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Oct 11, 2019
Hello everyone,

This post is going to be going over a slew of information regarding our not so wonderful island prison of Sisika Penitentiary. It will be going over the island’s security, how visitation works, and how Sisika relates to you, the player, and your characters.

Sisika Security

Sisika is a 24/7/365 secure facility. There are plenty of guards actively patrolling the island. This means that you should not be boating to the island because “no guards are around.” In addition to the actively patrolling guards there is a Warden and several of their employees also actively protecting the island, the prisoners within, and the prisoners on their way to the island.

Sisika Guards are trained in a militaristic manner. This means they aren’t likely to play fun and games. Should you violate the laws, they are quick to escalate to forced removal. This includes being roped up if they are feeling exceedingly generous, but more often than not you will be met with lethal force. You will be issued warnings to identify yourself, turn back, and leave the island or face a potential threat of violence for forced removal.

If you do not have some kind of approval to be on Sisika, you should not be there. This approval can come from in-character visitation requests or from a support ticket with staff scheduling some form of prison break. These tickets will typically include the Department of Prisons’ leadership (DOPC).

(Going to Sisika and pretending there’s no guards there will typically result in some form of Warning Points, bans, or other out-of-character punishment.))

Sisika for Inmates

Serving hard time at prison means your character is doing hard labor at the penitentiary, even if you are choosing to serve your time offline. This is grueling work, day in and day out, in the hot, humid sun. Work goes from dawn until dusk with few breaks between for inclement weather or food and water. Food and water is earned on a daily basis by hard work. Generally speaking, if your character does their work and keeps their head down, their time in Sisika will still be suffering, but less so.

Sisika Visitation

Visitation is much easier now that we have a fully functioning Department of Prisons. If your character's friend or family member is in prison, all you need to do in order to get visitation is send a telegram to the DOP Office and wait for a DOP member to respond. It is your responsibility to ensure the inmate you want to visit is “awake” for your visitation.

The alternative way to schedule visitation is Visitation in Advance, in which you write a letter to the current Warden and Assistant Wardens, with the following information:

- Visitor Name(s) (Max of 2)
- Inmate’s Name:
- Date:
- Time:
- Justification (Family, Lawyer, Etc):
- Agreement to follow all policies and procedures:

Common Visitation Reasons:
  • Parole or Probation Hearing
  • Court Proceedings
  • Deputy Investigation
  • Attorney Privilege
  • Family and Friends

The Current DOPC Cadre is:

- Warden Petra Blackhart (@Petra Blackhart)
- Asst. Warden Olive Archer (@Rose Poisson)

Prison Breaks and You

Prison breaks can be an incredibly fun way to help tell a dangerous outlaw’s story, especially if it seems their career is beginning to sunset. A prison break, by definition, is exactly what it sounds like: roleplay of an attempted breakout for a character incarcerated in Sisika itself. These prison breaks are meant to be incredibly rare, and reward people who take advanced consequences for their characters through roleplay. Check with the Staff Team via a Support Ticket if you believe a prison break is right for you. The Staff Team, along with DOPC (for the sake of accommodations), will work with you to see if you qualify and help you set it up.
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