Malachi Pike

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    Malachi is a man with a heart of gold and a methodical thought process. He resides as a force of good against an ever-growing tide of darkness that blankets New Alexandria. Although he is a doctor by profession, he is not afraid to kill if need be in defense of himself or those he cares deeply about. Spotted by his signature mutton chops and youthful hair, he carries a warm personality and a can-do attitude across New Alexandria.

    Early Life 

    Malachi Pike was the second born of Keith and Judith Pike. His youthful days in California were spent helping his mother in the local library, while his brother Edward would help his father with the cattle of their small humble ranch. He was always a curious person with a fascination for medieval warfare and ancient cultures. He was taught how to handle and shoot firearms in his early teen years. He and his brother became natural shots over time and helped their father fend off coyotes, wild dogs, and even the rare cattle rustler. When Malachi turned eighteen years of age his brother joined the United States Army which was his lifelong dream. Malachi was happy for his brother and proud of his duty, however, it left a hole in his heart and fear pick up the slack now that the family was down a man. It was on a cold winter night that tragedy stuck the Pike family, a recurring nuisance of cattle rustlers had come in force to take the fresh cattle they were keeping for a family member. The firefight was brutal and nail-biting, and deadly and ended in the death of his father at the hands of the cattle rustlers. Blind with fury and guilt, Malachi stormed off that morning to hunt down the men who had killed his father. It took many months until he found them, or so he thought. He had hunted down and killed an innocent man and a father of two. He felt the weight of death on his soul and wept until the law came and took him away to jail. During his long sentence, his mother fell ill and passed away. Whether or not it was fate or an act of God almighty, a posse of gang members assaulted the town to free one of their own from jail. In a stroke of luck, Malachi shared the cell with this man and was released from the chaos. Now a free man, Malachi wondered the territories and picked up odd jobs here and there, moving around and barely getting by until he heard of a growing landscape to the southeast, he knew there he could start a new life and find a way to bury the sins of his past.

    Present Life 

    Malachi Pike currently serves as Chief of Board of his own medical company called "Ironwood Medical Company". Though he has gone through many struggles in recent months, he tries to keep pushing forward and training the next generation of medical professionals. Some consider his training methods to be "Harsh" or "Extreme" But he takes these labels with pride, thinking that he is training them for the harsh reality that is violence and death. He is happily married to the love of his life Lou Pike and has two twins that are two months old named Marcus and Emily.


    Ironwood Medical Company (Active)
    Emerald Rangers - (Retired)
    Coyote Crossing Ranch - (Retired)
    Caduceus Cross - (Retired)


    "Play stupid games, win stupid prizes."
    "Contrary to popular belief, I am a doctor."

    "You are my brother, that is not a claim I make lightly."


    Malachi met his future wife Lou Davis thanks to her saving his life from a wolf attack outside of Strawberry. A good reminder of how life can throw anything at any time, and sometimes those things are life-changing for the better.

    His son's full name is Marcus T. Pike named after his adoptive brothers who passed away in New Alexandria.

    Malachi Pike















    Sacramento, California



    Marital Status:



    (Older Brother) Edward Pike (Alive)
    (Father) Keith Pike (Deceased), (Mother) Judith Pike (Deceased)
    (Adopted Older Brother) Tahatan Smith (Deceased) (Nephew) Shawn Smith (Deceased)


    Doctor (Trauma Surgeon)


    "Pike" "Doctor Pike" "PIIIIIIIIIIKE"

    Faction Affiliations: