting trial or is in for enhanced sentencing (IRL days)
  • Approved visitation for inmates that have taken enhanced sentencing (IRL days)
  • Parole/probation hearings
If you do NOT have approval to be at Sisika, you should NOT be going there.

Sisika is not a tourist attraction. It is a heavily guarded, fortified, fully staffed prison island where characters serve hard time, and should be treated as such.

Thank you!
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