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Oct 11, 2019

General Guidelines

WildWest RP is a serious roleplay server. We expect high quality roleplay from all of our members. Low quality roleplay will result in punishments, dewhitelisting or permanent bans. This is not Red Dead Redemption Online.

All rules are interpreted with a common sense approach. Ignorance of these rules will not be tolerated. It is your responsibility to keep up to date with the rules. If you are unsure about the intent or application of a specific rule, please reach out via a support ticket.

All Players & Characters are required to be minimum 18 years of age.

Players encouraging another to break the community's rules, whether in-character or out-of-character, will be held accountable all the same for the rules broken.

You should remain in character at all times. If there is a problem (including rule breaks), roleplay the scenario out and resolve it once you are out of roleplay. At no point in any location on server is it appropriate to break character and engage in OOC chatter.. For proper /me and /ooc command usage, Please refer to this thread here.

Keep the drama away from the server. OOC harassment, or Toxicity in any form will not be tolerated.

Character names must be realistic in the format “First Last”; no nicknames, no overly memey, sexual, racist, or otherwise inappropriate names are allowed.

The only exception to the format policy is single-word names with Native American context.

Group names cannot be taken directly from real life, nor the RDR games, however, groups in real life may serve as influence for a name. For example, a group cannot be called “The Lemoyne Raiders”, however they can be called the “The Lakay Raiders”.

This is an English speaking server and you are expected to communicate in English while on the server. You need to be able to communicate if any issues should arise.

All players must have a functional mic and primarily be communicating through voice. There are certain exceptions made for players who are mute IRL and people who are whitelisted to play a mute character. Please see this post for more details.

Management has the final say in all decisions and can take action without a player report.

No Metagaming

Metagaming is using knowledge that your character would not know in the server or communicating information through third party places - e.g. steam chats, private discords, discord DMs, etc. If you would not know it in character, don’t bring it into the server.

You cannot have a stream open of a user who is playing on the server while you are also on the server. Additionally you may not be in a voice channel of any type with others who are also on the server even if any of you are deafened.

Cross character meta is sharing information or assets between characters and is not allowed, regardless if you use a middle man or not. Transferring money or items from one of your characters to another even through a third party is not permitted.

This post is a list of all guidelines regarding alternate characters. It contains what is/isn't acceptable when creating and playing them.

Random Deathmatch (RDM) / Vehicle Deathmatch (VDM)

Random Deathmatch (RDM) / Vehicle Deathmatch (VDM) is not allowed. You need to have initiated contact with someone within a reasonable amount of time and have a reason for harming someone that clearly gives the idea of why the hostile actions are occurring. In addition, harming locals (non-player characters) without reason is considered RDM.

Vehicle Deathmatch (VDM) is when you intentionally use your horse / carriage / vehicle as a weapon to inflict harm on another character. The only case where this is acceptable is if the person attacking you is in your reasonable escape path. You cannot intentionally go out of your way to strike somebody.

Hostile Group Limits

A maximum of 4 people in a single group can be involved in a hostile situation at any given time.
Hostile group limits apply to potentially hostile situations, such as robberies, search parties, kidnappings, gang wars, crime related activities, etc. These limits also apply to all "active" players in a scenario. This excludes people who are hostages or restrained until the point where they become hostile themselves after being freed.

You may gather in groups larger than 4 so long as no hostile activities are taking place. As a group, you must designate your 4 people to deal with any hostile encounters that may happen unexpectedly while gathered. While in a group larger than 4, no one within the group should initiate any hostilities. If you wish to initiate hostilities, anyone outside the designated 4 must leave the area and the scene completely.

Should hostility be initiated upon a group that is larger than 4 anyone beyond the 4 designated hostile characters (the non-combatants) should disengage, and must leave the scene entirely.

Not Valuing Life

You must value your life and the lives of others at all times. For example, if you are in a threatening situation that you cannot reasonably escape without being harmed, you must comply. NVL also applies to intentionally putting your character in situations where they would be seriously harmed, such as jumping from heights that could realistically harm you, your horse, or your friends.

When consensually dueling, both participants must RP very serious injuries that were sustained if you are not permanently killing your character.


You cannot use unapproved third party mods or applications while in the server. Exploiting or abuse of in-game mechanics or bugs will not be tolerated. Any bugs or exploits you run into must be reported to staff in tickets, and intentionally using or continuing to use these exploits or bugs will result in reprimand.
Go to this thread for more clarification: Abuse of Game Mechanics

Zero Tolerance Topics

There is a zero tolerance policy for racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, bestiality, Rape RP, sexual harassment / assault, infanticide, or Suicide RP. These actions will not be tolerated IC or OOC and will result in severe punishment.

Even though something is "historically accurate" doesn't mean that it is acceptable to bring into RP on this server. If you are playing a character that is a historically marginalized type of character, it should be done with tact, proper research, respect, and without being discriminatory / Stereotyping.

*Note: a topic with a "zero-tolerance policy" does not always result in a permanent ban or de-whitelist from the community, but they are typically actioned on much harsher than other violations of the rules.

Erotic Roleplay

Erotic Roleplay (ERP) is not permitted on the server. Characters may be in romantic relationships however sexual activities should not be roleplayed. Acts that would be inappropriate in a public park are inappropriate on server as well.
We would advise consenting community members intending on taking further steps towards ERP take them into a third party form of communication, such as Discord Direct Messages after logging off the server.

Further, you cannot roleplay being pregnant on the server, however, you may roleplay that you have had a child/baby. Roleplay surrounding pregnancy and babies in general, should be roleplayed in a private third party location such as discord DMs.

Fail RP - General

Fail RP covers a variety of unfair or unrealistic actions. This list includes some main items, however case by case rulings may be made in regards to low quality roleplay.
  • Cop Baiting - Excessive attempts to attract deputy attention without a quality reason or interaction.
  • Combat Logging - You may not disconnect during an active scene, and must give reasonable time to finish out all roleplay before doing so.
  • Combat storing - You may not store horses, vehicles, items, or cash during an active situation to prevent theft or notice. This includes all storage methods, personal, group, and stable.
  • Force Perma - You cannot extensively or continually injure a player or forcibly give them grievous injuries in an attempt to force a perma death. This includes things such as double tapping and continual melee actions after downing.
  • Hostages - Hostages must be genuine and not be willing participants with the hostage takers. Both parties will be found at fault if the hostages are not genuine. Only a maximum of 4 hostages are allowed to be taken or robbed during a single interaction.
  • Torture - Torture RP or RP that inflicts long lasting or permanent injuries requires /ooc consent before beginning. If no consent is given, you may only injure / down the player as normal. Remember, silence is not consent and consent can be withdrawn at any point. You must get a clear "yes" to proceed and the torture victim reserves the right to place any boundaries on actions they do not wish done to them.
  • Self Harm - Due to the sensitive nature, self harm is not permitted to be roleplayed on server.
  • Supernatural RP - While your character may believe they are some kind of supernatural being, you may not roleplay or actually have any unrealistic qualities. This includes abuse of emotes or scenes to appear to be levitating, etc.
  • Bodily Fluids - Roleplay using excremental bodily fluids inappropriately is not allowed. This includes use of emotes, /me, or scenes. (Common examples: pee, spit, fecal matter, etc)
  • Event / Notice Board - When posting or reading the event board or notice board channels, you must be standing in the post office at the physical notice board on server. Any postings must be a single image with clear and concise information on it. Do not spam the notice board. Raw text should be kept to the general telegrams in-game.
  • Telegrams - The telegram operator is sending telegrams on your behalf. The operator is not going to be posting horrible spelling or inappropriate telegrams to the board.
  • Forum DMs - Forum DMs on Wild West is restricted to government employee contact and may not be used beyond that without Admin Approval.
  • Spawn Camping - Hanging around near spawns deliberately to rob individuals of their starting cash or items, and camping doctors offices to continue hostile RP without consent is not permitted.
  • NPC Blaming - Roleplaying that a NPC character wrote, published, or in some way created material meant to antagonize another character is powergaming. Your character can lie about it, but you cannot actively RP that a NPC did the act.
  • Timelock - WWRP is locked historically and technologically at the end of the year 1899 and exists separately in its own bubble. Discussions regarding other servers and events that occur on them are not permitted to be brought onto WWRP, this is especially the case for conflicts or information.
    (If technology exists in 1899 but only outside of the United States, contact staff in a #support ticket to discuss this before using or importing said technology.)

Fail RP - Pocket Wiping and Robbery Guidelines

Items taken during robberies should make sense for the character taking the items. You cannot remove all items from a player. Thefts should be reasonable and provide roleplay for both parties.
You may not force someone to go into personal/group storages to rob them of stored belongings.
This includes but is not limited to forcing someone to withdraw money from their bank, robbing someone of items within horse saddlebags or camp storage, or robbing the Sheriff's Office of items in LEO storage.

Fail RP - Crime Near Server Restarts

Certain crimes have limitations before and after the server restarts. You may not perform these types of crimes before or after a scheduled restart.
  • Mechanic-based crimes 30 minutes before & after. (ex: store & bank robberies)
  • Player or NPC-targeted crimes 20 minutes before & after. (ex: robbing, kidnapping, & attacking characters)

NOTE: This does not include crimes that were already in progress prior to the 30/20 minute marks.
(Ex: if a crime was already in progress 40 minutes before the server restart, it may continue until restart as well as pick up again after said restart.)


Fail RP - Corruption in Whitelisted Roles

Characters who hold government/whitelisted positions cannot be corrupt without approval from the Admin+ Team. Corruption is the use of your character's position through misconduct, improper actions or abuses of mechanics or power. Details regarding corruption will be provided to the departments and to players through tickets themselves.

Fail RP - Restricted Areas

Voting areas are considered "Green" or "Safe" zones. The town square surrounding the voting area in St. Denis (including the tailor and courtyard) and the Town Hall in Blackwater is a “green zone” during elections. No crime may be committed here during the election period. You can find a map highlighting this green zone in #staff-messages when voting goes live.

Sisika island should ALWAYS be treated appropriately as a guarded prison with an overwhelming amount of defensive guards to deal with. You may not go to the island to hang out, as it is likely your character will be shot on sight for attempting to break someone out of jail. Guards do not discriminate when it comes to island invasions. If you would like to enact a Prison Break, you must open a Ticket with Admin+ for approval.
You can find more information about Sisika and the rules surrounding it here.

The Map Room is considered a safe zone where no crimes are to be committed. Players must remain in character while in this space, OOC conversations or banter is not allowed. If someone seems confused by the location, your character may direct them to the map in an immersive and in-character way and then proceed on your day.

Regarding NLR (New Life Rule)

If you have to RESPAWN after hostile player interactions, you should stay away from the area where you went down for as long as you can without affecting RP. Also, you can not respawn when there are players are near you. You need to wait for them to leave entirely or bring you to a doctors office.

While incapacitated, you need to roleplay your character appropriately and have limitations in communication. Calling out positions of enemies or speaking as if they are unimpacted is unacceptable. You must always roleplay your injuries once incapacitated regardless.

You may remember events leading to your incapacitation if you are brought to a doctor's office and respawn while inside of there (NLR) or are given consent by the hostile player. Once consent is given from the aggressor to the injured player to remember the scenario, it is up to the injured player to determine what they remember. The aggressor may not decide what the injured player can remember.

If you purposefully kill a player, you cannot take them to a doctor's office so that you can wait for them to get back up to interrogate or continue RP(including medical) without consent. Just leave them where they lay, or drop them off to the Doc and leave if you want them to remember the events when they recover.

Exceptions would be as follows:
LEO: as Leo are a reactionary force, if a character is incapacitated during an arrest and they are placed into LEO custody, that custody is from the incapacitation to sentencing unless an outside force (i.e. jail break or unlawful escape) takes them away.

Licensed Bounty Hunters: as Licensed Bounty Hunters are also a reactionary force if they have to use lethal force to subdue a bounty they may turn in an incapacitated bounty to LEO. However, if a LEO cannot be found in a reasonable amount of time, that bounty must be freed.

Original rules posted - 10/11/2019
Update of revised rules posted - 5/12/2024
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