Hope Pisces

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  • Dr. Hope Pisces
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    A mother-like tone to her voice, she stands 5'6 with a straight posture. She has piercing ice-blue eyes that make her complexion look paler than normal, especially with her long dark black hair. She often scolds people for reckless behaviour and teases others for a comedic sense.

    Early Life 

    In July 1868, Hope was born into a privileged family. Her father, Chester, was a rather successful practitioner who spent many hours working to keep his family happy. Her mother, Penny, was a housewife. Hope spent time going to a private school for girls when growing up. Whilst it was at a heavily practised Roman Catholic school, Hope aspired to become like her father and was more a young woman of science. In her free time, she would occupy her father's studies to learn from the medical books he possessed or accompany her mother with housework. Exceeding in her private schooling helped her to find jobs suitable for women. However, Hope only wished to be what only those saw as a 'mans' job. She fought for her position in the St. George's University of London after lengthy months. Investing all her time to become a fully trained and qualified doctor.
    Spending a few years training other young women in London hospitals to become nurses started to become quite repetitive. Hope eventually chose to travel to expand her knowledge into other countries such as Spain where she continued her practices and learnt cultural differences. Taking a boat to France as her next journey, she met a man by the name of Jackson Garcia. He was sweet towards Hope and being alone mostly, she took the opportunity to venture into a relationship with him. Hope assisted in helping prep for the Mandingo War for those to assist in medical help. Whilst doing so, Jackson struck jealously and accused her of things that weren't true. Taking the path of violence against her, Hope fled with little to no belongings and her beloved horse Sherlock.

    On her journey to Africa Hope's mother, Penny had passed from pneumonia without her knowledge. After grounding the lands of Africa, a very late telegram was delivered which informed her of her mother's passing. Attempting to send a telegram back to her father, there was never a response and only struck the assumption that she was disowned in all the complications she was battling through. Leaving her heartbroken, she spent many years mourning and 'recovering'. Located in Kenya, Eastern Africa, she spent time living with the Maasai warriors. Under their protection, she was introduced to different tribes and learnt of different celebrations in their beliefs. Hope's mind eventually started to collectively tear itself apart. With this, she made the decision to depart to the United States where she ended up in New York for a couple of months. Back to square one of training young American women how to be nurses, she soon took leave to the state of New Alexandria.

    Present Life 

    Hope spent a few months in New Alexandria just simply assisting those in need as she would normally. It wasn't until Elyida Darkmoon(-Beaumonte) persuaded Hope to be recruited onto the New Alexandria Medical Board. Not seeing much progress with the company, she was planning on leaving to her own business under the name of 'Caduceus Cross'. The New Alexandria Medical Board had fallen apart and Hope never had the intentions of making her business into a medical board until a few locals asked of her assistance. She spent her months training those who had no knowledge or skill under medical to become Nurses, Fields Medics and Registered Nurses due to it being impossible to train people under as a Doctor would've taken years. The action of this would help New Alexandria immensely with medical help and assistance - including the Valen Du Sang. The people under the Caduceus Medical Board soon left for their own ventures where Hope left to work in another state for a few months. Returning with a fresh mind and attitude, she rebooted her business under the name of the Royal Knight Medical inspired by her homeland.

    Aside from this, Hope thought it would've been best for one last attempt of her love life after putting it on pause for 7½ years. Some toyed with her emotions and others with her feelings. Before she eventually gave up, she showed interest in a Senior Deputy named Bocephus Carter; a calm man who resided to himself and had a soft approach on those who needed assistance. With a few people snitching to Mr. Carter of Hope's interests they started courting on the 5th July 1899. Hope proudly watched Bocephus grow in his ranks from Senior Deputy to Detective to Undersheriff within months and found herself becoming more infatuated with him. Eventually comfortable with each other, they finally adopted a young girl by the name of Ruby Taylor. Unfortunately, it wasn't until a few months Ruby was found by Hope in skeletal remains; crushed and heartbroken, Hope spent days without sleep in the morgue next to Ruby as she uneasily planned Ruby's funeral.

    Whilst Hope was spending time in New Alexandria, building her own career, family and life; Jackson was on her tail after selling his father's company to hire some private detectives of Hope's whereabouts. Outraged with the news, he visited her in Valentine's office. Removing her with a 'calm' tone, he took her to the Bastille in St. Denis before getting drunk and unleashing heavy kicks on her. Luckily, Gimsu Kray and Patrick had found Hope's location and removed her from the situation. However left traumatised, Hope thought the best thing to of done would to remain quiet otherwise those she cared for would be hurt. Jackson received the same, if not worse, beatings than Hope had. Only to aggravate him more and target Hope more in his rage. As she spent time in Big Valley to clear her mind, she was circled by Commanche Tribe who threatened her life as she fled the area. Whilst fleeing, Jackson had run across her and roped her from Sherlock. Attentively trying to kidnap Hope, luckily as she screamed for help; Thadius Leblanc was crossing the same paths where they took him to Valentine to be sent to Sisika for a few months. This just added more fuel to the fire as he now went completely red in vision; finding Hope one last time and torturing her. Carving into her back, breaking her arm, stabbing through her hand, stomping on her petite figure before nearly overdosing her on the heroin he injected into her. Hope was left in severe recovery condition; almost dying from the injuries if not seen to as quickly as they had. Bocephus spent his weeks guarding Hope and even resorted to feeding her when she wasn't capable. Whilst in recovery, Hope taught Bocephus how to practice surgeries and medicines when she was unable to and no other doctor's where located. Hope and Bocephus were more than prepared to slaughter Jackson for the crimes he committed. Eventually, Hope ran across Jackson on the rooftops of St. Denis with Bocephus as he taunted them both. Hope completely enraged as Jackson attempted to flee chased after him, which in return, Bocephus had to follow. Due to this, Jackson almost shooting her beloved ended up with Hope in an adrenaline rush of revenge; and with Jackson's panic ended up making him slip and break his neck from the twenty footfall.

    Jackson's gang caught measures that things were not right, finding Hope to lead her into a trap before interrogating her where he disappeared too. And with how much she told the truth, they didn't want to believe her. Instead, they tried torturing information out of her whilst bounded in ropes. Removing half her finger and stabbing her leg before playing cat and mouse through the swamps. She used her cornfield to her advantage before dragging herself to the deputies office; the men were eventually found for other reasons and suicided by deputy.

    Hope currently resides at her daughter's grave. Only leaving when there is a lack of food, water and wood for the snowy weather. She would sometimes take the extremes of leaving the military fort nearby and set up camp to be closer to her daughter. Feeling very unstable she is torn between throwing herself off a cliff, hanging herself with a noose or trying to get her best friend Malachi Pike to help her through her really rough moment. She doesn't know the outcome and the days of no sleep certainly make it tougher on her clear decision making. Left in a broken state, she doesn't feel anything but suffering and a repeat of history with her own mother and father but this time with her daughter and lover. With her assumptions being right, it caused Hope to snap and she couldn't do it anymore. Taking Harley Freeman's horse, she fled to her favourite peace place - the 2nd date spot Bocephus had taken her too with a volcanic pistol in her hand. She placed against her temple whilst being founded by Malachi and Harley as they begged her to not shoot herself. As she tried finding her strength too, the panic attack took over as she was induced into a cardiac arrest. Ending up bed rested and unconscious - in St. Denis where she would be checked upon by Malachi, Finley and the people whom worked there (St. Denis hospital) full time; being monitored on her breathing and heart rate due to the critical state she was left in. The heavy grief left her in the severe condition the most.​


    British Medical Association - Active
    Caduceus Cross (Founder) - Retired
    Royal Knight Medical (Founder) - Retired
    Ironwood Medical (Administrator) - Active


    - "Slowly slowly catchy monkey."
    - "For goodness snakes!"
    - "Not my monkey, not my circus."
    - "On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the worst. How bad is your pain?"
    - "Bloody hell..."


    - Hope has owned her horse Sherlock since she was 18 years of age. He was originally a dressage horse but soon became a first-response horse. Sherlock has been retired since 1900.
    - She has her ring finger (left hand) missing.
    - Doesn't like being tied up as it triggers massive PTSD attacks from previous / past reasons to do with being tied up.
    - Suffers from Athazagoraphobia (fear of being alone and abandoned), Tokophobia (fear of childbirth), PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), Merinthophobia (fear of being tied up / bound by ropes), Depression and Anxiety.
    - Hope has been awarded a Bachelor in Medicine and Trauma Surgery (MBBS - Medicinae Baccalaureus Baccalaureus Chirurgiae) and St George's University of London Honorary Reward. Contains a deed which is a Medical Degree to Practice Medicines and Performance of Surgeries.
    - Knows languages such as Swahali, French, Spanish and (her mother tongue) 'The Queens' English.



    Dr. Hope Pisces









    5'6 (167.64cm)


    52Kg (8st)


    10th July 1868


    Kingston Upon Thames, Great Britain


    Marital Status:

    Courting Drey Shadowfox
    [Forever Beloved] Bocephus Carter


    Penny Pisces [Mother - Deceased]
    Chester Pisces [Father - Unknown]
    Zurgadai 'Jim' Baghatur [Adoptive Father - Alive]
    Ruby Ann Taylor [Adoptive Daughter - Deceased]
    Eliza 'Ellie' Scarlet-Rose [Guardian]


    Trauma Surgeon
    Field Medic
    General Practitioner


    Dr. Pisces, Hope, Dr. Hope,

    Faction Affiliations:

    Ironwood Medical [Active]
    Royal Knight Medical [Retired]
    Caduceus Cross [Retired]
    New Alexandria Medical Board [Retired]
    British Medical Association [Active]